nt Charter 1"


Drop the Mail Network Optimisation Project (tvlNOP) and re;ect the Mckinsey Ccnsuliancy's olsasrfous I . I recommendatlons. I Stop closure/merger Post offices I of inciuding Branch I offices. I Post j Withdraw the hub s-v*stem introduced for I processlng speed i articles and Ro"t I restore status-quoI I ante" Drop the move introduce hub I to s_\ stem for processing I I of first class mails I including registered I articles and to close down hundreds of I I sorting offices. Drop proposed move to I the delivery ]introduce h"P: for delivery of I by ] artlcles i withdrarving delivery I from all to'uvn sub l I no*, offices in the I I urban areas. Stop I I outsourcing the work i i of Postal, RMS and I iuncrions. ] ] tvtns Cancel the orders i I the I I cnanglng I designation oi Sorting I Postman which teads I I to abolirion of I I It hundreds of lI I promotional posts of I . postmen staff. Review I j I i ] j

t !RC:.


I logtsucs norms.


m a n d ss e The lssue pas dlscusseri iL the meeting taken bA SAcretarAe) u,ith JCA o n 0 7 . 6 . 2 0 1 1 .

The Staff Side uehementlg opposed.tLrc moue of the Department to tntroduce speed Post I'Iubs and closure and, merger o/ Rrlfs sortinq I l off-ces and strongly recommend,ed.reuerting baci to tite old"ryrte.ri I The offictal side explained the rationate behind. introductian 6r ,"* | sys/em and further e,rplained that there has been grotuth in reuenue I tuith tlrc setting up of speed" post Hubs ond" D"lir"ru Hubs. I Hatueuer, the staff side disagreed. tuith the official uiew "point. It J was agreed to monitor the operation of the netu sgstem ttll Jutu 2011, to be reuiewed. thereafter. The staff-sid.e tuanted tnit I wheneuer there was a closure of post offi.ce, there should. be a l simultaneous relocation of post off"ce in the new emergtng areas. It I uas agreed to consider the uiew point of the Staff Sid"e. I

I I r,) i,)









c"-r{. I






a n dI

Grant status as Central Government Civil Servants to Gramin Dak Sevaks employees for all

I j


The issue was discussed in the meetinq tctken bt Srr*tarAe) *ith JCA on 07.6.2011, and. the staff sid"etuas appnsed. that it tuas not tuithin the competence of the Department to take a uiew in tlte matter. ln the motter of Amendment to Rulesof Recruitment for Postmen reducing the promotional prospectsfor GDS,the stoff Side



servir-e maTters.



r - ^ ^ - .- n .



n r 'av





*r r*n tt"trd tt*t tl*r, *, hl quota in the I well performthe dutiesof Postmanand therefore,thetr recruitmentof Postmanshouldnot be reduced. lt wos decidedto havea look ot the viewpoint of the Stct'fSideon on urgentbasis.

bonus, trade unions

Further,in regord to tightenednormsfor coshhandling,the Choirperson protectionof benefits. ogreedto hove o re-lookinto the motter. ln the motter of terminal give protection only up to on the subject instructions TRCA, the existing Scran the ne\\' rules for the maximumof the lovrerslab of TRCAwhereosthe StaffSidecontended Recruitment of ^ _e^n' _t ' *arD rD -o' i" n_ t-m that thereshouldbe t'ullprotectionof TRCAin coseof foll in wark lood. lt L..=9o 4J UJ PUJLIllCll wos decidedto examinethis aspect. lt wqs olso Cecidedto review the recruitment outside existing ceiling of 10% for moking compossionoteoppointrnent. The the r,vhich curtails question of regularizationof ED Mailman wos olso decidedto be re' promotionai avenues of GDS and restore lookedinto. -:-Lr^ I .tBI I L5

^'.J ilr iLl

^+l-,^U Lr Lc i



ru1es. Recruitment Enhance the bonus of

3 s 0 0 / - al

GDS n4r -v*^




to rr:ifh



Withdrar.v the tiohtened norms lor cash handling, stamp sale. and other norms for assessing r'vorkload of the BPNIs, stop reduction of TRCA in case of reduiton in workload. Withdraw the orders resfricti anmn2

n o qsinnafe




ljok of the to vacancies. Scrap the newlv notified 'GDS & Conduct Ru1es" Engagement restore the and .GDS prevlous and Conduct Employment Rules". ail GDS Fi11 up I\lailmen Posts in Prnrrid in s RMS norms for NRtrGS and ti11that time the hiohcr





Revise the rvages of casual labourers includine Dart-time



The issue u)as arcc


contingent and clecided.toexye!1t7:"^!.',1":t::,?!.:::,:i:::n l v ' e f ' JCA ort07.6.2011'It tuas in the nlotter employees ti'' Ci''it€.sJor tatcitg ftLftt-ter ctctiott i;;;r:"ir;,:;;,; a s P e r 1,1.2006 Court Snpreme OF CASUAL LABOURERS OUTSOURCING TTIE WORK or,l"t= based on ttre STOP WORK PaY AND CONTINGENT minimum T h e D e p a r t m e n t l a i d a o * n g u i a e l i n e s f o r o u t s o u r c i n gNaos' a1I-s1oOt /h2e0gOu9i' d i n g implemented as Per b a s i su n d e r w h i l e e n g a g i n gl a b o u r o n c o . n t r a c t u a l p r i n c i p l e s CPC Sktfr P C C d a t e d O g 5 e p z o o g " ' O u t s o u r c i n g i s o n l y p r e s c r i b ef o d ri nocuot snof ou rr cmt n i tgy , w i t h recornmendations' F u r t l - r e rt,h e D e p a r t m e n t i s s u e dd i r e c t i v e s g " i J " r i n e s . t.he , t * * feasible Stop outsourcirlg c a s et h e i r c o m b i n a t i o n w h e r e v e r w o r k o f s w e e p e r s& s c a v e n g e risn casual of work and i s f i i s t r e s o r t e dt o . labourers GDS contingent IN VACANT EMPLOYEES CONTINGENT G t ' a t r t PAR.T TIME ernplol'ees. ten'rPorarY Stattis to POSTS in leBBtlratcgsual issued alreaclv 5.YJ"1,-,r""0 laflt::tl::1"*::,Y::'l: all 1u11 time casual Converl' rs. labor,rre fu11into part-tiine q iirne by combirratiotr provrueu Lrrcyru'"" rf 240 days in a year may be t '"''.r"*rlrile. h i s purpose' a servlce,c F ' o r ear. " Grant o n e yvtrq'' o f urre or , r t L ^ + ^nominations arp dr-rties. of that ^ , - i n r r i n n < are v \ ensured r L .should ) rr v u r v . be n e y e a r 5 s e r v l L c ' tt ^f ra* ral a l l p o i n t t n e t i t t o P a r t - r g c k o n e d a s o";' nge.toriII up t1" "^1:" excha .dered v y' and casual c:T':il:' a l l e o r o r ?r r( J r| | s ' , y ,;^ent \, time for const who are ::::,.?:i:'?:l "';; labourers casual the ultimately --rhenoe contingent emPioYees iuJour"r, so tlrat exchange' bv emplovment initiallvbeensponsored :3;";H:'-;1.;; in vacant GDS Posts' will be reviewed' H o w e v e r ' t h e r e l e v a n tp r o v i s i o n No.1-2l2011-PCC

L"'pp"i"'": :[:11lil":ilff:;';;;"tl;t";h;'u ]:-:?^f:::-"t1;l'il::: ;""t;i;;;' ;;";;.; :";;i''ij it"'?l:i1?g",TT:,': il"?" i "-t,ni:: ;:t"';:r ;*' tliti'"i',h.

