Charter School Has New Director


utternut School District is happy to announce that the Promethean Charter School has a new director. Rebecca Hanson has an extensive background in Career and Technical Education and is a Principal and Curriculum Specialist. This fall semester there are 16 Juniors and Seniors enrolled in a wide array of courses: U.S. Government Sociology World Literature English 9 German II Spanish III Health Biology Astronomy Physics Chemistry Environmental Science Physical Science Calculus Consumer Math College Prep The Promethean Charter School offers students access to online and college courses, project-based learning, and educational technology. The selection of available courses is focused on a student’s interests, abilities, and career plans. Enrolled students collaborate with school faculty and their parent(s) to design their Individual Learning Plan. Student learning during the charter

school experience is self-directed where they create, innovate, and communicate information throughout the standards-based learning activities via Google Apps, Career Cruising, and a variety of online and technical classroom experiences. The goal is for students to gain real world knowledge of 21st Century life-long learning so they can effectively work toward a successful career, strengthen their skills, and effectively use a reasoning process to address life problems. As a responsible citizen, all students are required to complete 5 hours of community volunteer work experience each semester. The Promethean Charter School is open to students in the 9th through 12th grade who have met the requirement as a freshman to senior status as described in the Butternut School Board of Education policy. Students interested in enrolling in the charter school should contact: Rebecca Hanson, Director 715-769-3434 x312 [email protected] Vanessa LaRose, Guidance Counselor 715-769-3434 x318 [email protected]


Early Childhood News

xciting things have been happening in the Early Childhood this Fall! The children have been learning all about apples. They have been listening to stories, play acting, graphing, crafting and making applesauce. We also have begun our Letterland Adventure, in which the children have been introduced to characters, letters, sounds and many new vocabulary words. They have also been working on colors, shapes and sorting. We’ve welcomed new faces to our Early Childhood family. We have Mrs. Heckendorf helping in the morning and Miss Tiffany helping in the afternoon as classroom aides. Ms. Martin has taken on a new role as our Early Childhood Special Education Support, and Ms. Zillmer has taken on the role as 3K/4K Lead Teacher. We have also welcomed Mrs. Hummel for music, Mr. Wolford for Phy. Ed. and Miss LaRose for Guidance.


Thank You! Thank You!

would like to take this time to thank a couple individuals who have helped by donating pumpkins for our Early Childhood Play Date. A BIG thank you to Lynn Martin, Tim & Nancy Risch, & Laura Koshak. The children are going to have a blast carving pumpkins with their families. Also thank you Tim for bringing in your enormous pumpkin to share with the Elementary. We’re looking forward to seeing the video of the ENORMOUS Drop! Thanks again to all of you! Ms. Zillmer


Monthly Midgets - Showing Butternut Pride


ongratulations on being nominated as our Monthly Midget for your classroom. Teachers nominate a student from his/her classroom who is showing the following traits: 1. Being respectful to adults, peers, and self. 2. Being responsible with schoolwork, homework, classroom items, and own items, and 3. Making choices that prove to be safe for self and others. At the end of each month, teachers in grades PreK-5th grade will nominate a student from each grade. If nominated, your picture will be taken and put on display down by the commons for the upcoming month. After being displayed, you will be able to take your photo page home and celebrate with your family.

••• September Monthly Midgets •••

Elijah Schauer 3K

Amiyah Riley 4K

Ashlynn Dolan Kindergarten

Lindsey Kennedy Grade 1

Mitchel Kundinger Grade 2

Caitlynn BeBeau Grade 3

CONGRATULATIONS On Your Achievements! Isaiah Bougard Grade 4


Luke Murphy Grade 5

Shiver Me Timbers! The 2nd graders started off the year with a pirate theme. They have been learning pirate songs, listening to pirate stories and making lots of pirate crafts.


Students “Link” With Books Over The Summer


lementary students had the opportunity to be a part of Butternut School’s “Reading Links” summer program. They chose to spend time reading books or stories, and then they recorded the book’s information on a paper chain link to represent their time getting into a good book. Each chain link represented the connection between a reader and the literature in their hands. Readers’ names were entered in a drawing for donated prizes, and they went home will a bagful of rewards that acknowledge their time spent reading! The students pictured shared their reading chains on Friday, September 23rd. Summer readers include: First Graders: Lindsey Kennedy and Ellie Kolar, Second Grader: Lucas Walker, Third Graders: Rhianna LInsmeyer and Caleb Kennedy, 4th Graders: Kendra Pritzl, Isaiah Bourgard, and Jakob Mareno. Additional chains were shared by Jene Scherwinski, Abby Lyon, and Pria Popowski. Reading during the summer months helps all readers become better


readers. Students practice the reading strategies and skills learned during the school year. Each story gives you new information or takes you to an exciting new place! Reading for pleasure is a practice that will last a lifetime. Keep up those great reading practices and plan to participate next year.

