of IndianRailwaymen Federation Natiohal ROAD,NEWDELHI- 110055 3, CHELMSFORD

ttrIliHffiionnr.r.(lNruc) Nationat tndian



No. IVA{JCA(Ny20 l4lPart I The GeneralSecretariesof Affiliated Unions of NFIR Brother, Sub:

26-Point Charter of demandsof NJCA-reg.


tmm.'s lette" of even number dated23n&25fr December,2015.

Pleasereferto Federation's

reference whereintheaffiliatedUnionswere

"o--uoi"uriJiJffiffi"t on 19ft, 20'e & 21" January 2016 at all State/CapitalsAndustrial advised to conduct massive dharnas CentreslBstablishments and at ZonallDivisional Railway Head Quarters on the Charter of Demands duly mobilizing large number of Railway employees. While enclosingagainthe NJCA Charterof Demands,the Federationadded"Railways specific issues" which shoult also contain the Charter of Demands for the purpose of campaigning among Railway employees to prepare them for struggle in the event of Government's failure to work for negotiated settlement. The Charter of Demands now contains 26+10 (total 36) Demands which should facilitate the NFIR affiliates to reach every worker and explain the decision taken by the NJCA for launching Indefinite Strike if the may be issued in local Government fails to concede the demandsthrough negotiations.Posters/Pamphlets for realization of unitedly them to stand for motivating every worker and languages also for inspiring Demands. A proforma of Strike Notice is also enclosed for taking necessaryaction at your level. As already advised,ttre Strite Ballot may be conductedduring the period 7tuto 9tr February and in any casebefore 11e, February 2016 and results thereof to be declared immediately duly sending the report to the Federation. Strike Ballot paper may be got prepared/printed while Charter of Demands also are required to be exhibited to facilitate the workers to give their opinion through SecretBallot. Federation hopes that large mobilization of workers will be ensured by each affrliate on all the three (19m, days 2On&21" lanuary, 2016) for the successof agitations.

Yours fraternallv. DA/As above

\.K t


(Dr. M. Raghavailth) I General Secretary t/ Copy to the Central Office Bearers of the Federation. Media CentreA.[FIR File No. IIA{FIR/95/ParI VII.

: RAILMAZDOR Telegram 22626,Fax: 011-23744013,R|y.22382, Rly.030-22283, Phone: 011-23343305,65027299,, Website : E-mail: [email protected];




.r*,..ini.'**"ffiommoditypricesason1,7.20|5and obligations, factor the Dr. Aykroyd formula stipulatedperceBtagesfor housing and social of the so children educationetc. Revise the fitment formula and pay levels on the basis minimumwage; determined the We are not in agreementwith the methodologyadoptedby the 7th CPC in computing thereof. minimumWAGE. We given hereunderbrieflythe reasons


(i i )

and The retail prices of the commoditiesquotedby the Labour bureauis iffational, imaginary objectedto the evenabsurdin respectof certainarticlesat certainplaces.The Staff Sidehad adoptionof thoseratesin its meetingwith the Commissionon 9thJune,2015' formula' The adoptionof 12 monthly averageof the retail price is contraryto Dr' Aykroyd and social Same is the case with the reductioneffectedby the Commissionon housing of the expenditure obligationfactors.The houserent allowanceis not a full compensation on that incurred by an employeefor obtaining an accommodation.Therefore,no reduction wage count in arriving at the minimum wage is permissible'We may cite the minimum were in receiptof HRA evenat madeby the 3'dCPC in this regard.The employees computation as the factorfor housing.In thatiime. But still the 3'd CpC, and rightly so, adoptedthe 7,5o/o per the respectof the addition to be made for childreneducationand social obligationas to 15% on the SupremeCourt Judgment,(25%) the Commissionhas reducedthe percentage pleathat to l5% on the specious the percentage hasreduced pleathatthe Commission specious the employeesare separatelygiven children educationallowance.The Children education one hasto incur.After the liberalization of the expenses allowanceis not a full reimbursement of the EducationSectorwhereprivatepartieswere allowedto set up universitiesand colleges, or allowanceis grantedto the heavily.No concession for educationhad increased the expenses Pay employeesfor educatingthe children beyondthe higher secondarylevels.The earlier costof educationandthattoo a little in the increasing Commissionhasonly tried to compensate at the primary level, sinceeventhe Governmentalinstitutionshad startedchargingabnormal tuitionandotherfees.