* i';: f T"':i Ji"[:I;:7';:

full-time casual labourers' 1 Grant ternporary status to eligible I. compliance with the I full-time convert part-time i'to known as i Supreme Court' a Scheme clirections of the ;";il; 'lemporary Status ancl Regrrlarisation) l 'Casual Laboure rs (Grant of in cousultation with I Depait-t"t Scheme' I'vas drawn up by this ;:-q"':o::'4":: the Ministry of Lanv, Finance Td {-oP'&i on 1 in servlce as :t I Labourers Casual eligible iftt * Status Ternporary -sPB-l 0 1 ' e 'r e e r ' r \ e c c s s a r - v s ; ; : ; ' ; ; ; t i ' + ' t ' q s i ' N o ' 4 s - 3 7l e I letter No. 45-9518"' No' 66'9 l91-SPB-I dated dat.ecl 05.6.199t, tL's'1991' t - ' a " t e dO 1 ' 11 ' 9 5 a n c l 0 B ' l l ' 1 9 9 5 ' 3 0 .1 i . l q g ' 2 , N o ' o o - s z i d z - t o u variotls Casuai Labourers against 11or'vcver,the appointnlent of provisiot-ts the per as bc macle posts in the U"ptt'r"t"'-'t is to ";;""ot corrtairredilrtl.rcrespelctivcRecruitnre.n|-liulesr,l'irici-rar.estatutotl. the 'lire p;;i" be filed by cleviation from in nature.

n"1*": .'::1"1, o1.e.1ee3' N"."""'"'v';;i;'? : :,T". ;",*.1'1 Jf: I

\) o -"iV

revision of G-"diot" OTA & OSA rates'

nce' EmPloYees Employees' inclustrial i'e' categories irave becn ciivideclinto four Overtime Staff' Office ancl Drivers Operative Staff, Staff Car staff is staff ancl other comparable Allowance ,r-,'""p..f-or otti." of 1\4ir-ustry instructions issuecl b}' regulatecl itr termJ "i trr. personnel Training issued from Lime & Finance ancl Depart-"r-rt or

Le_Lt1r4g4119w3qce ls P Emoiumetlts Range

fo11olvi taff at tnc lollowlrl ble to stall

OTA Per Hour

_wg4s's!ei_--,Jll"":'1r; ^ riq' ru b:---

I tlo ru rtt l2iiu l$.fll___ I R s .i 2 o l 1 ol t s . l 4 5 o B{:!__.i p " r . l s 1t o l t s . 1 7 o o R s . i 1 . 3 5 R s . 1 7 0 1 t o I R s .1 9 5 0 Rs, 1 9 5 i t o f t s . 2 2 0 0 Rs. 2201 &.r\bove

l1s 11{:

I l < s .l 5 r i )


Rs 1Z.sQ


Rs. 19.95 Rs rlL I 1

Rs 1.t.95

Rs. 15.85

Ilxpenditure it-rctlrred o n O v e r t i m e A l l o w a n c e s i n c e 2 0 0 3 - 0 4 onr,rrarclsis as undet':Amonnt. (in crs.) A r r . r o u n t( i n thousancls Rs. 34.09 Rs. 340929 2003-o4


Rs.323445 R s .3 5 3 5 2 2 Rs. 345369 Its.393103 R s .3 6 5 5 1 7 33i89 I Its. 102338

R s .3 2 . 3 4 R s .3 5 . 3 5 R s .3 4 . 5 3 | R s .3 9 . 3 1 j R s .3 6 . 5 5

its. 10.23

recommended V i d e P a r a 4 . 4 . 2 o f t h e r e c o m m e n d a t i o n '6 t h C P C h a s z \ l l o w a n c eo f a n y O v e r t i m e o f a b o l i t l o r -or f c o n r p e n s a t i o ni n t h e f o r m C o v e r n m e ntenrployees C e n t r a l o t h e r s i r n i l a ra l l o i v a n c et o a n y o f t h e a nd industrial s t a f f o p e r a t i o n a l e x c e p tt h o s e b e l o n g i n gt o t h e c a t e g o r i eos f been made h a s r e c o m m e n d a t i o n e m p l o y e e sS o v e r n e d b y t h e s t a t u t e 'T h i s P e r f o r m a n c eR e l a t e d o f i n i n e l i g h t o f r e c o m m e n d a t i o nf o r i n t r o d u c i n g l n c e n t i v eS c h e m e( P R l 5 ) . t h e O f A i s s u eh a s T h e C o m r n i t t e e o f S e c r e t a r i ecso n s t i t , u t q { ! o l o o k i n t o r,",ithout d -







I'dT5ffiarrceRelaledlncen ffiallowanceandtotalacce55controlwhiclrwould


4il' lpfl111


w o u l d b e l i n k e dt o m o n i t o r a c t u a lh o u r s o f w o r k p u t i n b y a n e m p l o y e e c o n t e x t ' m i n u t e so f l n t h i s w o r k . P R I Sf o r e v a l u a t i n gt h e p e r f o r m a n c eo f

d a t e d3 1 . 0 1 . 2 0 r1e, fl e r . meeting


,].lrc issue regardirtg osA lras alreadg be,en discussed in tlrc nteehngl The Chairperson talcen by Secretcuy(P) tuith JCA on 07'6 201 d i r e c t e dt o t a l < ea v i e wi n t h i sr e g a r di m m e d i a t e l y ' l


M a i l s D i v i s i o r - r l . r a c l s e n t t h c p t . o l l o s a l f o r r e r , ' i s i o t - t o f o S A b|De ac t e s t o this matter llal' Iirw for. coltcllrt-ellce. IIiw has sr-rggestecltlrat f o r this c o r i s l i t i t t c c 1 b c t o lookecl irrto by a Contrnitlce ?:tl:::";

Implemcnt assurallces

the made on

irr Action tal

N o . 1 - 2 1 2 10I - P C C

S t fi k e 1 2 . 0 7. 2 O r c follorv A s r e g a r d s i t e r n s c l i s c r - r s s e di n t h e r n e e t i n g o f 1 2 ' O 7 ' 2 0 1 O ' Settlement and also taken been have items these or taker-r been either has .,p u..1ior] JCM the again in the present Charter of Demancls' Departmeutal .\ Council Meeting helc1 on 23.08.2010.( List ?z-ft'' ^.t-y l-/' Ensure enclosed) a" of holditlg prompt Departmental Cot-tncil Meetin Immeciiate finalization of Cadre Restructurlng includiltg proposals Postal Accontlts as Lhc b1' assLrrecl Secretatl' D e 1 - r a rt tl r c t r t o I P o s t s tls; artrcl

detailed Tl:ie issue is uuder Resl.ructuri n g Cotntntttee.





