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Memo To:

Crosskeys Vineyard


Valley Media Group




Put Down Your Keys, Please Campaign Proposal

Proposal Purpose This memo is a formal proposal to Crosskeys Vineyard from Valley Media Group regarding the implementation of a corporate social responsibility campaign in partnership with JMU SafeRides focused on the reduction of driving under the influence of alcohol. The campaign is named Put Down Your Keys, Please and will target all age ranges which are of legal age to consume alcohol. The campaign will run in Rockingham County and the towns immediately surrounding Crosskeys Vineyard in Mount Crawford, Virginia. Proposal Content The proposal includes a print advertisement, radio advertisement, billboard advertisement, social media advertisement, press release, and distributable promotional materials to reach the target audience in the most effective and economical way. This content will serve as a reminder to the audience to find a safe and sober ride home. Proposal Benefits The Put Down Your Keys, Please campaign will benefit Crosskeys Vineyard by increasing brand recognition through the various campaign materials, while also showcasing the company’s passion for keeping its customers safe by reducing driving under the influence of alcohol in the local areas.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Market Overview All across Virginia there are plantations of grape-bearing vines, grown mainly for wine-making. These vineyards have colorful landscapes and make great a location for a wine lover's retreat. Crosskeys Vineyards of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia holds 25 acres of vineyards and is an attractive vineyard to a whole range of age groups. The small family run winery hosts various events, wine tastings, tours, and weddings. With the consumption of alcohol on the vineyard it is essential to inform guests and the greater community about the risks and consequences of drunk driving. The campaign focuses on drunk driving prevention and is a key part of Crosskeys’ corporate social responsibility.

Competitive Overview There are other wineries in the area that compete for customers as well. It is in the best interest of Crosskeys to align themselves with a message and set them apart from their competitors. In addition there are more established and well known wineries that people may be more inclined to buy from. These wineries offer convenience by saving a trip to the vineyard for wine tastings and selling their wine in select stores.

Implementation Since there is a large need for drunk driving awareness in the Harrisonburg and I-81 corridor area, Crosskeys will be implementing strategies that can best communicate with target audiences. With a total budget of $6000 to $7000, Crosskeys has the ability to include a variety of media channels such as local newspapers, print, social media, and a highway billboard. By using these different media channels, Crosskeys creates a cohesive campaign that can cater to the chosen target audiences. These target audiences include a range of ages

3 1

from 21 to 70 years old . Each of them uses a different type of media channel more often. For example, younger audiences like college students will use social media more often (Strategic Business Insights, 2017). These creative pieces will use a serious tone that will generate thought around the consequences of drunk driving and make the message memorable.

Evaluation Crosskeys Vineyards wants more than to gain a significant amount revenue with this campaign. Crosskeys intends to create a serious awareness around the issue of drunk driving. In order to measure this success there will be polls implemented that ask customers about their views on drunk driving. After seeing how serious Crosskeys Vineyards is about this campaign, target audiences will see how the vineyard benefits the community and, therefore, will place more trust in the local winery brand.

4 2



CrossKeys Vineyards is located on a 125 acre estate in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The estate holds 25 acres of vineyards, which produce around 4,000 cases of wine every year. The wine on the estate is fully grown, produced, and bottled. The first vines on the estate were planted in 2001, when CrossKeys Vineyards was founded by Owners Bob and Nikoo Bakhtiar. The first harvest at CrossKeys Vineyards was in 2006, and two years later, the winery opened its doors in May of 2008. In 2012, the company opened an on-site restaurant called CrossKeys Bistro. CrossKeys takes pride in being a small, family run winery that currently produces 11 different types of wines. CrossKeys Vineyards hosts various wine tastings, tours, brunches, public and private events, and weddings (Crosskeys, n.d.).

CrossKeys Vineyards chose its logo based on how they want guests to feel during their experience at the winery. Two gold crossed keys are a symbol of hospitality, excellence, and a place of prestige. The company believes that the symbol of the golden crossed keys represents its goal of producing and serving one-of-a-kind wines, delicious food, unforgettable events, and overall an experience guests will thoroughly enjoy. (Crosskeys, n.d.).

