Federation of IndianRailwaymen National ROAD,NEWDELHI- 11O055 3, CHELMSFORD Affiliated to : IndianNationalTradeUnion Congress(INTUC) InternationalTransportWorkers'Federation(lTF)



NOTICE The 216ft Working Committee Meeting of the.National Federationof Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) will be held at New Delhi from 27tnnto 29tn April 2015 to consider the agendagiven below:-

Ratificationof minutesof previousmeeting. ,,Action Plan implementation"on the resolutionpassedin the NFIR's Working 2014. December CommitteeMeetingheldat New Delhi on 1Otn

i) ii)

'oDeclatation" passed by the National "Action Plan implementation" on the Convention of the JCM Constituent organizations held at New Delhi on llth


iv) v) vi) vii) viii)

December,2014. Action PlanonNFIR's Charterof Demands. in RailwaYs. Safetystandards Wing andWomen'sWing of NFIR. Youth Strengthening Clearanceof affiliation feesandIRW surchargeandprogressthereon. Any othersubjectwith the permissionof chair.

Themeetingwill commenceat I 1:00hrs on 276 April2015.All the Working Committee to participatein the meetingwithout fail. membersarerequested Venue:

UttariyaRailwayMazdoorUnion PanchkuinRoad, MeetingHall, 16612, New Delhi

Note: Working Committeemembersmay pleasenotethat they shouldnot only signthe attendancaagainsttheir namesbut alsowrite their mobile number & email id addressto facilitatethe Federationfor improvingthe communicationsystem. "

q n- OT (Dr M. Raghavaiah)l GeneralSecretary Copyto all WorkingCommitteemembersof NFIR. actionplease. New Delhi for necessary Copyto-GeneralSecretaryAJRMU, Copyto MediaCentreA{FIR. Rly.22382,Telegram: RAILMAZDOR Fax: 011-23744013, Rly.030-22289,22626, Phone: 011-23343305, 65027299, Website: [email protected], E-mail: [email protected];


216th Working Committee Meeting Notice.PDF

EARLY DETECTION OF HIV / AIDS - PROLONGS QUALITY OF LIFE. Page 1 of 1. 216th Working Committee Meeting Notice.PDF. 216th Working Committee ...

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