7th June 2015

Corpus Christi

Parish Team Fr. Enda Cunningham PP St Mary’s Parochial House Saggart. Tel: 4589209 Mob: 087-1380695 Fr. Aidan Kieran CC 1 The Glebe Peamount Road Newcastle. Tel: 4589230 Mob: 087-6397744 Fr. Aloysius Zuribo C.C. 2 Carrigmore Place Saggart, Co. Dublin Tel. 01-4589209 Parish Pastoral Worker Mr Sean O’Rourke c/o The Parish Office St. Mary’s Parochial House Tel: 4589209 Mob:087-0540695 Fr. Michael Shortall PC 87 Beechwood Lawns Rathcoole Tel: 4587187 Mob: 087 -2861765 Fr. Michael McGowan PC 7 St. Patrick’s Crescent, Rathcoole Tel: 4589210 Parish Secretary Martina Hopkins The Parish Office St. Mary’s Parochial House Opening Hours: 9.30-1.30 Monday to Thursday Tel: 4589209

Cemetery Masses The Cemetery Masses in our parish will take place as follows: Brownstown Saturday 13th June at 2.00pm Newcastle (Ballynakelly) Sunday 14th June at 2.00pm St. Finian’s Church Cemetery Newcastle Sunday 28th June at 10.30am Saggart (Mass in Saggart Church) Sunday 28th June at 11.30am Colemanstown (Mass in St. Finian’s Church) Tuesday 23rd June at 7.30pm Volunteers Needed Ballynakelly Cemetery Mass Volunteers are needed (including from Rathcoole and Saggart) for the Ballynakelly Cemetery Mass on Sunday 14th June at 2.00pm, especially to help supervise the parking. Volunteers would need to be in the cemetery by 1pm on that day. The parking lanes will have been organised on Saturday afternoon, so stewards just need to put on a ‘high viz’ jacket and direct cars to where they can park. We desperately need generous volunteers to make this occasion a success. Contact Fr. Aidan Kieran 087-6397744. ReNewcastle Community Group Tidy Towns Litter Picks: Meet every Wednesday at 7pm, top of Aylmer Road and Saturdays 10am, Painting, Planting and Litter Control

The Tidy Towns Group working towards improving our village have entered the 2015 SuperValu Tidy Towns competition. Judging began from June 1st www.saggartparish.com Thanks to everyone who has worked to keep our village looking [email protected] clean & tidy. We appreciate your efforts so far & hope that you can join us in our ReNew’d efforts. If you notice litter in the village, please dispose of it . Items for Newsletter As part of our Tidy Towns submission we are asking people to keep outside their homes litter free and grass trimmed. Items for Junction 4 should be sent to the Parish Office or emailed Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the addresses given Friday 12th June 2015 below. Many thanks. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament [email protected] or [email protected]

Mass Schedule Saggart: Sunday: 9 am & 11.30 am Weekday: 9.30 am Rathcoole: Saturday Vigil: 6.30 p.m. Sunday: 10 am & 12.00 pm Weekday: 9.30 am Saturday: 10.00 am Brittas: Sunday: 10.30 am Newcastle: Saturday Vigil: 7.00 p.m. Sunday: 10.30 am Weekday: 10.00am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. Confession Saggart: Friday after 9.30am Mass Rathcoole: Saturday after 10.00am Mass Newcastle: Saturday after 7.00pm Mass Baptism Saggart 2.00pm Sunday Rathcoole 4.00 pm Saturday Newcastle 2nd Saturday 4pm Last Sunday 2pm Please contact the Parish Office

St. Finian’s Church, Newcastle 10.30 -12 Noon.

Marriage Please contact the Parish Office

We have been asked by Archbishop Martin to lead the way in a new initiative of his, entitled Living the Joy of the Gospel. At all Masses, you have been hearing about this very important initiative that will have a direct impact on our parish, as well as helping to develop pastoral teams across the diocese, promote vocations and provide resources for our priests, as we move into newer and more challenging ways of ministry. I am fully committed to Living the Joy of the Gospel. May I invite you to share in my commitment to this historic effort and join me in making it a wonderful success, ensuring our parish is fully resourced and will continue to flourish for generations to come. I'm happy to update you and to tell you that that we have already raised over €225,000 towards our goal of €350,000. This has come from parishioners whose support we greatly appreciate. As a guideline for us to reach our goal we need 40 more families and individuals to consider pledging €2 a day over the next 5 years. But please consider a gift at whatever level is appropriate to you. Your gift will make a difference. If you have not yet received an Information pack I encourage you to do so. They can be picked up from the tables at the back of church or from the Parish Office. I encourage you to return your pledge form to the Parish Office before next weekend so we can count your gift in the total raised. Pledge forms and pens can be found at the back of the church and returned to the boxes marked Living the Joy of the Gospel, or directly to the Parish Office. Thank you. With blessings, Father Enda Cunningham, PP

The Family and Poverty Pope Francis’ General Audience 3rd

Newcastle Parish Pioneer Pilgrimage to Knock Sunday 19th July Adults €20 Chidren/Students €10

June 2015, St. Peter’s Square

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we consider one of the conditions which afflict too many families, namely, poverty. And yet, in the worst of circumstances, even in war torn areas, how often these families persevere with dignity, entrusting themselves to the goodness of God. It is a miracle that even in extreme situations families continue to be formed and sustained. Sadly, our modern economies often promote individual wellbeing at the expense of the family. As Christians, however, we must always look for ways to strengthen and support families, especially poorer ones. The Church, as a mother, can never be blind to the sufferings of her children. For each of us, this means choosing simplicity both individually and in our institutions, so as to break down walls of division and overcome all difficulties, especially poverty. A poorer Church will bear fruit for so many of her needy children. Let us pray for the grace of conversion so that Christian families everywhere will be truly committed to helping their poorer brothers and sisters.


Rita Doolan Maureen Kenny

01-4589481 01-4589977

Four Districts Day Care Centre Fete Saturday 13th June 2015, 1.00 - 6.00pm The Four Districts Day Care Centre will be holding a fete to raise funds in the grounds of the Health Care Centre between 1pm and 6pm on Saturday 13th June. This will be a great day out for all the residents in the area and we ask for your support in attending. The Day Care Centre is now run as a charity by local volunteer directors. Barbecue, Light Refreshments, Food Stalls, Face Painting, Spin the Wheel, Bonny Baby Competition and activities for young and old. To lend support/service on the day, contact Catherine or Jenny 01-4580339 or Neville 086-8297939 [email protected]

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