N o . l - 2 1 2 0 1_ P C C

in the clemancl ior caclrc restrllcturltrg in PAOs rvas raisecl on Act.ion of courlcil i,rrith Joint Postal me ctin"g held bt- Secreta|v(P) llecn has j' colrtruittce a actiot'r, ttlt follo*' l5c 12..i.26IO, ,,r-rii cadre s of SA, for.rneclto exarnine tite prol;osa1 of l'estri-tcturing tl-re JA, I-DC, Sorlet'and L)llOs of PAOs' N o . 2 0 2 ( 3 )l 2 O r I l P A A d m n ' i i / 6 6



'lhe item cliscilssedttl lhe ineeting taken bY Secy.(P)u'itl-rthe JCA to give et o n 0 7 . 6 . 2 0 1 1 .I n l h e r n a t t e r o f P L I l R P L I , i t r,vasdecided for rneeting a flxed h a s C G M meeting to the Staff S i d e a n c l 2 8 . 0 6 . 2 01 has status-quo. ensure I n r e g a r dt o d e c e n t r a i i z a t i oonf p o s t a la c c o u n t sw o r l ( ,l l o d e c i s i o n office b e DPLI , b e e n t a k e n i r r t h i s r e g a r da n d t h e r e f o r e ,i t w o u l d Save P r e m a t u r et o

Stop decentralization of Postal Accounts, PLi and RPI,I and

I(olkata and ensure job securit.-v to thc stafi, D1)LI. IJxpedite the Process of filling of all vacant posts itr all r,r'ings GDS. incluclirrg

d i s c u stsh i si t e m . l i n g u p o f C D 5 v a c a n t p o s t si n B r a n c l - t Dep s n d e r N o . l 7 - 1 0 3 l 2 0 0 7 - c D 5d a t e d p o s t o f f i c e s a n d h a v e i s s u e dg u i d e l i n e u of number borne (irrespective 1 7 F e b2 0 1 . l .N o , a .v, a c a n t p o s t so f c D 5 B P M w ithout reference ) ay be filled up by Head of Division o n e s t a b l i s h m e n tm

toF|oCbyappointmentofsurplusidentifiedCDSfuIfiilingtl-reconditions BO provided the f a i l i n g w h i c h b y c o n r b i n a t i o no f d u t i e s l n t h e s a m e f ailing which by comb]ned workload does not exceed five hours p r o c e 5 55, o f a r a s o t h e r | e C r U i t m e not f o u t s i d e r sb y o b s e r v i n gt h e s e l e c t i o n r,r,orkload is hcarY. Mal

N o .1 - 2/ 2 0 1 1 - P C C I']As/SAs.2/3 Posts to for tire perioci uP 'i'asl
No 37-21l2011-glq;|

Thelncluction.|rainingtothenervl.yrecruitedPAs/SAsare conclucted as follorvs: all srx Postal al . Inductiorr Training to PAs/SAs is imparted at 2 0 1 1 ' J a n u a r y f r o m s } i i f t s c l o u b l e T r a i n i n g C e t r t l - e si n Pradesh' (b) SLr- Circles (viz Andhra Pradesh, l(erala, Madhya 'l'an'rii Naclu) r.r,cre giverr appro'ai for a'cl Rerjzrstl'ril' ivtarharasfitra, 'lraining to PAs/SAs basecl on condr-Lt;titrg Circll lcvel lnclucliorl and t1,reir. prol.'tosals ol availaltilit-t' of suitablc infrastrr-tcture 'fririrrir-rg is tO lte itnparlecl as pcf Stauciarcl ',l'r'aining traincrs. N,Iysore'Trairr Pacl
Stop irnPlcinentatron of Postmaster Cadre of finalization till Cadre Rcstructuring' Ensure 100% fiilittg FISG-ll, be fore IISG-I of implementat.iotl

rltr of LSG,

Postmasters remove

Cadre, the


eligibilitv for




examinatiou of Grade I and I]SS GrouP B ancl allorv Acconnt line olficials also'

operates mainl1' through its 25500 @"t" Depal.tmerrtaiPostoffices,o|feringr'viderangeclfsetvicesbotl.rirr of Ptrsts has L 'o t i ' i o , ' , o t u , t , i [ i t t a r t c i a l a l ' c i l s . T h e D c p a r t n l c n t neverhadacadreexcltlsivel'r'forPostmasters.T}rePostal Assistants,Lorr-erSelectionGracle(LSG)/Flig}-rerSelectionGradc the posts of (FISG.ll anci ilSG.l). elc. are posteci to lrlan rl'hen relr-ictatlce shor,rted harre ,\t tinres olTicials irostmasters. lvay of ll-\' Posttnarsl.et's becarne Officials posted as liostrlaster. system ir-r place tcl iheir posting. Tilus, at present, therc is no lnal-iagefs to that Post offices are heatleci b), r've1l trair-ied "r,r".-,r" the challenges being faced by the Department from prlvate combat day technolog'' players in ti-re mariket ur-tJto u'tilize the present post Offices' t"it-te introcluced in big rvay iu managing the 2.Inclrdetto|urtherstrengthentl'refr-tnctiot-rii.rgoft}rePost o|ficeszrt-tcl|otlreettl.iepreser}tdayrecluit.ementofspecializa|iort and increase ti-tc in Postal opefat]o11 reupo,.'c1to markel- cirallenges caclre ollcratlve proclttctivitl'. it. is essential to mal
a p p o i n t t - t - r c nt t n d c r i r l i t i a l c o n s t i t u l . i o n c l a u s c ' As legarcls filling up of IISG'I vacancies, as per DOPf 5.' rulit-rg, t1-re existing vacancies in HSG.I can onl.t' be fi]lecl in pencliug arner1cLnent o{ I?ecruitrncnt Ruics rvhich a1'e undcr consideration u'itir UPSC.

N o . 1 3 7 - 3 8l 2 0 I l


the proposed Drop move of ending the setwices of existit-tg S1'stem bY Administrators the otttsourciug r'vork to technologr tlre oul.siclel ageucie s. Svstctt.t thc Clcate Achnirristrarlors Pos;ts u'i1h assttretl .rs spcciliccl rrot itls atrci r'vor-l
The issue is a part of subject matter Restructut'ing Comrnittee.

considered bv

N o . 1 - 2 1 2 0i1- P C C

PA/SA. I'ras bcen Constitr,iteciunder the cirairpersonsl-tip of Stop combinatiou of A C.-n-rrtt* t o c l iscuss issttes relartingto Postmen, rvhich rvould go CGM(MB) beats /double dutY, into thcse issues.'1'he meeting \rals fixed for 22.6.2O1 1 but Staff stop irarassmeut of Sicle expressed t}-ieir inabilitv to attencl the meel-tng' N o . 2 B - 5 l 2 0 1I - D staff insisting 100% irnpracticable condition for deliveqr Llnder Project Arrow. Settle the demands raised i.n the Postmen Committce such as factor, distance number




articles, Ci'clc utitl.tot-tt


clistat-tcc cotrclitiorl, cash 1 t a , t ' i i t ct' l l t l r kit aucl r.rnifot'tn items, SupP11''of good quartLJ


Stop j I

iI l



Llnilbrrns, norms'



unmanageabJe w'orkloacl on staff in of nalre the of verificiaton

and applications Adhar of delive ry carcls to public.

for r,vorks nelvly assigned Tasking Multi of decline to A1lor'v Staff. Flxireg


The issue requires finalization A "t"d"fitnt in existence.

au tft.IWS

unit is


I i


postmatt Prorlotion Lrllder MTS for cluota scnioritJ, rr'ithot-tt MACP Prornotions tltc re vie rv ancl r ec r u i t r t e n t r u l c s o f MTS to lrostmen I Maii Guards Grant promotions to Dlivcrs / Artisans at par r,vith other C.G. like organizatious Raihval's/ l;efence. Higher Pay Scales to & hand charge Drivers.




