universe nonself

detection system


false negatives false positives







No match

negative detector Randomly generate detector string

If detector matches self, regenerate otherwise accept



randomly created 01101011010110...110101

immature no match during tolerization period

mature & naive match anything during tolerization period

exceed activation threshold don’t exceed activation threshold during lifetime

activated costimulation

no costimulation

memory death




local detector set 1

local detector set 2

detection across all nodes

local detector set 3

external computer IP: port: 25 datapath triple (,, smtp)

= 1110111...11

IP: port: 1700

Detection Node sensitivity level

internal computer

detector set

representation parameters

broadcast LAN

Detector Lifecycle (distributed tolerization & death)

0001010010011100011101110...01110 Detector

{immature, naive, memory}

state activation flag

last activation # matches

1.000000 Real Simulated








0.000000 1



String Index


Architecture for an Artificial Immune System

classes of noisy trafiic sources, such as web servers and ftp servers, ...... 0 Have storage capacities on any single node that are small compared to the amount of.

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