Third Graders Enjoy Camp Snoopy

he Third Grade started out this year at Camp Snoopy. We sang songs and heard “scary stories” around the campfire. We even made smores!!! We celebrated our last day at camp with our lanterns and sleeping bags around the campfire. We ate popcorn and watched the Peanuts movie.


AMVETS Poster Drawing Contest Winners


ast year, Butternut students in second, fourth, fifth and eighth grade classes took part in the poster drawing/essay contest entitled “AMVETS Against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse.” The theme for the contest was “Be Smart, Don’t Start.” Mrs. Gradinjan, a member of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 50, helped us become involved in the contest. Kaycie Scherwinski, who was in Mrs. Dural’s class, won FIRST place at the state level with her poster and took second place in the NATION with her excellent work. Abby Lyon, also a fourth grade student last year, took second place with her entry at the state level. Outstanding job, Kaycie (On right) and Abby (On left)! We are proud of your hard work and success!

Ranch Of Rescued Hope Visits Butternut Seventh Grade Class


yra Grapa operates the Ranch of Rescued Hope near Phillips. She works with horses that have been mistreated and/or are in need of a new home. She offers riding lessons, horse training and boarding, along with public education on horses. Some of her horses are trained therapy animals who visit people in need.

The 7th grade literature class is starting the book The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. In attempt to increase their equine knowledge, Myra gave the 7th grade class an introduction to caring for horses at our outdoor classroom. In addition, she brought in two miniature ponies, which the students were allowed to groom, pet and listen to their vital signs. The students enjoyed the up-close and personal experience. 5

NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION It is the policy of School District of Butternut that no person shall, on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, religion, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability be excluded from participation in; be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity and in employment.

Butternut Cross Country Team

Front Row-left to right: Katelyn Schultz-11th, Abby Wegner-12th, James Wegner-7th, Trent Pritzl-7th, Mike Brown7th, & Coach Troy BeBeau. Middle Row-left to right: Hayden BeBeau8th, Joey Janus-7th, Ben Pritzl-8th, Eayon Wegner7th, & Brendan BeBeau8th. Back Row-left to right: Matt Jarosinki-10th, Jacob Connelly-11th, Josh Brown-10th, Trae Butler-9th, Josh Koch9th, & Tyler Koch-11th.

Butternut/Mercer Football Team

Back row Coaches: Nick Mareno, Matt Schoeneman, Adam Miller, & Tom Tollakson. Fourth row: Freshmen: Tyler Erno, Zane Earl, Carson West, Kobe Hiller, & Joseph Laudolff. Third row: Sophomores: Jace Scherwinski, Seth Scherwinski, Jose Cruz, & Kyle Mareno. Second row: Juniors: Aaron Luse, Carl Wewasson, Avery Brandt, & Jovan Pavlovic. First row: Seniors: Charlie Hirtreiter, Tarrin St. Germaine, John Cassiani, Tyler Bianga, Jake Hill, and Jacob Radlinger. 6

Butternut High School Volleyball Team

Front Row: left to right: Mikayla Kekoanui, Chelsie McReynolds, Taylar Bortz, and Maggie Emmer. Back Row: left to right: Grace Wegner, Gabby McCorison, Assistant Coach Erika Roeder, Head Coach Kim Bortz, Danielle Koch, and Chelsea Wegner.

Butternut Middle School Basketball Team

Front row: left to right: Eva Dennis, Lauren Sales, Jersey Polencheck, and Natalee Pollitt. Middle row: left to right: Kaycie Scherwinski, Jene Scherwinski, Bailey BeBeau, Aurora Esberner, Bella Bourgard, and Cassy Bortz. Back row: left to right: Coach Stephan Wolford, Emma Herbst, Olivia Lawver, Gwen McCorison, Harley Heckendorf, Riannon Kolar, and Coach Cathy Heckendorf. 7