RAILWAYS/DEFENCE Dt ive rs Car Staff

111 all categorv common to belong C PC has 6 r ' & I n d r a o f G o v e r n m e n t Ministries/Departments of tl're no vier'rt in Iteepir-rg categon'. colllmon clealt i.r,ilir tl-ris caclre uncler this for scheme promotiot] structurecl a promotional ave nues, as a fall back caclre as forrnr-rlaterl by DOPI' is in place' MACP Pay structure as per option l-ras also been extendecl to this cadre thestructureclpromotiorrschemefortlriscadreisastrnder:-


wlth Gf Rs' i900

3 0s % Ordinary Gracle (' R . ) R s . 5 2 O O - 2 o 2 o o( P B - 1 ) r P Rs' 2400 P B - 1 )r ' r ' i t iG 5 2 O O - 2 O 2 O( O ( 3 O o z i , ) I I Gradc GP Rs 2B00 G r a c l e I I I ( 3 5 " . o ) -R s . 5 2 0 0 - 2 0 2 0 0( P R - 1 )n ' i t h GP lts 42OO S p l . G r a d e ( 5 9 ' o ) -Its' 9300-34800 (Pu-2) "r"'itl-r

AsslstanI was isstle of entll' gracle eclual to that of Postal examincclbyt}retvatiorr"aiAnontalyCommitteeinthelightoforc]cr uot agrced to' of Lligh CotLtt of Maclras on 15'O2'20 11 but 'fhc

b-\' the 6rh CPC \\rcre acccpLcd b1' TI-re recotnlnenclations macie 'lhe presenl. stalus of applicabilit-v the Governnlcnt as a package' iri the Department is as of tl-re pa1''scales to the caclre of Artisans under':- l?s' 5200-2O2OO+ GP Rs' 1900 Artisans Grade III (70%) - Its' 5200-2O2OO+' Gi'] Rs' 2400 Artisans Gracle II (I5%) 5200-20200 + GP Rs' Artisaus Gracle I (inch'rding CFI)- 15"/" Rs' 2BO0 \\rere I Ministries/Departrtentsrrrur it-t 1 1 r vother Ci-af'rsman L i alLsrlldrl Master LVlasIer \\ere a t t d A i pd) n r t \o f ] l s . 5 0 O O - 8 O O O .uupgracled .p^g-r -a.0. (. 'ru^ , r ,to n --r.n n t n ur l J,r.r A - r -Lr\ . cl ,s .L;u- ^ .scalc P:_ L^u Dfe-re\r1seo . , 1't_".' ^ ^^T) _cnrrr . r ^ + o . t 28 1!l dated | ,1200 in PB-2 vicle GSR 552(E) allor,veciGrac]e Par. of Rs. * 1 t : : l Hand equal': C l r a i g e u p g r a c l i t t g o f p r o n o s a l Jul 2009.'l'he II l-rp qqrnF r oLLrry ' o[ ];inarrcc lrttt llte satnc \t", 'a^st rr aol i( re.t ,I , ,L.l ,l J1 t,\ \' :riL' rhr ii v\ lr ir 'r ir s a r; a; ;l t;st t;l;a' l,l C I




to \'1c1eilini




tile d a t c c i 1 7 ' 0 1 ' 2 0 1 1 o 1 r the grouncls tl-iat O(S)-Elt(B)/2Of-O I Grade Artisan that of .o.i." of bharge I-lancl stands mergect rvitlr Techr:rica1 and recluireuents of Charge I-Iand anci eclucational Supervisors are different

HAND & DRTVERS (B) HIGIIER PAY SCALE TO CIIARGD ( r r h Para 7.6.8 accepted b1' the i n CPC As per l'ccomntetlclatiotl ol stands merged rvit.lt l-lanci ge Cirar Governtllcl-tL, tire caclre of Rs. 2BOO' There b1', there is Artisans Glacle I in the Graclc Pa1: of as at Presen[' no existetlcc of the caclre of Chalge Lland ln alr colrllTlol] category to belong Drivers car Staff h as C P C 6 t h & of India N1inistries/Departrnents of the Government no vler'v in I(eeping clealt $,ith this cach'e uncler colnmon catego{r. promotion sc1-reme for this prornotioual avenues, a structured place' MACP as a fa1l back caclre as formnlateci by DOP1 is in cadre' Pay strltcture as pr:r option iras also been cxtetrclecl to tl-ris this carlre is as unclcr:tltc strttctttt'ccl pronlotioti schenle for

urithGP.lis'1900 (PI3-1) - Ir's'5200-2.)?9O (31)",';) Orclitrar.l,Grarlc G Pt - L 1 9 9 ( P B l ) n ' i t h G r a c ' lIcl ( 3 0 " , i , )t-t s . 5 2 0 0 - 2 O 2 O O 2BO^0^ (PB-1) rvitli GI'Rs Gra
of Postal Assistant rvas The issue of entr-v gracle equal to that in the light of order examined by tire Nadonal Antrnal-v Committee l ' Nationai Anomall' of Fiigh Court of Maclras on 15.02'201 Conrrrrit|eecor.rsid.erecltlreissr-rearlcihelcithatbeingnegotiatitrg

il:i.f;;;;tt""i UwLt-\



or' in"'."Jlil' :;;;-""":;,"*tt'

the court Declare SBCO Staff as Divisiol-ra1 cadrc, harassment of Stop SBCO officials under

trlectrical ilosts as Pcr


nofills. Crealiorl t-rf orlc Civil Circlc arrd Jllectl'ical i




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No. 1-2 / 20-11-PCC=]

ctricai Circle and cpwD norms ls per as postal circle i.rchitectural Division in every ' The e;
e\c1'\i 1': itl" t llc



As regaucls have been issued by VP negligence faclols, sr-ritabieinstructions Branch.

Archrtcctr-trat I O: li\l)eLlll.c


u'ori< r-rnitsto ttpclatethe poslings arr{ lgreelrent 1t contributoil :T,:,T.il":::, harassment Jt SSCO officials under

launching beforc Core Banl
H;"; " I, lltt Dt'i'crs I lf lt ":'--Tt^* ",t^" i,. 1".i inform NAc has aclr'1seclthe Departmcnt to

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factors' contlibutorY Cotnplctc thc Letlgcr Agrccmetrt Wotk alrcl SISCO lhc upclalc


*.iue anclpass ordcrs o. tl.rer.atter adjudicaied

of j rling caclrc trav onlr' bc ll-iought -i.,,:i..ii.-Jiotls R c - s - t ' r ' t c t u r i n g o f cii'rl linkrrrg creation oI J u'iti-tot-tt irasisof ter'.ilorial ' Iror Irosterl Cir'll Wing "liilt t*ptl"clitr-rre 1

Restructuring of Civil Wing Cadres. Restrict the transfer of nongazellcd sta[l rrithirr the cotrcct'tlecL Ptlstal

