National Federation of IndianRailwaymen 3, CHELMSFORD ROAD,NEWDELHI. 11O055 Affiliatedto ; IndianNationalTradeUnionCongress(INTUC) InternationalTransportWorkers'Federation(lTF) No. IV/C ommi tteeI T r ack Maintainer/ 20 | 0lP art III


The Member Staff, Railway Board, NewDelhi Dear Sir, Sub:

Career Progression of Track Maintainers in Railways report of the Joint Committee-reg.


(i) (ii)

NFIR's PNM Item No. ll20t5. Railway Board's letter No. 17t08/20r2.

(iii) (i") (v)

RailwayBoard's letterNo. E(NG)I-202lPMsll.dated 13/08l2}l3. RailwayBoard's letterNo. 20I21CE-LIGNS/20dated0ll04l2014. Railway Board's t"nT_T:;.t_*g)r-20t2tpM/1 dated r4tr\t2\r4.

Full implementation of the


Federation invites kind attention of the Railway Board (MS) on the issue of "Career Progression of Track Maintainers in Railways" and implementation of the report of the Joint Committee in toto based on the unanimous recommendations inpara I0.2 of the report for revision percentagedistribution of posts of the Track Maintainers. In this connection, Federation desires to bring following key points for consideration of the Board (MS):o

During the meeting of the Federation with the full Board on23/0812013, the Railway Board had conveyed against Item No. 20 that the issue of the cadre structure and inter-grade percentagedistribution recommended by the Joint Committee in para 10.2 of the report was under consideration (frle no. 2012/CE-VGNS/20).


Further another meeting was held on 27/0912013 between the Board (MS & FC) and the Federations on the issue relating to percentage distribution of posts of Track Maintainers on the recommendations of the Joint Committee. It was agreed to revise the percentage distribution of the cadre of Track Maintainer in the ratio of 6:12:22:60 in lieu of 3:6:20:7I with the commitment that full implementation of the ratio 10:20:20:50 shall be ensured on completion of two years period from the date of approval communicated by the Railway Board (1710812012).The record note of discussions was also circulated vide Railway Board's letter No. 20 I 3/E(LR)|A U | 5lP art. 6 dated 17I I2l 20 t3 .


In the subsequentmeeting of the Federationswith the full Board on07/0212014,the Railway Board had advised that further improvement in the cadre structure of Track Maintainers could be consideredafter the reasonableperiod ofresidency has elapsed. Contd.Page...2

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//2il .

In the mean time, Railway Board vide letter No. 2012/CE-VGNS/20 dated 0110412014 revised'the percentage distribution of the post of Track Maintainers from 3:6:20:7I to 6:12:22:60 in respect of Track Maintainers in GP 28001-, 24001-, 19001- & 1800/respectively.

As there was no response from the Board to fulfiII its commifinent, the NFIR has raised the issue in the PNM fora (Item No. 1/2015). In the PNM meeting held with the Railway Board on 08d'i09n'October 2015, the Official Side stated that on examination with the Zonal Railways it has been found that Board's orders dated 1710812012and 0110412014have not been implemented fully on some of the Zonal Railways. The Official Side also stated that further improvement in the cadre structure of Track Maintainers may be reviewed after full implementation of Board's orders on all the Zonal Railways and on completion of reasonableresidency period. The developments taken place so far and as mentioned above reveal that the Railway Board has been changing its stand time and again ignoring the commitment given to the Federation in the meeting held on 2710912013.Itis very sad to note that nearly five years have passedsince the date of approval of Joint Committee report, but the recommendation is yet to be implemented fully. NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board (MS) to kindly see that revision of the percentagesof Track Maintainers category to L0:20:20:50 of GP 2800, 2400, 1900 & 1800 respectively is granted immediately. A copy of the instructions issued may be endorsed to the Federation.

Yours faithfull

.1. (Dr. M. Raghavaiah) , ' General Secretary Copy to the Executive Director, CE (G), Railway Board, New Delhi for information and necessary action please. Copy to the Executive Director, E(N), Railway Board, New Delhi for information and necessary action please. Copy to the Executive Director/IR, Railway Board, New Delhi. y-.Copy to the General Secretariesof Zonal Unions of NFIR. Media CentreA{FIR. File No. ll20l5 (PNM).

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Career Progression of Track Maintainers.PDF
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