The websitemaintainedfor the AgricultureMinistry depictsthe retail pricesof commodities Eventhoughthe ratesquotedby them which go into the basketof minimumwagecomputation. vary'fromthe real retailpricesin the market,it providesa differentpicture.If one is to takethe on ratesquotedby them for differentcities and make an all India averageof the pricesas l . 7 . 2 0 1 5 , i t w i l l w o r k o u t t o R sl 0. 8 1 0 .l t w i l l r e s u l t i n t h e c o m p u t a t i o n o f t h e m i n i m u m w a g e of Rs. 19gS0.Adding 25o/oforarrivingat the MTS scale,it will rise to Rs. 24850.To convert by the 7thCPC.The final computation suggested the sameas on 1.l.2016,3yowillbe will be Rs.25,596,whenroundedoff shallbe Rs.26000'


The Andhra PraddshStatePay Commissionin its reporthastakenthe commoditypricesat Rs. 9830ason 1.7.2013whichworksout to a minimumwageof Rs. 18080.The wageof MTS will shallbe Rs.26758, figurefor 1.1'.2016 The corresponding thenbe Rs.22600as on 1.7.2013. roundedoff to Rs. 27000.


The Staff Side had computedthe minimum wage as on 1.1.2014at Rs. 26,000,taking the commoditypriceat Rs. 11344.The ratesweretakenon the basisof the actualretailpricesin the market as on LI.20l4 (averageprices of 8 cities in the country) substantiatedby the evidenceof Cashbill obtainedfrom the concernedvendors.As on l.l.2016,the documentary minimumwagework out to Rs. 29339,roundedoff to Rs' 30,000'


The 5thCPC adoptedthe rate of growth in the economy(as reflectedin the increasein the per capitanet national produceat factor cost) over a period of ten yearsto anive at the increase requiredto be madeto arrive at the minimum wage.The per capitaNNP at factorcostregistered to of 65.28%over a periodof ten yearsin 2013-14.Ifwe applythe samepercentage an increase that DA will be 125%as on that date),the (Pay+DA)as on 1.1.2016(assuming the emoluments minimumwageason 1.1.2016for an MTS will haveto be Rs. 26030,roundedoff to Rs 27000. increase In para4.2.9of the report,the Commissionhasgivena tabledepictingthe percentage a

Pay Commissions,accordingto which the 2ndCPC had made a p.orrid.dby the successive p a l t r y i n c r e a os fe 1 4 . 2 % . T h e 3 ' d C P C h a v e a r i s e2o0f. 6 , 4 r h 2 7 . 6 , 53h1 . 0 a n d6 ' h C P C 5 4 ' y o . orderall along,the 7thCPC hassoughtto increasehad beenin ascending While the percentage reversethat trend ostensiblyfor reasonsunknown. It is was the meagerincreaseof 14% providedfor by the2"dCPC that triggeredthe volatile situationin the civil serviceand led to all all employeeswhich lastedfor 5 days in 1960.We do not know India Strike encompassing whetherthe 7thCPCreally intendto createsucha scenarioonceagain. (vii)

wagerevisiontakes In the caseof Bank, Insuranceand manyotherPublicSectorUndertakings Bank employeeswere provided place once in 5 years.In the recentlyconcludedagreement, morethan 1504increase.