Meet Our New Staff Members


i! My name is Briana Schock. I am the new first grade teacher in Butternut. This is my very first year of teaching! I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior last May. I did my student teaching at Osceola Elementary in Osceola, Wisconsin, and in the libraries at the middle and high schools in New Richmond, Wisconsin. In Osceola, I had an amazing cooperating teacher and an awesome class. It was so hard to leave! By the end of my time there, I knew first grade was where my heart was. After Osceola, I spent the rest of my time student teaching in New Richmond. My time there helped reinforce the idea that the classroom was where I was meant to be. I had spent the past couple of years living at home with my parents. So, when I was applying for jobs, I was looking for someplace that was close, but not too close, to home. I applied to Butternut, among other places that I thought might be a good fit for me. During my interview, I could see how passionate the teachers and administrators were about their students, the school district, and the community, and that was a big part of why I decided to accept the position. The flexible reading groups were also something that really intrigued me. I grew up in Amery, Wisconsin, which is a small town in western Wisconsin. I lived on a hobby farm six miles out of town with my parents and two younger brothers, Bryndan and Broden. My grandparents had a farm about two miles away with beef cattle, chickens, and horses that my brothers and I spent a lot of time exploring as well. Growing up, I was involved in band, choir, 4-H, basketball, track, and volleyball. I was also really involved at my church, had a job at our local movie theatre, and attended as many athletic events as I could with my friends. I really enjoyed cheering on my brothers as they competed in football, wrestling,

and baseball. I guess you could say I like to stay busy. Some of my favorite things are my family, my friends, Fall, football, spaghetti, the Wisconsin Badgers, Disney movies, singing, the Green Bay Packers, scrapbooking, and Christmas! After graduation, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a couple of years. I truly enjoyed my time there, I met some great people, and I fell in love with the city (and the Badgers, of course), but it was just too far from home. So, I began taking classes through UW-Superior while living at home. During the 2014-2015 school year, I was an AmeriCorps volunteer for the School District of Amery. I spent over 1700 hours volunteering. I worked with students on the social, academic, and emotional aspects of their lives. It was a really awesome and rewarding opportunity that kind of fell into my lap because I was living at home, and I’m really glad it did. I hadn’t even heard of AmeriCorps before I applied, so if you have any questions about it, please ask! One of my goals for this year is to put into action everything that I’ve been learning the last few years. Another goal is to keep learning and growing as a teacher as well as a person. I also want to be more organized! I’m really excited to be here! I hope this is a start to a long, positive, and exciting career in education.


rika Parker has lived in Butternut for six years. She was hired as Secretary/ Bookkeeper/ Health Aide in May. She previously worked in various management roles at Copps in Phillips, as Clerk for the Town of Chippewa, and as an Accounting Clerk at Park Manor. 8

Meet Our New Staff Members


y name is Stephan Wolford. I am moving to the Butternut School District from Dodgeville, WI. I decided to become a teacher because I have always been intrigued by the possibility of having such a profound impact on young minds. I recognize the extreme responsibility that comes with such a duty, and I embrace the challenge. I chose Health and Physical Education because they are departments that speak to me. I feel that it is my personal responsibility to foster the same level of excitement and desire to be an advocate for lifelong health amongst my students that I have. I will be teaching K-12 Physical Education and Health. I have not taught as a contracted teacher

before, but I do have other teaching experiences. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I do not claim to be an expert in any specific area, but I do feel competent in most sports and extra-curricular activities. I decided to teach in the Butternut School District because I love the small town community and the approach of the district. Butternut is a place where I feel comfortable raising my own family in the future. My goals for teaching this year are to bring a new and exciting approach that implements more team building and lifetime/adventure education opportunities, as well as assuring that my students are meeting the scope and sequence and standards as they relate to Health and Physical Education. My ultimate goal is to help students become advocates for lifelong health and fitness. I look forward to working with the students and staff at The Butternut School District, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to educate the young minds in the community.



ebecca Hanson, M. Ed., will be the new Promethean Charter School Director. The Charter School uses project-based learning opportunities with high school-ages students by having them apply their learning to real world problems. Rebecca worked eighteen years within the Lac Du Flambeau School District serving Head Start through 8th Grade. Prior to this, Mrs. Hanson worked as a WIC Program Coordinator. Most recently she served in educational leadership positions. Working together with key teacher, parents, students and community members, she developed state and nationally recognized Career and Technology Education and Health Education programs. Rebecca is looking forward to bringing her knowledge and skills to Butternut School District to focus on strengthening student learning experiences.

y name is Cathy Heckendorf and I am the new Librarian and Special Education Aide. Here are some fun facts about me: - I love to read! - Favorite color: Purple - Favorite Food: Pasta - Favorite sport to watch: Anything my kids are playing & football (Badgers and Packers) - Favorite sport to play: Golf - I love to read! - My favorite book: Every book in the Harry Potter series - In my spare time I like to: Who am I kidding? I don’t have spare time. I’m a mom. - I have 2 kids. They both go to school in Butternut. They even have some of the same teachers I did, which is pretty cool. - I am super excited to be working here! (Did I mention I love to read?) 9

