St. Dominic Catholic School Council 2300 Esprit Drive, Orleans, Ontario K4A 0T5 Phone: (613) 424-3760 Fax: (613) 424-3785 School Email: [email protected] Council Email: [email protected]

MINUTES Wednesday, April 20, 2016 In Attendance: Council: Carly Haydt Laurie Woodward Melanie Campbell-Priddle Terry Bertsoulakis David White Jenn Stocco Gina Lavictoire Joanne Amey

Parents: Sara Edwards Ryan Watson Denise Levecque

School: Gerry Proulx Julie Kerr



Opening Prayer  Opening prayer was led by G. Proulx. Welcome/Opening Remarks  C. Haydt called the meeting to order. Approval of Minutes  Motion to approve by L. Woodward  Seconded by T. Bertsoulakis Business from Previous Meetings Movie Night:  St. Dominic’s second movie night went very well.  Pizza orders was a good idea – online orders went very well, and made the process easy.  The movie sound was great, and the speakers made a huge difference.  Estimated profit: $300 to $400. Pizza Thursdays:  Accepted one last-minute order.  Council will be putting together a survey to send home to parents for feedback about the pizza lunches (what they liked, what they didn’t).  The Lunch Lady has approaches Council to see if we would be interested in offering their hot lunches to the students. We will survey the parents to see if there is interest.  G. Proulx put forth the question whether Lunch Lady’s containers are recyclable? 1

Play Structure (update delivered by R. Watson, Fundraising Committee Chair):    

   

Presented the Playground Display Board and explained the realistic costs of what a playground will cost Council. The Fundraising Committee’s goal is to raise $80,000. Timeframe: Get the structure in the ground by June of 2017. Introduced a breakdown of different 'grants' that we could work towards applying for over the next 12 months. Explained the time sensitivity on many of the applications, as well as the need for Principal and Council support to execute (School Board grant: up to $7,500; City of Ottawa grant: up to $7,500; there are other grants for play structures that exist – it’s about finding what fits). Spoke about fundraising activities/events over the next 12 months that could help generate funds or much needed attention to our cause. Ex: Trivia Night, etc. R. Watson and D. White talked about the possibility of a Go Fund Me page, but G. Proulx indicated that this is not allowed by the School Board. However, donations are allowed from individuals/families. Council is creating a feedback survey targeted at the activities Parent Council has run this past school season. Council decided to survey the school community about whether a play structure for the school is something parents want. Is this a priority for the school community?

Year-End Event:  G. Lavictoire confirmed that Grill Masters will do the food for the BBQ.  We will need volunteers to help serve the food.  Grill Masters will give us back a certain percentage of the profit.  J. Amey booked Junkyard Symphony for the entertainment – the cost is $452.00. Council will use the PIC grant for this cost.  Council will use the remainder of the PIC grant for the BBQ event.  Council will be doing the raffle baskets (same idea as was done at St. Theresa in years past).

G. Proulx to inquire about rules surrounding sponsorship & insurance/liability.

C. Haydt and R. Watson to work on questions regarding play structure for survey.

Pro Grant:  C. Haydt has applied for the grant (for next school year).  C. Haydt has booked NET. Walking School Bus / Crossing Guard:  C. Haydt has contacted both the Trustee, B. Coburn, as well as the City Councillor, S. Blais.  There was a review done of the Brian Coburn/Esprit intersection, and it was concluded that the intersection didn’t warrant a crossing guard.  However, this recommendation could be revisited. Intersections will be revisited in the spring.  There is still funding for 10 more crossing guards, so there is still a chance that one could be placed at Brian Coburn/Esprit.  School Council encourages parents to contact B. Coburn and S. Blais to support a crossing guard at Brian Coburn/Esprit and Portobello/Stormwind. 2