Reportthe AP StateEmployeeshavebeen of the Pay Commissions (viii) After the implementation given a wage structurebasedon a minimum wage far abovethe level of CentralGovernment In their casealsowagerevisiondoestakeplaceoncein 5 years. employees. of minimumwageby the 7'hCPCis prima It couldbe seenfrom the abovethatthe computation facis wrong and computed on untenablepremisesand incomect data. The minimum wage thereforerequiresre-computationand revision.Once the minimum wage gets revised,the fitment formula, the multiplication factor applied for determiningthe pay levels and the pay revised. matrixitselfwill haveto consequently

of PayLevel Minimum Determination It is seenthatthe 7thCPChasappliedvaryingmultiplicationfactorsfor differentpay levels'The 6ti'CPC hastakenthe emolumentsin the privatesedor to hike the salaryof officersby applying differentyardstickto computethe pay bandsdisturbingthe verticalrelativitywhile the 7thCPC has furlher accentuatedthe gap of differencesin wagesbetweenofficers and employees.This pay we urgeuponadoptionof uniformmultiplicationfactorfor determining beingunacceftable levels.


Revisethe pay matrix basinguponthe revisedminimum wage and roundingoff the stagesto the madeby the Staff Sidein its memorandumto 7 CPC for next hundred.Acceptthe suggestion viz. to abolishthe pay levelspertainingto GP 1900,2400and4600. de-layering In our memorandumto 7thCPC the Staff Side had requestedfor de-layeringby abolitionof GradePayof Rs 1900,2400& 4600.The pay levelspertainingto GP 1900,2400and4600may be abolishedandmergedwith the nexthigherlevels. Revisethe rate of incrementto 5 o/oand Grant two incrementsin the feeder cadrelevels as


promotionbenefit. The rate of incrementhasbeenpeggeddown to 3Yoby the 7thCPC. At this rate an employee will not be able to doublehis pay even after 30 years.The demandof the staff sideto increase to be accepted. therateof incrementto5o/o Promotionfrom one cadreto anotheris a rare phenomenonin Governmentservicesespecially in lower grades.If one to be awardedonly an incrementmountingto3oh of pay, it might not becomea soughtafter affair and will in fact act as a de-motivatingfactor.This apart,in most of promotionis followedby postingto a differentlocation.Thosg the GovernmentDepartments, who arepostedto unclassifiedcities or from Metro citiesto towns will financially sufferdue to suchmandatorytransferon promotion.This is becauseof the factthat the rate HRA, Transport Allowanceetc.,vary from one stationto another.The financialbenefiton promotionmust be, i.e. 10%of the pay. at leasttwo increments therefore, 4.

Fill up all vacantpostsby holdingspecialrecruitmentdrive.


MACP to be treatedas financial up-gradation,without any gradingstipulation;to be provided on the basis of the promotional cadre hierarchyof the concerneddepartment;increasethe and 30thyearsof service.Rejectthe numberof MACP to five on completionof 8, 15,21,,26 promotedon the basisof Examination EfficiencyBar stipulationmadeby 7thCPC. Personnel shouldbe treatedas freshentrantsto the cadre.


as UDCs for it is statedby the Commissionthat the Upgradethe LDCs in all departments to this cadre. Government hasstoppedrecruitingpersonnel The cadreof LDC, afterthe introductionof.MTS haspresentlyoverlappingfunctions.Most of diarizingand the specificfunctionshavealsobecomeobsoleteon introductionof computerized

registar.Thereis no specificneedfor this cadrein any of the offices.While future maintenance has recruitmentcan be stopped,which the governmenthas conveyedto the Commission,what existing to be done to the existing cadre is not mentioned"It is thereforenecessarythat the be promotedasUDCs by upgradingall postsof LDC as UDCs' incumbents 7.

Assistants,Ministerial Staff in subordinateoffices a) parity to be ensuredfor all Stenographers, Accountscadreswith CentralSectt.By upgradingtheir pay scales( and andin all thelorganized the pay scalesof the CSS)' not by downgrading of the Lok b) Drivers in all Governmentofficesto be grantedpay scaleon par with the drivers Sabha. is the The questionof parityoas has beenrightly mentionedby 7'n CPC, is a settledmatter.It Departmentof Personnelwhich the cadrecontrollingDepartmentfor CSS cadrethat unsettles to downgradethe CSS is howevernot acceptable. the parity everytime. The recommendation What is required is to grant higher pay levels at par with CSS ministerial and stenographer & cadres and other similarly placed cadres in the field/subordinateoffices and IA&AD Accountscadres. Organized


To remove existing anomaly, the annual incrementdate may be l't January for those ,"".rui,"dprior to 3OthJuneand 1'tJuly in respectof thoserecruitedprior to 31'tDecember.