G t"l*" pr-irpose ..i-it-ti"tto'tive decisions has to th" ""tC further' competent authority to process the case

bi' t1*

concerned postai Transfer of non-gazetted staff u'ithin Lhe 03. circlerrral,llerestricte
Wirrg' it is statcrl A s r e g a r c l s f i l i i r r g t - t pv a c a n t p o s t s i l 1 C r v i l 05. of JFI(C)/JD(D) is alreacll' tn ilrrl.t pro.""s-of filling t,t1;r,acatrl pos_1-s .i,l-ielist of"seiected carrdiclate hzrs airead-\i been received progress. of appointnlents are being frorn Staff Selectton Commissiotl & offer s u c i r a s v er i f i c a t i o n o f issueil on completiorl of fonnalities C h a t ' a c l c t '& a r r t e c c t i c n t se l c trotl-gazetted categorles' As regarcls filling Llp posts of other to fill up 1.he varcant post-s r-""1r".iir'" SEs have 1,""t'' t"tltteslecl posts of noll-gazctted beiirg tl're appointing altthoritr- in casc ira'ing is sEs b1' posts Ilo*,ever process of filli'g L1p vacant in rules recruitment rer.,ised cor-rstraint due to ntn-fina"lizatior-, of vieu,of6thCentl.alPayComrnjssionrecommendations'Issuets level' however being taken up at appropriate

the gazetted categories, DOT As re gards, filling up vacant posts in. to take llecessary actton' has beinglhe cadre conlrolling authoritl' No. 1O-18/2011-CWP c1it has been rlecided opel-ring of Posta-l furl.tirer that nith the appror,al oi s".r"tu.r1,(p) thrcshokl of a tl-re on is clepar-trnent Accottnls C)11iccs,rvhcn the 'flre issrtc t'ill ' rna-jor tcchrrologicoi .f-to'-tg"'.tt'iil. "ct-t'e 1rcl]:^tt]lo"e is in piace' be t'evierr,ccl arfter th e rtcrv tecllrtologl' as anomaly llecarttse lroth oi' termetl be p r o r i < i i r r g r i c l c t l u a l e (1i). The sitr-tatton.uttlot beeu pronlotecl to I-DC caclrc and t i r e r n i . e . G r o r - r p ' l ) ' a n c 1S o r t e l s l l a v e stt etrgtlt staff in the RRs of LDC Therefot-e' r-rnclerdifferent qttoio" of ptescribed accommodation. the tu'o situations and hence no comparison can 1-rernaie bet$,een a n o m a l Y t h e Rectif-v tu dtle callse(l

ful1 fledge ftrnctiol'ritrg of nervl-v Postal fortrrc<-1 Acconul.s Officcs i-r]' Ensure

protnotion of GrouP 'D' the to official cadrc of LDC allet' the llestore 2006.

to the cntrl gracie of the official. p e r i o d o f bffice grade w i l l l l e o 1 1 1 \ ' [-f-t"t'[".1 Therjefore,itr lhe cases of Sortcrs, their entrlr three years i n r e s p e c t scheme' Sorter cadre fot' the plrrpose of TvIACP SA to JA of N o . 2 0 2 ( 3 )l 2 o 1 I l P A A d m n promotion retrospectivell'' rv.e.f' Grant. 13.12.'2006. joinecl those to MACP cadre Sorter in treating LDC as entry grade as the Sorter been has grade

clefunct since 2000. 17.

of Counting Past services renclered b1' crst\\'hile RTPs for ancl promotiot-ts


erstrvl-rile RTPs for N'IACP'

N o . 1 - 2l 2 O L L - P C C

Group C posts in ArtnlIn order to fill r:p the vacancies irl the be mar-ined b)'officials Postal Sen'ices (APS), n'1lich are reqttired to this Assistants' Sorting Asslstants/ Postai in tl-re rank of No'97letter a schetne vide hacl introduceci Department e n a ble canclidates from the Reserve t o 4 . 6 . 8 3 c l a t e d S/S3/SpS I, Sortlnq.Assistants Pool (RTP) of Postal Assistants (PAs)/ ii-"i*"g The officials (APS)' (SAs) to opt for service in Arml'Postal Senrices as PA/ appoir-rted be to on r,viro opteci to sen/e in APS '""'" b'ottght APS' to the SA fo; short period and then cleputed were eligible to get the The RTP candiclates cleputed to APS 2. itt th" Civil Post from the date from benefit of regular "pp"l"t-"'-'i on a regular basis in wirich their immediate junior was appointed candiciates were appointed the Civil Post. In .^"J" where RTP a


;il; ";ffi;i" ffi"ffJ;',;'

ro the APS, rn the ci'il and then deputecl --i,-^-1 r-.- 1-^ i-.-'rnr'l a<

;";;s r.iar appointlnenr $rasrequirecl 1,,,ll:. 1: :":.1:," rv.c.f. *.;ll;','a.;i'r
4.3.86. 'fi're 'flJOir scltetue, rl'hicir rvas irnplenrentcci rvith effcct 3. f r o m 3 0 . i l , l g 3 3 p r o v i c l e s t i r a t a l l o f'D' |icialsbeiorrgirrgto basic icl to rvhich thet'e is direct Group grades in Group "'-tti and/ or by mealls of iimited recruitment either froll outsicie have froln 1os'er cach'es' ancl u'ho contpetitive exalninaliou the in placed be u'ill gracle tl-rat completed 16 years of sen'tcc in next highel gracle. case

tire courl ur c'A'No 573e of 2005 in i;;;;i;i;prelne i ^ a^ )/\na. 9.6.2006 clated jucrgemerrt li uo, u""rnr, tl,hi'u,-,..r. vrcretheir -c ^^*.1^^ l.'ftor (after *,ho had compreted16 years of ser-vice I rcr\r I I rs L ' I ru l'",i,"ri.,or"d;';f*1i be -^-rlercd i n /\r A P Su'r I N! o u l d rrr





his acll-toc servlce



TBOP scheme' it is based Ph 1 " f for 1 of the scheme does not provide rr:+ on'the fact that p^.u-g'^p}l 'I.gOp' 1 11, ^L "it that observed also had Therr reguiar service to. gr#t of made be to is higher the to llost was not a case .tnJt" promotior-r onh, on thc basis of seniorit-\.'' ' ) l r t v i e rrr r . !oa fv !t' l r ver c rl ^i - * r r l i s s a ] o f . C i r ' i l A p l l c a l t l r e j r - r c l g c t l r : r t t l v a s 5 t. the inri;letrlcntcri


in tJre case


N { a t h i l 'anall .

lt rvars ill'or-Lght - - ^ - . had L^r } , ^ ^ , . fiieci f i 1 a r i bv tD\ *: uecn

iji,.i.torale ttrai a rru'rber of case:;

1 - , - , . . r ^ - : r ^ ^ . . .scr\rice . ^ , - , i - o in i r r APS , \ P S sscel(il]g eel
(MACPS). ' Uuion t'hat the past As .e garcls thc derttzrrrciof the Service i . as regr-rlar recognizcd be sl-roulci serwices renclcred q' nfe officials made as arepromotions that it is stated servj.ce for all pr.p6""", pertheprovisionscontainedintheRecruj.tmet-rtRules.Asperthe tal

APex Implement C c . r r t t 'Jt t t r l g c t n c t t t i r l ITI{R of CASC true it'l s Cart-rcliclate sprit atrtl cxtcl'rd to