Organization Information CrossKeys Vineyards is open on a year round basis, with various times for tasting, dining, brunch, and tours. The tasting room is open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. The bistro for guests who wish to dine while they taste is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday brunch is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with hours that change from time to time due to private events. Tours of the vineyard are 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. daily, for which a small fee of $5 per person per tour is asked. Located on 6011 E. Timber Ridge Road, Mt. Crawford, VA 22841. Because private events are a huge part of CrossKeys’ success, it encourages its

1 5

guests to call ahead of time when it comes to dining, especially Sunday brunch. Consumers can reach the vineyard at 540-234-0505, and can stay in touch through e-mail: info@

Employees CrossKeys Vineyards has between 11 and 50 employees, depending on the time of the year, supply and demand, etc. (CrossKeys’ LinkedIn, n.d.). Crosskeys’ website devotes a page on its website that introduces the owners, directors of operations and marketing, wine-maker, executive chef, and event coordinator to the consumer. Owners Bob and Nikoo Bakhtiar; their sons Saam (Director of Operations) and Babak Bakhtiar (Director of Marketing); Stephan Heyns, Head Winemaker; Dexter Burgess, Executive Chef; Steve Monson, Assistant Winemaker; and Hannah Cooper, Event Coordinator (Crosskeys, n.d.).

Industry Competition Virginia is currently home to over 285 wineries, ranking it fifth in the nation in number of wineries. It is also the fifth largest wine grape producing state. With cideries also on the rise, both industries together contribute around $750 million to the Virginia economy every year (The Office of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, 2016).

On August 31, 2016, Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia announced that sales of (Virginia) wine reached another record high throughout the year of 2016. Over 556,500 cases (6.6 million bottles) were sold during this time. The sales recorded represent a six percent increase from the previous year of 2015. Sales in Virginia of Virginia wine have increased by a vast amount of 34 percent since 2010 (The Office of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, 2016).

Since the increase in wine consumption has tripled (and then some) since 2010, wine prices have been going up as an attempt to slow sales and let production catch up. However,


driving up the prices of wine has not had any effect of slowing sales. Sales are steadily rising each year since 2010, and wineries are having a hard time keeping up with the overwhelming demand (Bhattarai, A., 2016).

In 2016, five Virginia wineries were featured in Wine Enthusiast magazine’s June edition, Virginia Revolutionaries; and Food & Wine magazine’s May issue, Best Virginia Wines and Their Classic Region Counterparts. Early Mountain Vineyards was ranked #1 for Best Tasting Room; Best Wine Festival went to Virginia Wine Summit (ranked #4); Best Winery Tour was awarded to King Family Vineyards (ranked #7); and lastly Best Wine Country Hotel went to both The Salamander Inn & Spa (ranked #4) and The Inn at Little Washington (ranked #10) (The Office of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, 2016).

Target Consumer Millennials are the first generation who are embracing the culture of wine upon coming of age. Wineries are seeing many visitors in their 20s and 30s, compared to people in their 50s and 60s (Bhattarai, A., 2016). There are many reasons why the demand is so high, and still rising, throughout the United States. In 2015 alone, millennials drank 42% of all wine across the country. They out drank any other generation, such as their parents and grandparents (Hafner, J., 2015). Because of this research, a large portion of CrossKeys’ target consumers are Millennials.