Employeesbe revisedin every5 years' Wageof CentralGovernment


to Treat the GDS as Civil Servantand grant them all pay, allowancesand benefits granted on Pro -ratabasis. regularemployees


and daily rated workers to be regularizedagainst the huge vacancies Contract/casual offices' existingin variousGovernment


IntroducePLB in all departments.


Revisethe pensionandotherretirementbenefitsasunder:paritybetweenthe pastandpresentpensioners to be broughtabouton the basisof the 7th


with the modificationthat basisof computationto be the pay CpC recommendations levelof the postor grade from which oneretired' pensionto be 60% of the last pay drawn in the caseof all eligiblepersonswho have


completedthe requisitenumberof yearsof service' The family pensionto be 50% of the lastpay drawn'

(c) (d)


Enhancethe pensionand family pensionby 5% after every five yearsand 10% on attainingthe ageof 85 and20Yoon attainingthe ageof 90'


Commutedvalue of pensionto be restoredafter 10 yearsor attainingthe age of 70, whicheveris earlier.Gratuitycalculationto be o.nthe basisof 25 daysin the monthas against30 days as per the GratuityAct.


not coveredby CGHSto be Rs' 2000p.m. Fixedmedicalallowancefor thosepensioners


Provide one increment on the last day in service if the concernedemployeehas completedsix monthsor more from the dateof grantof last increment.


Excludethe CentralGovernmentemployeesfronlthe ambit of the NationalPensionScheme andextendthe definedbenefitpensionschemeto all thoserecruitedafter LL.2004.


In the absenceof any recommendation madeby 7 CPC,the Governmentmust withdrawthe stipulated ceilingon compassionate appointments.


Revisethe following allowances/advances as underin placeof the recommendations madeby the7'hcPC: The 7thCPC hasrecommended to abolishlargenumberof allowancesand interestfree advances u'ithoutgoing into the exactrelevancein certaindepartments wherethe allowancesareprovided for. The allowanceswhich are statedto be subsumedand which are clubbedwith othersalso requireconsideration. If theseallowancesare withdrawn,it might affect adverselythe very functioningof the Departmentitself in certainemergentsituation.Of the allowances mentioned in the reportfor abolition,we havementionedhereunder thosepertainingto civilian employees whichrequireto be retained. In respectof advancesthe Commissionappearsto have takena shylockview of the matter. Most*of the under mentionedadvancesare requiredto meet out contingencies which the employees cannotmanageto organize.The advances are,therefore,to be retained.

(i) Allowances (a) Retainthe rate of houserent allowancein placeof the recommendation of the Commissionto reduceit. (b) Restructurethe transportallowanceinto two slabsat Rs. 7500 and 3750 with DA thereof removingall the stipulatedconditions. (c). Fixed conveyance allowance:This allowancehad no DA componentat any stage.. This allowancemustbe enhanced to 2.25timeswith 25%DA thereonas and when the DA crosses 50%. (d) Restorethe island Specialduty allowanceand the Tripura Specialcompensatory remote l o c a l i t ya l l o w a n c e . (e) The specialduty allowancein NE Regionshouldbe uniformfor all at 30%o. (f) Overtime allowancewheneversanctionmust be basedupon the actual basic pav of the entitledemployee. (g) Cashhandling/Treasuryallowance.The assumptionthat every transactionin Government Departmentsare through the bank is not correct. There are officials entrustedto collect cash andthereforethe cashhandlingallowanceto be retained. (h)Qualification Payto be retained. (i) Smallfamily normsallowances.

