CAMELOT CHESTER CLIPPERS PROGRAM OVERVIEW A specialized model designed to offer three separate programs at one school location in partnership with the Chester Upland School District. Excel Academy (75 student max) is an accelerated program that serves overage and under credited students identified by CUSD as serious risk to drop out. Utilizes block scheduling and can double the amount of credits earned in the traditional high school. Excel Academy graduated 32 students in 2013 and 43 students in 2014.

MISSION STATEMENT Camelot Education and Camelot Chester is deeply committed to the academic and social success of its students. Through partnerships with educators across the country, we focus on reengaging, graduating and preparing students for success in K-12 and beyond.

Achieve Academy (25 student max) is an Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth program servicing grades 7-12 that have been removed from their sending school with in the CUSD for serious behavior infractions. Enrichment Academy (60 student max) provides academic and emotional support to students (SED) grades 7-12 that are considered sufficient enough to be placed in a special education setting.

RESOURCE TEAM Daniel A. Peticca, Executive Director Jamar Brown, Executive Director Kenny Tate, Director of Operations Danielle Terry, Academic Coordinator Brian Warren, Student Service Coordinator Michael Smith, Diverse Learner Coordinator

CORE VALUES „„ We are accountable for everything we do

„„ We believe in the power of teamwork


„„ We honor and embrace diversity

200 W. 9th Street Chester, PA 19013 (609) 868-6529 phone

„„ We ensure that all students are safe

„„ We deliver meaningful and appropriate instruction


„„ We practice respect for all individuals

Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM

„„ We model high standards of professional behavior

„„ We teach that education is the key to self-sufficiency „„ We recognize the unique value and talent of each individual „„ We focus daily on student success

PROGRAM FEATURES „„ School within a school culture. „„ Focus on providing student centered education within a structured culture that emphasizes personal accountability for behavior and academic growth. „„ Behavior management model – framed around positive peer group pressure and intervention. „„ Academic model – data driven and supported by rigorous curriculum with a commitment to continuous academic improvement.

ACADEMIC FRAMEWORK „„ Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards „„ Small learning teams „„ Differentiated instruction „„ Academic rigor through use of data-driven decision making „„ Focus on academic remediation and acceleration toward basic skills which will better prepare students for Keystone, PSSA, SAT and ACT testing.

PROGRAM GOALS „„ To increase students’ academic achievement „„ To increase students attendance „„ To create and maintain a safe and orderly learning environment „„ To prepare students to meet state and district graduation requirements „„ To provide students with the necessary skills and supports to enroll in a post secondary institution, certification program, or trade school and obtain gainful, self-sufficient employment

PARTNERSHIPS „„ West Chester University Tutors „„ Widener University Tutoring „„ Cheyney University Initiative

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Jamar Brown, Executive Director. Kenny Tate, Director of Operations. Danielle Terry, Academic Coordinator. Brian Warren, Student Service. Coordinator. Michael Smith, Diverse Learner. Coordinator. CAMELOT CHESTER CLIPPERS. 200 W. 9th Street. Chester, PA 19013. (609) 868-6529 phone. HOURS OF OPERATION.

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