Canada Population Geography

Canadian Population Statistics

 Canada

is the world's second largest country in land size (Russia #1)  Current Population- 35.16 million (2013)  Population

is slightly less than that of the state of California 38.33 million (2013)

 Largest

cities- #1 Toronto; #2 Montreal; #3 Vancouver; #4 Ottawa  Nearly 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border

Canadian Immigration 4Ee1eich4  21%

of the Canadian population is a foreign born resident

Compare and contrast immigration in USA and Canada.  91% of immigrants live in urban areas • In what ways is it different?  Majority are from Asia (Philippines) • In what ways is it  Africa and Caribbean the same? islands

“ Canada

Population Density

Prairie Provinces

Atlantic Province

Pacific Provinces Core Provinces

Where do the majority of people above the line tend to live? Why? The tend to live close to the U.S. Canada border, as it is where much of the service industry is. Also,

Only 1 million out of 35 million live above the line

50% of the population lives in the red areas

What do you think the red areas represent?

View from space

Why is nobody living in the gold area?

Canada is a cold Australia (only 2% of Australians live in the gold area) How does this affect the population density?

Zero Growth- older and younger population are basically equal

Rapid Growth- younger population vastly outnumbers the older population Copy this in notebook

Negative Growth- older population outnumbers the younger population

Slow Growth- younger population is slightly higher than older population

What type of growth is Canada experiencing?

What should the Canadian government prepare for in the future? Short term and long term aHb1FvA

World Geography Review Question’s

Which of these would most likely be shown on a map of a more-developed country’s quaternary economic sector?

A. Locations of natural resources B. Major universities and research institutions C. Transportation networks D. Centers of manufacturing and processing

The constitution of which country is most directly influenced by the religion of Islam?

A. France B. Slovenia C. Kuwait D. China

Which of these is the most likely result of a well-planned national transportation network? A. Government ventures are more profitable B. Consumers have access to a wider variety of products.

C. Damage to fragile items is minimized. D. Raw materials are more difficult to get to market

Which of the following is a factor that favors the development of primary economic activities? A. A location for industrial manufacturing operations B. The presence of natural resources C. The availability of neighbors willing to trade D. An economy based on communist ideals

Canada Population Lecture Notes


Current Population

% Urban

Largest Cities

Extra Info

35.16 million


Toronto Montreal Vancouver Ottawa* (capital)

• 2nd largest country in land size • (Russia #1) • ~90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border

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