fi) SavingsBank dllowance. (k) Outstationallowance. (l) P.O.& RMS. Accountants specialallowance. , (m) Risk allowance. (n) Break-downallowance. (o) Night pakolling allowance. (p) SpecialCompensatory hill areaallowance. (q) Specialallowancefor NavodayaVidyalayaStaff. (r)Restorethe allowancesabolishedfor the reasonthat it is eithernot reportedor mentionedin the Reportby the Commission. (s) DressAllowanceceilingto be raisedto Rs 20,000/-p. a. 1

(t) NursingAllowanceto be raisedto 2.25timesof Rs 4800/-. (u) All fixed allowancesmust be raisedto 2.25 times as per the principle enunciatedby the Commission. (v) The erroneousstatementin Para9.2.5to be corrected.Vide OM No. I30l8lIl2009-Estt (L) to 180 dated22.07.2009, DOP, P&W, the leaveperiodfor Child adoptionhas beenincreased days.


Advances. Restorethe following advancesand revisethe sameto 3 times.







LTC and TA advances


Medical advance




includingcycleadvance Vehicle advances

The stipulationmadeby the 7'hCPC to grantonly 80% of salaryfor the secondyearof CCL be rejectedand the existingprovisionsmay be retained.


50% of the CGEIi premium to be paid by the Governmentin respectof Group B and C employees.


Healthinsuranceto be introducedin additionto CGHS and CCS(MA) benefitsandthe premium to be paid by the Governmentandthe employeeequally.


Rejectthe recommendations concerningPRIS.


Full pay and allowancesto be providedfor the entireperiodof WRII.


The conditionsstipulatedin clause(4) & (5) underPara9.2.37be removed


Rejectthe reconlmendationmade by the 7tr CPC in Para 8.16.9 to 8.16.14 concerningdress allowanceto PBOR as otherwisethe five OrdinanceEquipment factories under OFB will have to be closeddown. o


Set up a group of Ministers' Committeeto considerthe anomaliesincluding the disturbanceof the existinghorizontaland vertical relativitiesat the National level and DepartmentaliMinistry level with pbovisionfor referringthe disputedissuesto the Board of Arbitration underthe JCM scheme.


To increasethe promotionalavenuefor Technicaland other Supervisory staff. SpecificRailway issues:


Mergerof TechnicianGrade-II (Gp 2400r-)with TechnicianGrade-I(Gp 2g001-), Placementof Mail/ExpressLoco pilors in Gp 46001-(pB-2) w.e.f. 0ll0l/20a6.

28. 29.

Upwardrevisionof kilometrageratesof runningstaff and otherrelated issues.


Replacement of GP 4600/-with Gp 49001-.


Expeditedecisionson FastTrackcommittee'sconclusions.


RectifyMACPS anomalies.

aa JJ.

Reductionof duty hoursof Runningstaff and othersafutycategories staff.


a 1

Up-gfradation of Apex level Group'C'posts to Group 'B' Gazetted(3335 posts to be upgraded)as per agreement.


Medicalfacilitiesto dependentparentsof Railway employees(serving/retired).


Allot GradePayRs. 54001to the Group,B' Gazetted. *;1.****{<**:$**

STRIKE NOTICE FORM L (Seerule 71of the IndustrialDisputesAct 1947) Form of Noticeof Strike to be given by [Unionlfrorkmen] in Public Utility service [Namesof five electedrepresentativesof workmen]

To, TheGeneralManager,

Dear Sir,


In accordancewith the provisionscontainedin Sub-section(1) of Section22 of the Industrial



herebygiveyou noticethatI propose

to call a strike/ we proposeto go on strike,on anyday from I't March 2016at 6 A.M. for thereasons explainedin theAnnexure.(Charterof Demands). Yours faithfully,

GeneralSecretary of the workmenduly electedat a meetingheld on ... .... (date),vide resolution fFive representatives attachedl

ANNEXURE Statement of theCase. Copyto: (l) AssistantLabourCommissioner (Central (Central) in the local (Hereenteroffice addressof the AssistantLabourCommissioner concerned)

(2) RegionalLabourCommissioner (Central),.. ,..... (Central), (3) ChiefLabourCommissioner New Delhi.


26-Point Charter of demands.PDF

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