THE FEDERALIST ERA: NATIONALISM TRIUMPHANT Below is a list of important people, places, events, and terms to help you study for the Unit III Exam. Be sure that you can identify and/or define each of the items below. You should also be able to identify how each item relates to the study of the Federalist Era Government in Unit III.

Adam Smith negative balance of trade tariff inflation Mount Vernon Meeting (1785) Annapolis Meeting (1786) Shays’ Rebellion (1786) Constitutional Convention (1787) Framers delegates George Washington James Madison “Father of the Constitution” Alexander Hamilton Gouverneur Morris John Adams Virginia Plan Edmund Randolph New Jersey Plan William Paterson Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise) House of Representatives Senate Three-Fifths Compromise Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise Federalists The Federalists Papers John Jay Antifederalists Bill of Rights New York City precedent cabinet secretary of state Thomas Jefferson secretary of the treasury secretary of war Henry Knox attorney general Report on Public Credit war bonds speculators assumption


Washington, D.C. Potomac River French Revolution “Citizen” Edmond Charles Genet privateers persona non grata Louis XVI neutrality factions/political parties Hamiltonians/Federalists Jeffersonians/Republicans Bank of the United States elastic clause/“necessary and proper” implied powers expressed powers strict construction/narrow construction broad construction/loose construction Whiskey Rebellion commander-in-chief impressment Jay Treaty Mississippi River New Orleans right of deposit Treaty of San Lorenzo (Pinckney Treaty) Thomas Pinckney Battle of Fallen Timbers “Mad Anthony” Wayne Treaty of Greenville “Farewell Address” “entangling alliances” Election of 1796 XYZ Affair Talleyrand Alien and Sedition Acts Naturalization Act Alien Enemies Act Alien Act Sedition Act sedition freedom of speech 1st Amendment Kentucky and Virginia Resolves nullification



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James Madison. “Father of the Constitution”. Alexander Hamilton. Gouverneur Morris. John Adams. Virginia Plan. Edmund Randolph. New Jersey Plan.

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