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Participation Needed Summerts over--time to ro11 up our sleeves, sharpen our pencils, and send our invlgorated corpuscles on an important mission for the Coblentz Society. Specifically, we hgpg you will (1) nomlnate someone for the Board of Mana.gement, (2 ) suggest a candidate for the l]72 Coblentz Awards and (l) express your concern for the direction of the Coblentz Society spectrum publication program. Why not do it now, while youtre thinking about it (and before postage rates go up again)? II. Nominatlons to the Board of Managers Nominees are needed for the fa1l election to the Board of Managers. Membership on the Board presents an opportunity to work with a number of wel-l--known spectroscopists, &s we}l as to influence Society affairs and infrared spectroscopy in general. Send names of potential candidates to the chalrman of the nominatlng committee: Prof. Bryce L, Crawford, School of Chemistry, Uni-versity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455 or to Prof. R. C. Lord (urt) or Dr. A. c. Jones (sfreff Development). Retiring managers are Dr. E. D. Becker and Dr, J. R. Scherer. Continuing members are R. P, Bautnan, N. B. Colthup, J. R. Ferraro, and K. B. Whetsel. The deadline


for nominations is

September 20.

1972 Coblentz Award

of candidates for the Coblentz Award, given annually to an outstanding young spectroscopist for work 1n the field of chemical molecular spectroscopy, should be submitted by September also. Send your nominations to Dr. R. W. Hannah, Secletary; The Coblentz Society, Inc. i c/o The Perkin Elmer Corp., fbI Main Names


Avenue, Norwa1k, CT 06851.

IV. 1972 Coblentz


Results on the bal-lotlng on the topics listed ln MaiJ-ing

No. 5O were:

l-st Choice

2nd Choice

6 L9 Applications of Raman Spectroscopy Problems LT 12 Spectroscopy Applied to Environmental L2 Soltn. of Chem. Problems by Combined Techniques L2 21 26 A11 Other Topics Combined. Thus, the topic for L)TZ will be Raman Spectroscopy Applications.


Raman Conmittee

Speaking of Raman Spectroscopy, President Seherer has appointed E. D.-(Ted) Becker to be chairman of a committee that will explore


ways in which the Society can be of help to this revitalized field. Anyone wj-th suggestions or comments should contact Dr. Becker at the Natlonal- fnstitutes of Health, Bethesd.ay, MD 20014.


Infrared Spectra Publ-icatj-on


Our spectral data editor, Clara D. Craver, is Project Director. Overall pJ-anning assistance will be provided by the Infrared Spectral Data Committee composed of John Ferraro, Jeannette Grasselli-, W. J. Potts, and A. Lee Smith, together with the Society President James Scherer.

The committee is anxlous to have this program serve your needs and interests. Accordingly, the scope of the contract is cited below so that you will know the framework within which to answer

the attached questionnaire.

SCOPE OF CONTRACT: The objective of the program is to produce a coherent compllation of Research Quality Infrared Reference Spectra. These will be Class II spectra as described i-n the Report of Coblentz Societyrs Board of Managers in AnalyticalChemistry,78,27A, I9Q6. They wil-l be suitable for the following pEposes : 1) to illustrate the concept of evaluated infrared spectra, 2) for study and instructlon; 1) for reference as a part of the regular Coblentz Society spectral compiJ-ation; 4 ) to provide a basis for eval-uating the useful-ness of high quality infrared spectra in applied research and analytical problems; 5) as test data for research into the advantages of high quality spectra in computerized spectra retrieval. It is proposed that l-0O or more spectra be included in the compilation. -It wiJ-l include chemical compounds of the following


Common solvents Accepted wa.velength standards

Representatives from some homologous series of organi-c compounds (acids, alcohoJ-s, a.mides, esters, etc. ) Compounds important in pollution control (phenols, chl-orinated biphenyls, etc. ) Compounds used in specialty high-performance formulations (s1licones, phosphorus, compounds, etc. ) Other categories as agreed between OSRD and the Project Director

The col-l-ection wil-l eonsist mainly of contributed spectra, but proportion of the funds may be used to generate Class III spectra if such spectra are needed to fill gaps in the eollection or otherwise adequately fulfiJ-I the contract. a. smal-l



TRC Data

The enclosed brochure hlghllghts the spectral data avallabJ.e. (nostly on hydrocarbons) from the American Petroleum Instltute Research Project 44, and ls included as a servlce to spectroscoplsts. VIII. Slrmposium on Evaluated Daia What 1s being done about evaluation standards for Raman, mass, spectra? Why is it important to have such standards? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during the symposium, "Evaluated Research Da.ta: The Key to Research Productivity," to be held on September 14 in Washlngton, D. C. durlng the faII meeting of the American Chemlca1 Soclety. Papers to be glven are: NMR, and microwave

The Natlonal Standard Reference Data System - D. R. Lide , Jr. (NeS )

The Need for Evaluated Data S. W. Fenton (University of Minnesota)

Technical Considerati-ons and Practical Limitations ln a Program for Publishing Evaluated Infrared Spectra - C. D. Craver (Chemir Labs) Precision in Infrared Data for Computer Retrieval - D. S. Er1ey (Oow Chemical Co. ) Evaluation and Uses of Gas Chromatographic Reference Data O. E, Schupp, III (Eastman Kodak) Proton NMR Spectra: Information Content and an Assessment Strategy L. Shapiro (Texas A&M Univ. ) R. Willcott (Univ. of Houston) Proton NMR Spectral- Quality Assessment: and Conclusions - M. R. Wi11cott, B. L. Shapiro

Prelimlnary Results

Evaluated Mass Spectral Reference Data Program - J. G. Dill-ard (Virginia Polytech. )

Future Trends in Raman Spectroscopy - E. R. Lippi-ncott, J. W. Brasch (Univ. of Maryland) Applled Mlcrowave (lfnn) Spectroscopy - Problems and Progress - W. F. Whlte (mASn, Langley Field, Va. ) \.-


IX. Whatrs Wrong With This Spectrum? Well, for one thlng, the reproductlon was lousy. Letrs try agaln--a portlon of the spectrum of propylene dlbromlde from Malllng No. 50 ls shown below. If you know whatrs wrong, wrlte the editor (A. Lee Smith, Dow Corning Corporatlon, Mldland, MI 4864O).


Coblentz Society. Specifically, we hgpg you will (1 ...

of high quality infrared spectra in applied research and ana- lytical problems; 5) as test data for research into the advan- tages of high quality spectra in computerized spectra retrieval. It is proposed that l-0O or more spectra be included in the compilation. -It wiJ-l include chemical compounds of the following types: Common ...

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