CrossKeys Vineyards encourages guests to contact the company via email and/or phone call (listed in the information section above). CrossKeys Vineyards communicates with its target audience through various social media platforms. Anyone who goes online can access CrossKeys’ owned media sites: Facebook,; Twitter,;

1 7

Instagram,; Pinterest,; LinkedIn,; Youtube,

Market and Communication Activities CrossKeys Vineyards offer monthly and weekly public events for its guests to enjoy. Depending on the time of the year, the company offers free admission to music events, art and dance classes, and events that offer its bistro food served at a lower price. Listed are some examples:

Vineyard Vibes provides music events (without a cover charge)

Fireside Fridays offers lighter bistro fare (in the winter, along with music)

Salsa (dancing) workshops (currently Thursdays)

Sip n splash painting classes (currently Mondays)

Communication Budget, Profits, and Revenues CrossKeys Vineyards will currently not release information on its communication budget, profits or revenues. This conversation will continue to be discussed.




To gain perspective on the current position of Crosskeys Vineyards within the , there must be multiple aspects of the business analyzed. First, the strengths of Crosskeys Vineyards will include facets about the products they sell, the location, and what needs the business services for its constituents. Second, the weaknesses of Crosskeys Vineyards will be analyzed such as the location, scale, and services the business provides. Third, there are opportunities that Crosskeys Vineyards has in the media, its products, and the constituent needs that will be identified. Fourth, threats to a local winery like Crosskeys Vineyards exist such as other local wineries, global competition, and natural occurrences that may affect their products.

Strengths Crosskeys Vineyards offers many kinds of wine that can suit anyone’s taste buds. Some wine is award winning like the 2015 Cabernet Franc. This wine won the Virginia Governor’s Cup in 2017 (Award Winners, n.d.). The company also provides a wide variety of services on its property. Along with wine tasting and vineyard tours, Crosskeys Vineyards also hosts events such as weddings and charity balls. Since the company offers a wide variety of services, this allows it to service the various needs and wants of its constituents easily. Along with that, Crosskeys Vineyards is situated in the Shenandoah Valley, which attracts visitors from many cities from the valley area (Crosskeys, n.d.).

Weaknesses There are a couple of weaknesses that come with a winery. One, since it is a winery, those who do not drink alcohol or just do not prefer wine would be adverse to attending events at the Crosskeys Vineyards such as a wine tastings, or they may be adverse to the idea of a wine vineyard entirely. Two, the winery is located in a beautiful rural area, but this is a barrier for

9 1

those who do not have transportation to get there. Three, since the location is remote and alcohol is involved, drunk driving is a risk that constituents may have when visiting the winery. There are no overnight hotel locations nearby furthering the risk of drunk driving. Fourth, the winery may be limited as to how much alcohol it can serve because it is a small winery that can only produce so much. It may not be able to meet constituents’ needs because of this. (Whitley, V., n.d.) Lastly, the winery does not have a global brand presence such as some brands like Franzia, Barefoot, and Gallo (Shaw, L., 2016). This geographical limitation results in an ultimately smaller network of constituents.

Opportunities Opportunities abound in the budding vineyard and wine tasting industry. Visiting wineries has become popular in the public eye. There is will be no lack of customers visiting the Crosskeys Vineyards. The vineyard is also a local company. This allows Crosskeys Vineyards to have a close connection to the community and the ability to give back to it with more genuine intention. The winery also has the ability to produce more different types of wine and can change their menu to give constituents a dynamic experience so they will want to return to the vineyards. There is room for media exposure as well. Crosskeys Vineyards has social media accounts (Crosskeys, n.d.), but are not as active on traditional channels such as TV and radio.

Threats Crosskeys Vineyards is not without threats. There are other wineries that compete for its customers such as the local Lavender Oak Farm, Bluestone Vineyard, Purple Wolf Vineyard, and Ox-Eye Vineyards (“Wineries North to South”, n.d.). Outside of local wineries, there are other wineries that produce on a global scale that may be more well known such as Barefoot, Gallo, and Franzia (Shaw, L., 2016). Another threat would be any seasonal closings due to snow because the area is known to get cold enough for bad weather. Along with that if there

10 2

are seasons that are not healthy for the grapes, it can result in Crosskeys Vineyards having to import raw materials and have poor tasting wine (Whitley, V., n.d.).