Updates/Reports Principal (delivered by Principal G. Proulx):  374 is the projected enrolment for next year.  Staffing will increase by 3.75 positions. Currently at 19.75 and is going up to 23.5  A number of new classes will be added, including 1 new JK/SK class.  G. Proulx has a quote coming for painting games in the school yard this spring, as well as the installation of some 3-ball tubes and basketball nets. She may ask if Council can assist with the funding once the quotes are received.  J. Kerr has been appointed VP at St. Bernard School and will leave us at the end of June. Mrs. Proulx is very excited for her and grateful for all her support at St. Dominic.  G. Proulx received some free Ottawa Fury tickets she will be giving out.  The school received a MASC grant and will have native storyteller, Daniel Richer come out to the school.  Local artist and grandmother of two St. Dominic students, Katerina Mertikas contacted G. Proulx about a joint project to provide some art work for the school. G. Proulx will meet with her and then report back to Council for possible partnership. Teacher (delivered by J. Kerr):  Mrs. Forman has asked for financial support to purchase equipment for the lunch recess PALS program. C. Haydt moved and G. Lavictoire seconded a motion to give her $100.  J. Kerr asked if Parent Council would pay for the cakes for the Gr. 6 Leave Taking Ceremony. Approximate cost is $50. C. Haydt moved and L. Woodward seconded a motion to pay for the cakes. Support Staff:  No report. Treasurer:  No report. CSPA:  

No report. Next meeting is April 27.

Parish Rep: CONFIRMATION Divine Infant has a practice on May 4 at 7p.m., with Confirmation being received on Friday, May 27 at 7 p.m. We will need a few volunteers from school council to cut cake and prepare juice and such. Arrival for 6:30 p.m. and depart after clean up about 9:00 p.m.? Can Council find volunteers? Parish will provide the cakes and juice; families are welcome to contribute a nut-free dessert, if they wish.


First Communion Sunday, May 1 at 2:00 p.m. There will be reserved seating for child and parents. Each pew will have the child’s name on it. There will be 82 students receiving 1st Eucharist that day, so it will be busy. - Parish breakfast, hosted by the Knights of Columbus, will be on Sunday, May 8. - Children’s liturgy year-end party will be following the 9:30 mass on May 29. - Pilgrimage to Quebec City and St. Anne de Beaupre on October 22 and 23. Registration at Transat travel. More information is available on the Parish website. - Parish survey is on the Parish website. All are asked to complete this confidential questionnaire. Safe Schools:  During the PD Day on April 15th, St. Dominic staff participated in a mandatory Health & Safety training that was comprised of a 40 minute presentation, followed by a 75 minute online test.  The school will have a lockdown drill on April 21st. Education Week:  Education Week is May 1-6 and the theme is Opening the Doors of Mercy. The following events will take place at St. Dominic:  May 1st: First Communion at Divine Infant at 2 p.m.  May 2nd: ART-o-RAMA Day with Doors of Mercy as the theme.  May 3rd: Family Muffin Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. in the gym. Parents must supervise their children during this time. Those participating are asked to bring six nut-free muffins to share. Following the breakfast, there will be an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom and participate in a Collaborative Learning Activity. The school dance team will perform at 9:45 a.m. in the gym. Following their performance, parents are asked to leave the school.  May 4th: PJ Day and Reading Buddies.  May 5th: Education Week Liturgy, to which parents are welcome to attend.  May 6th: School-wide Rosary and Jump Rope for Heart.  Council is welcome to have a table set up with information on May 3rd. If you can help with that, please let C. Haydt know. Adjournment  Motion to adjourn: J. Stocco  Seconded by: L. Woodward

Next meeting on Wednesday, May 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Staff Room


April 20 Minutes.pdf

Page 1 of 4. St. Dominic Catholic School Council. 2300 Esprit Drive, Orleans, Ontario K4A 0T5. Phone: (613) 424-3760. Fax: (613) 424-3785. School Email: [email protected]. Council Email: [email protected]. MINUTES. Wednesday, April 20, 2016. 1. In Attendance: Council: Carly Haydt. Laurie Woodward.

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