N o . i 3 7 - 3 8 / 2 0 1l q l E J Aplloinln-Ient ls to

.f1* "br.mompassior]ate

r e t r c l e L i r n t n c < l r e l t - e a s s i s t a t r c e t o t l r t : | a u r i l r ' o f z r G o v e r l - r l, -n- e^ t- t-: r- .t^


S e n , a 1 ] t , r v l r o c l i c s r t r i r a r t r c s s o r r c t i r e s o r r i r . r r - a i l d a t i o n o r r rStrcl't rreclica'i 1i,irni1_vin financiarl crisis. gror-rncls icarving ni"ii-r.t. f i l l u p t o 5 9 o o f I ' a c a r n c i c sf o r i l p p u , , t r t t t . , t t " . ^ i ' ' b e p r o v i c l e c lo n l - i ' t o gt'ounds ts /\p1-rotntllic1-lLo1l cotllla ssiollate . clirect rec1"Li1Lme11t. by lhe down laicirvitir the guiclelines RRR niarle strictlv ir',. occor.li.nce apProved all .fr-airring, rvl-iichls the noc1a1 in the & .Ministrlr arvaitit-tg Deptt. of Irersonnel Candiclates n r i r t t e r . T l r e D e p a r t t n e n t o | P o s t s i s a l s o f o l l o r v i n g t h e s e gjudgetlent l-ridelines for absorPtion As per the lvhile rnal

ancl Voltlutes





:,;lroulcl bc

I,he if I rnarlc n ot r concerned responsible directll' for the loss sustairled to the de rtment.




I l

TO ALLOWANCE i SPECIAL COUNT S1-op discrin-Linatiot't (At. FIXATION ON PROMOTION FOR A.CCOUNTANTS tou,ards PO & RMS po&RI\,IS Qualiiied Accountants rvere entitled to Special Pa-vof Rs. (- a rlre Accouuts lgo per month (cioubled after 6th cPC) in lieu of higher pay scaies. Create separate cacire Special pa\r \\ras being taken itlto account for fixation of paY on e arlnarl( ancl pr-omotion to higher posts. With effect from 01.08'97, special pav as Special Allorvance dr-ie to r,r'hich, it is not being percentagc of Posts has been 1-er-meci taken into account fot' flxation of pa-y on promotion' As per base d norm for clarification No. 18 o11 ACP issued vide DOPctT OM No' it-t the prornotions 3 5 0 3 4 / l / 9 7 , l , i s r t . ( D ) D a t e c l 1 0 . O 2 . 2 O O 2 .s p e c i a l p a , y g r a r - r t e di t - r Coltnt same cadle, lieu of l-righer pay scales is cournteci tor,r,ards fkation of pa1' oll Special Allor.l'auce for granting fir-rancial upgraclati.on under ACP Scheme. This benefit on fixation has been extendeci to JAO in Department of Posts, r'r'ho are promotion, Withdrarv ar.vaiting promotiou after passing the JAO examination, and ls itnposed counted in fixation of pay on thcir reguiat' promotion to JAO cadre recovetlr the v i c l e D O P 8 i r TU O N o . 2 9 6 l U S ( t r s t t . D ) / 0 6 d a t e c l 2 B ' 0 8 ' 2 0 0 6 ' Pa),' Postman o11 fixation and drar'va1 of Reckoning ol Specrai l'}ay/such u-,ro.o'nr-t.""fol' tl-re purpose of pav GDS. to bonus fixation after 5il. CPC is pencling in the Standing Comrnlttee of the I?estore the date of National cor-rncil. 'lite nrinr-ites of NAC ciatecl 12.12.2009 are read the passil-tg as ttncler:,,Itegarclir]g reckoning ol special allolvance and c|-ralification pa1' at AccotLntant the tinie of flratior] of pay in the revised pay structure, the staff for exarnination have lle en taken into L S G sicle dernanclec1 tl'rat 1he sal.ne should accorcling concernecl Governmet-rt pay the of revisecl the rvhile fixing i n s t e a d account promotions for in the ccS proviclecl not \r.as this tl'rat statecl servants. JS {Pcr) datc of entry in PA s ide demandeci s t a f f o f M e m b e r s c o n t e x t , t h i s I n 2 0 0 8 . ( I ? P )R u l e s , caclre. of spccial reckouing ai1o\\, to cl moclifie be shoulcl that rllle the about (Pers) encluired pay. JS aliou,ance/qualification of 5t1' cPC procedure io11oq'ed at tire time of implementation _ recomrnendations. Respondir]g to tl-ris, staff sicle stated that an itern pe rtaining to rccl
(B)WITHDRAWTHERBCOVERYIMPOSI'DoNPoSTMANPAY FIXATION of rtment Government of Inriia, tr{rnistr}' of lilglgs

Rs' 275O-44OO (rr"ith trvo scale of Postman/ N1ail Guarcls as l O 1 '1996 on acceptance of O from effcct adr,attcc lrtcre l-ncrl.LSi ":iirt The benefit of tu'o advance tire recomlnendations of 5th CPC given onlv at thc initial stage increments @ l{s' 70 lvas to be to IRs'2890' With effect from raising their basrc Pa)'fronr Rs' 2750 by the 5th - CPC for lO.1O. Ig()7, the pay scaLe re cornrnet-rdecl PostmarranclMail-Gtrarc]srr,asmodil]ecltoRs.3050-75.3950z lq O n

'fhe pr-e-check of pa1' lnation iraving been dispensed rvith on tire of the 5'h CPC' pal'ment of arrears ot ^ttout'-'t of implementation vide OM No' MOII therefore' there r'riete chatlces of orret'pavmet-rts, s o ( z ) s z _ r c ' I c l a t e c l 1 4 . o T . l g g T p r e s c r i b c d a n r . i n c l e r t a k i n g t o be be of overpaynterrts it will obtainecl frorn a1i the officials in case the details of undertaking rcfunclecl b1' them. Orclers enclosi'ng Circles vide Direclorate of i-ieacl all to cl ,r,"r" i""t"i / circulate 1 5 '10'1997' c l a t e c l I P a r t ( P C C ) Letter No. 23-8lPtr-i .lu,o acl'ance lncrcnteitts *,ith Pa1''Scale of 2750-4400 *'ere to lle takelrirrioaccoulltatthcir-ritialstargeforflxationofpa'vintl-re account br-rt circles erro'eously took them i^tO ,.".,1""a pa1, 3 0 5 0-4590 a n d ".ot" 2750-4400 at everl' stage in tire pay scale of Rs rvhich resulted in overpal'ments' b]' Circles-' All India Wl-ren orclers for reco\/erlr \\'er e issr'rec1 OA 283lO3 before filecl Postman 8t Clroup n emp1o1'ees Union of recoverv of stoppage of Pr:incipai Bench, clemarrdLng tl-Lerelief on OA No' order final the passecl overpayfiIcnts. I-lon'b1e Tribtlnal 2s3l03onl3.O9'2oo+-...''.r.espondentslr'oulclber,vithir"rtheir had i1-l cls-e -t1-rey rights to affect recovery from the apphcants 1 4 ' 1 0 ' 1 9 97' d a t e d O M o f submittecl thei.r unciertakings in terms to respondents the to clirect.ions Thus the oA is clisposed ofi$,ith applicants had subrnitted verifl' from tl'reir ricorcls lvhetl-rer tl-re 1 O 'I g g 7 ' i f s o ' t h e y c o u l d l 4 d a t e d undertakings in terms of OM not' recoveries of excess payments' If be entitle c1 to eif..t in anci affect an]' recover'/ responclents n'ot-tlc1not be entitlecl to be.refr-rncled so far' tirey same sl-rall ,tto""ries case they rnake u-r-t1'' clirected tirat the requisite action further is It t.o the appticants. as -u-v be ial

