Guide to Employing People This checklist will help to guide you through what you need to do and with Hawkswood HR at your side, provide you with the confidence to employ people for growth and success. We can help with as much are as little as you require.

Checklist Employment is a minefield and this checklist is to give you an overview of what you may need to do or consider when you start to employ people in your business. Note: this checklist is a guide only and you need to take into account you own businesses circumstances, we can help guide you on the key areas that you will need to comply with.

Check the status of your new worker – employee or contractor? Register with the HMRC as an employer. Recruit the person - decide what the employee will do and how you will recruit them. Decide how much you will pay your new employee and does it meet National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage. Decide how you will run your Payroll. Check your Auto enrolment obligations to provide the employee with a workplace pension. Check your new employee has the right to work in the UK. Do you need to carry out background checks, referencing or Disclosure and Barring checks. Ensure you are covered with Insurance – Employee liability; Management Liability etc Provide new employee with a Contract of Employment and Job Description. Provide your new employee with an Employee Handbook, including policies and procedures. Provide appropriate Health & Safety measures. Register for Data Protection or update your existing registration. Provide the new employee with an induction programme to help them settle in and pass probation.

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Register for Data Protection or update your existing registration. Provide the new employee with an induction programme to help them settle in and pass ...

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Checklist - Employing People.pdf
Guide to Employing People ... Register for Data Protection or update your existing registration. Provide the new ... Displaying Checklist - Employing People.pdf.

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