Meet Our New Staff Members


ello. My name is Jennifer Hummel. I grew up in the small town of Beechwood, WI. It is about an hour north of Milwaukee. I knew I wanted to teach because I always loved working with children. Music was a natural choice because I was always singing! I will be teaching all music classes at Buttternut from PreK through High School Band and Choir. I’ve taught at Saylleville in Rubicon, St. Elizabeth All Seton in Oshkosh, Clintonville MS, Most Precious Blood in New London, St. Clair in Wrightstown, LCO Tribal School and Winter School District. I went to Lakeland College for my bachelors’ degree and Silver Lake College for my Kodaly Certification and Masters of Music. I look forward to Solo and Ensemble, Large Group Festival and Honors Band and Choir events this year. I live in Winter, so I was so excited to see the position in Butternut because we would not have to move. I look forward to bringing a great quality music program to the students of Butternut. My husband and I have been married for 12 years. We have 2 cats, a miniature dachshund and a goldfish. I play just about every instrument. I like to crochet, knit, spin and quilt.


i. My name is Chad Przybylski. I have lived in the Butternut area my whole life. I attended Butternut school K-12 and graduated in 1994. I attended WITC Ashland for Machine Tool in 19941995. Growing up I spent most of my time by my grandfather Larry Przybyski’s side on his farm until he sold it in 1998. I have been married for 11yrs and have 2 children who attend Butternut School. I worked as a Machinist/Welder on and off for 20 yrs., and when I wasn’t doing that, I was a truck driver. I drove over the road, seeing all of the 48 contiguous United States, and have also driven dump truck, pulp truck, and heavy equipment lowboy hauling. I also ran heavy equipment throughout my life from farm tractors to bulldozers, excavators, graders and off road dump trucks. What brings me to Butternut School? After a shoulder injury, I started as a volunteer helping in the Tech Ed program last year. I was hired as the full time Tech Ed teacher. Currently I teach woods, power and energy and metals classes. I am also involved in the CAD (Computer Aided Design) class. I enjoy teaching and learning here very much, and my hope is that the students learn as much from me as I learn from them. 10


reetings, I am Vanessa LaRose, the new guidance counselor. This is my fourteenth year in education. In addition to guidance, I am a mental health counselor in Price County. I enjoy many outdoor activities the north woods has to offer. I am excited to be working here because my family grew up in the Butternut and Park Falls area. Now being a part of the Butternut School District feels like I am coming home.


Large Format Printing Coming To Butternut School

e’ve seen some excitement lately in the Business Education Department. They have just received a new Epson SC-T3270 Wide Format Printer as part of a grant sponsored by CenturyTel. The primary job for the printer will be doing technical drawings for the new Computer Aided Design Class, but the printer also has many other capabilities that will benefit several other departments in the school district. When asked about the plans for the new printer, Mr. Mitchell, the Business Education teacher, said, “The printer will handle rolls or sheets up to 24” wide, so in addition to CAD, we expect to be able to make sports posters, banners and bumper stickers for many of the school events. We’re also exploring student enterprise initiatives that create a revenue stream and support classroom instruction. For instance this printer can be used to make signs for community businesses, using customer artwork or designed by our students. This printer uses pigment inks that are longer lasting, so if we get a call for it, we can produce on through-lite film for backlit signs, laminate outdoor signage or even on canvas.”

Save Those Box Tops & Milk Caps ••• It All Adds Up •••

Many times people don’t bother to save milk caps and box tops because they don’t think a nickel or a dime really matters.  Those nickels and dimes add up.  Some of the things the elementary teachers have been able to purchase because people have taken the time to save the box tops and send them to school include science resource kits, storage containers for classroom materials, a table for a classroom, a stenciling machine to cut out letters and shapes, and much more.   The total over the past several years has been several thousands of dollars.  Box tops and milk caps help teachers provide resources for their classrooms.  If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Kane at 715-769-3205. Thank you for your help!

Great Things Happen In Small Schools! Butternut Community Scholarship for Post-High School Education

Up to $20,000 for


Butternut Graduate YES! EVERY GRADUATE GETS A SCHOLARSHIP! Visit our Website at


This ‘N That Snow Shovelers Needed

Some residents in the Village of Butternut are looking for individuals to help with snow shoveling this coming winter. Please contact the Village Hall for more information at 715-769-3113. The Village of Butternut has affordable housing available either in the Pioneer Pines Subdivision or Hillside Terrace Residential Park. Please contact the Village Hall for more information at 715-769-3113.

Butternut School Merchandise

Butternut School merchandise is now available online. They make great gifts! Check it out at: We have shirts, caps and so much more.

Things You Should Know Butternut School website:

Butternut School Alumni Directory:

Village of Butternut website:




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