a perioclof trvo -o,-til"tofrorn the ciate of

Costs'" In compliance to the cotntnrlnicatiorr of the sc orr-iers' No of overpa-vmcnts lvas to be Hon'ble CA'l' clilections, 1i'Lereco\/er-y 'ot given the- r-rndert.aki.rgs rcfr_rnclecl to tire officials r,r-ho haci As Lakhs' 56'31 Rs' re fr-rrrc1ec1about De partmer-rt has DDO' r'i'itl-t was to obtairl tlee undertakings re sponsibilitl' the rvere irelcl r'esponsible for not obtaining DD(Js therefore, 2 5 ' l l ' 2 0 0 4 d a t e d O r d e r its undertakings ancl Directorate vide Department the to loss the clirectecl the Lleads of Circies to t'ecover f i . o n t i r c D D o s q . l ' r o f a i l e c l t o o b t a i t - t t l . r e u r - r d e r t a k i n g s a n d p earn| o A11 c lr m OA No 17612007 tireir clutl'. Officials of Pune FiO filec1 N o' O A f i l e d o t h e r s a n d I l l C lnclia Postat ernpto,'els Union Class tl-re against Mumbai Reuch 707 l2AO7 be lorc CAT iliurnbai to obtai|r the r-rndertakings' recovery from the otlicial" rvho failed

Outcome of the q4!-1g$4


f -


-T l

{c} DnAlVAr, OF r}ONUti TO GI}S



the year I979-8O, 1986-87 & 2007-08 is given belot':Year 1986- Year 2OO7Category Nature of I Year OB incentive | 1979-BO B7 of staff Productivit y i i r r l < e d 7 54x19 ll onu s claysl3O. ri T






4 t \ a ;

l\). t



l ' " " " "

R s . 1 6 0 0 x 3 4tts. 3500x60 days/3?..t: i\s.2796 days/3A.4 = 6908 Rs. 24Ox3'l R s . 250Ox6O days/30.,1 = Rs.4934

D a v n r e n t d a v r , 3 O . days/3O.4= incentive i 4 f { s . R s .2 6 8

C ' o n r p a r i s o ni r r t l i c a t c s t l r a t < l r r- irr r g f l r c i t r c e p t i o n v c a r 1 9 7 9 - 8 0 , departmental empiol'ees were paici Rs. 468,75 ancl GDS n'et-e paicl R s . 4 6 . 3 9 . I ' l r c r c \ v a s n e v r - ra p a t ' i f t l i g h t i r o r n t h e v e r l ' b e g i r t r r i n g . t r i e t t t o I D x p c l t d i t u r e r ev j s c t l t ] r e M i r r i s l r ' . r 'o I l ; i n a n c c , D c p a r ' 1 l plol ces c a l c t L l a t i o r rc c i l i r r g [ b r p a l ' r n e n r o l P L B f o r - d e 1 . l a t ' t i r t c i t team from Rs. 25OO to Rs. 3500. This order of the Ministqr of Finance dated 1O Oct 2008 r.vascomlnllnicated to its subordinate units on 15.10.2008 intimating re"'ised calculation ceiling applicable to r e g i . r l a rC e n t r a l G o v e r n m c n l c r n p l o l c e s o n l v .




The GDS Committee api)oi1lted b1' tl-re Department also exarnined the issue of PI-B aircl macle recolnnlenclation vide Para 12.15.2. l'lte Conunittee suggestecl that lLic cx-gr"atia fol GDS ma-v be c a l c r - r l a t t : t lb i ' l i r n i t r n g t l r c : r . r , e t ' a g c ' l ' l ( C Ap l u s D , , \ l o 5 0 9 ' o o f t h e c e i l i n g f l r c c l f o r t l ' L c 1 o u - e s tc a t e g o r - \ ' o f c l c p a r t r n c r r t a l e r r t p l o . \ ' c c s . n,itilc Lai

'\ r\ 'l iLt lhl

tr il rl e l

r r r n , l ' r r . t 1 ' j, 1 1 Latwryrr



r l c t ' t ; - ' r' r" r- _^ r"r\rr- l



a f fc l

ir .ut".tlatecl bf dividing the total tfr" pro.f".t"ut,. -a." i"o..n""., arrivcd at b5' giving ful1 strength staff total tire rr,orkioarcl u,ith 5O?u r'veightage to GDS' and empio!'ees to clepartrnental n-eightage i?s. 3500 as rlemarrded by of ceiiing calculation tl-re tt-ri", r,.icrv of irr the GDS Union catlnol be agreed to.

11-PCC No.\-2120

po RMS Accountant caclre is uncler the Administrative corrtrol 0f postal Divisions/lRegions/circles ancl not uncler the PA Wing. Flence, item cioes not r-elatc to PA Wing' N o . 2 0 2 ( 3 ) /2 0 r r I P A A d m n l l l 6 6 IReStol-e tlte clatc oi passinq th(' nccoLllltallt examinatioll it-t PA ..dt.. l,sG o.urr,rotiot-r" it-r"t"rd of .1ot" of ..co.dit]* "t-ttt-V



existing Recruitment Ruies of 1976 for the posts of Lou-er seleclion Gracle {LSG) in Acconnts line in respect of Posts offrces and Ilailrva.y Mail Service (Pos ancl RMS) offices stipulates that thcse posts n'ill be fillecl b1' the clerks (Postal Assistants ( P A s )/ s o r t i n g A s s i s t a n t s ( s A s ) ) r ' r ' i t h l 0 y e a r s r e g u l a r s e r v i c e i n the grade u'l-ro have passed the POs and RNIS Accoutltants Exatnination. T i r e r c f o r e , f o r f i l l i r - r gu p o f t h e p o s t s o f L S G ( A / c s ) i n P O & 2. R M S o f f i c e s , t h e e l i g i b r l i t r , o f t } ' r eo f f i c i a l s f o r c o n s i d c r a t i o n h a s t o be decjdecl as on thc crucial date on the basis of their senioritf in the feeder gracle subject to t1're ftLifillme nt of educational qualificatrol-is etc., i.f anl', prescribed in the Recruitment Rules, irrespective of the clate/ Vear rl'ilet-I the prescribed qualiiicatior-t rvas accluirecl in the past. Tirerefore, u'hile consider:ing promotions to l,SG jnTcs;, t5e eligibility list of sttch PAs/ SAs rvho have passccl the Accorintant's exarnillation b,V tl-re crucial date prcscribed for assessing the cligibilitl' tt'itt have to be ilreparecl baseci on thetr ser-riolity in the PA/ SA gracle. Nn

1 ) , 7 -f B t 1 . ) 1 1 - S l ' B - l . [ r t










Ensure promPt grant oi Chilci Care Leave as i)er the liberalized olclers, hurdles

N e c e s s a r y instructioi-tshave been issued to a 1 l C i r c l e s v 11 - S P I 3 . cl ll a t c d1 5 . 6 . 2 0 1 . letler No. 5 1 - 3 1 ' , 2 0


N o . 1 3 7- 3 8 l 2 O r l

unnecessary forth ]lut

should be clropped. MACP the Revieu,


6RDERS AND REcTIFY orders T H E I S S U E S L I K E N o N D R A I V A L o F S P E C I A L A L L o W A N C D o N

clarificatot'r' and rcctifv the issues 1ike, non dralval of speciai allorvance on acqtl11'1ng

ACQUIRING MACP The jssue relates to non-dra$'1 of special alio\r'ance of Rs. 360 to PO&RMS Accountants or-t accluiring financial upgradation under T B O P / B C R / M A C P . T h e i s s u ei s b e i n g e x a m i n e d i n c o n s u l t a t i o nr v i t h

MACP, l F w .

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to Ilh-ci MACP of departmental promote s only after 30 years, Cout-ttlttg as double promotions D & as Group Postmen even in tite case of prornotion to GDS on Postman quota, non counting ..c r--:-l'.-






ignore MACP, prornotions acquirecl on deptl. exam for all iguore MACP, uncolnlTrunicated A V c r - n c ' ( -h e r r c l r


per as rrerdict.


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Circle and Divisional level as per DOP&T l a t es t Glant 1900, ef fect

instructions. of Grad pay 2000

DtrPAR'IMEN1'AL PROMOTEtr ONLY AIITER 30 YEARS 'fhe cxisting ordct's on MACPS 1l'ovide lor counting of regular promotions & financial upgraclations except those provided to be ignorecl undel lrara 5 of Annexure i. Para 5 provicles that " n r o r n o li o r r s e a l r r e d/ t t l x ' t ' ; t d a 1 i ( )snl a n t c c [ t r n d e r l h e A C P S c h c r n e i r r t h e p a s t l o t l i o s c g r - a c l e rsr ' l t i c l il l o \ \ ' c a r t l t h c s a m e g r a d e p a l d r - r ct o m c r g c r o f p a . r s c a l t ' s / r r p g r a d a t i o n o f p o s t s r c c o m l n c l l ( l c d b - t ' the Six1.l-rPa1, Comrlission shal1 be ignoreci for- the purpose of granting upgradatiorts i-rncler \4odified ACPS." DOI/f has notv c l : r i f i c r l t l r a i n l o r n o t i o r r sc a r n r - r 1 / r t n s t ' a rl- 'il"o^ ' n Ds' r a n t c d i r n d er t h e ACP Schente iu the past to thost'grades lrthjch norr carr)/ the same of posls grade pary cltte to n-ierger of pa1' scales/ullgradatiorls r-ecommenclc<-l bv ear'lier pav colnmissions shall also be ignor ed proviclecl the posts harre beeri rnerged and ftRs are notifiecl Para 28 cleari-r,'provicles that 3'd financial upgraclation u'ill be g i v e r r f r o r r r t l r c d a t e o l 2 " r r c g u l a r p t ' o t n o t i o r r / f i n a t t c i a lt t 1 - r g r a d a t i o n or 30 years frorn lhe clate of etttt'1:,u'hichever is earlicr. Tl'rereforc, thc orciels arc quite clear and cio not provide anv rooln for rvrong intclpretation. (c) couNTrNG AS DOUBLE PROMOTIONS AS GROUP D & POSTIVIAN EVEN IN THE CASD OF PROMOTION TO POSTMAN ON GDS QUOTA Grarnin Dak Sertaks afe outsiders and ou theit' absorption to legular departnrerrlal post in erstnl-rile Gror-tp D no.'v upgraded to N'ITS Gror:p C or- Post.tnan, the clate of er-rtry is to be reci
rvith frorn

(D) NON- COUN'IING OF TRAINING PERIOD FOR I\{ACI') Para 9 of Annexut'e I provide in clearest term that a p p o i n t n r e r r t r a i i r i r r gs h a l l n o l b e 1 a l < e ri rn t o r e c k o n i n g .

pre01.01.2006 to those Group D (MTS) who gl\/en we rc (E) IGNORtr PROMOTIONS ACQUIRED ON DEPTL DXAM FOR 'f b e f o r e IlIACP BCP/ BCR 1.01.2006. W h c r c t l r e R R s 1 : r o v i c l cf o r p l ' 9 m 9 i i o n b v u i t r o f e x t r m i t t a t . i o t l t. l ' ) e same afe protnotiot-is uncler the statutor v- rttle s atrcl therefore, i l r n ; ' oi s n n . r n e s l i o r r , f i p r r o r i n gt h r : s a m e f o r l l r e n r r r n o s eo f M A C I ' } . r , v

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{F} IGNORE ALL UNCOMMUNICATDD AVERAGE BI}I{CI{ MARKS FOR MACI' AS JUDICIAL VERDIC'I O r d e r s f o r c o m m u n i c a t i o no f e n t r i e si n c o n f i d e n t i a lr e p o r t a l r e a d ye x i s t effective from the reporting year 2008-09. MACP is effective from g o m m i t t e ei s r e q u i r e dt o t a k e i n t o a c c o u n t 0 1 . 0 9 . 2 0 0 8a n d t h e S c r e e n i n C y e a r s .K e e p i n gi n v i e w t h e w r i t i n g o f C R " sa s the gradingof last five A v e r a g e i n m o s t o f t h e c a s e s t, h e D e p a r t m e n tc o n s i d e r e dt h e i s s u ea n d o r d e r e d f o r c o n s t i t u i i o n o f S c r u t l n yC o m m i t t e e t o r e v i e w t h e e n t r i e s i n C R s o f f i r r ey e a r s .T h e r e a s s e s s egdr a d i n g w a s r e q u i r e d t o b e a p p r o v e d b y t h e D i r e c t o rc o n c e r n e db e f o r et h e r e v i s e dg r a d i n gi s t a k e n n o t e o f b y t h e S c r e e n i i -C r go m m i t t e e .T h e e x i s t i n gg u i d e l i n e si s s u e db y t i r e D C P T p r o v i d e f o r c o m m u n i c a t i o no f A C R s o f p r i o r t o 2 0 0 8 - 0 9 b e l o ' ' v b e n c h m a r kf o r p r o n r o t i o n & s e e k i n g r e p r e s e n t a t i o n sT, h e i s s u e i s t h e r e f o r e b e i n g e x a m i n e d i n t h e l i g h t o f t h e s a i d g u i d e l i n e sa n d p u r p o s e w i t h w h i c h

* " r " o r d e r e d t o b e c o n s t i t r , r t eadn d a c l a r i f i c a t i o no n *rirt,"V."n1dtt-"'r t h e i s s u ew i l l f o l l o w s h o r t l Y

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Stop attack ou Union bv bearers office 37 Rulc n-risusing transfcrs and iRttle 9 of CCS (CCA) Iir-rles. Dispose ail ltule 9 rulcs) (Pcrrsiorr cases disciplitratl and reyie q' petitiori at pending cases years Dircctorate t o e e t l r er .

As regards misuse of Rule 37, specific instartces trray be broLtgltt to the attcnl;iou of 1.he Directorate to er-rable the Directorate to exarnine the irrcliviclual catse.

D e r r ri n p

Sr-iitable instructi.on s


of rigl-rt le gitimate avail to employees holiciays & Sundal,s by compeiiing them fi'ecluent attend to rncetings/ Melas lL ^ L1 lf by i arrangcd rlenrr-inrnn


N o . 1 3 7 - 3 l82 0 r I

be issued to


25 points charter of Demands.PDF

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