11 1



For the Crosskeys Vineyards & Drunk Driving Awareness campaign, it was important to understand how prevalent drunk driving was in the lives of the target audience of JMU students. The primary research method of a survey was used so that participants could be anonymous when answering questions without feeling the need to change answers because the fear of judgment. A large segment could also be reached by using the survey method, rather than a focus group.

Procedure: The purpose of this research was to see if drinking and driving was even a problem with JMU students. An anonymous survey was shared to JMU students via student Facebook pages. The survey was conducted asking 4 questions related to drinking and driving, along with 3 questions about the survey participant’s demographic. The survey was open for 72 hours and received over 170 responses.

Sample: The survey was only posted to Facebook pages that JMU students could access. After the survey was closed, 80% of the participants were females and 20% were males. The participants year at JMU was broken down to be 49% juniors, 37% seniors, 8% sophomores, 3% freshmen and 3% other. The age range for this survey was 21+ 63.6% and under 21 36.4%.

Results: The results from the survey revealed that nearly 24% of the respondents have driven while under the influence of alcohol. The rates increased to 51% when the respondents were asked if they had ever knowingly gotten into the car with someone that had been drinking.

12 2

Participants named a number of ways in which they avoid drinking and driving, or letting a friend drive drunk. These methods included: Uber, Lyft, taxi services, designated drivers, walking, Saferides and calling a sober friend/person. When asked if the participant knew someone that had been involved in an accident due to drinking and driving, 52% responded yes. The results reveal that drunk driving is a prevalent problem among the target audience.

Discussion: The results of this survey show the importance of drunk driving awareness. Any percentage of students that have driven drunk or have gotten in the car with someone who is drinking and driving means that there is a need for change. Crosskeys, a company that distributes alcohol, will create a campaign that brings awareness to responsible drinking and driving to keep its customers safe.

See Appendix A for primary research charts.

13 1

TARGET AUDIENCE Introduction: In order for Crosskeys to remain successful, it must target multiple different audiences. First, it must target the of age college students and postgraduates, a large wine-drinking audience. While still appealing to a younger audience, the company faces the challenge of all appealing to the more financially stable, middle-aged and older adults. These target audiences are more traditional in style and vary in technology and media consumption, challenging Crosskeys to reach all audiences through a variety of media outlets.

Nickname: The Leahs Demographics: The target audience for this group includes both men and women. The target audience is young adults between the ages for 21 and 26. This target is still pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree, or is recently graduated. This is a large portion of the Harrisonburg community due to it being home to James Madison University which contains up to 19,262 undergrad students (James Madison University, 2016). This population has a spread of work lives. The younger audience in this target range either have no job and are strictly pursuing education, or have a part-time job and making a minimal annual income. The older audience on this spectrum may have just started out in their careers, being recently postgraduate. This audience rents their properties, are mostly single, and have the lowest annual income of all three target audiences (Nielsen, 2017).

Geographics: The geographic area of this target audience is primarily in and around the Harrisonburg community, which is the nearest established area near CrossKeys. Some of the other areas

2 14

populated with this target audience around Crosskeys are Bridgewater and Charlottesville. This audience primarily consists of people who do not permanently reside in the area, but instead are attending school there. Most of the residents in this area rent low price range housing. However, some do rent or own housing in the areas and hold jobs in lower-level positions.

Behavioristics: Tradition and stability are not as important to this target audience. They are not as concerned with brand loyalty as they are with buying according to the current trends. This audience has a lower income, so it may be impossible to stay brand loyal as they usually buy what is the cheaper option. While purchases are still made, this target waits for items to be on sale before purchasing.

Psychographics: As for VALS™, this target audience is considered to be “Experiencers.” The “Experiencers” want to buy everything and try the latest trends. The group goes against what is considered mainstream, prioritizing individuality. Fitness is very important to them and they consider themselves to be very sociable. They place a high value on friendships and tend to be very spontaneous. The group is also said to have a very heightened sense of visual stimulation. This target audience can also be considered “Achievers.” The “Achievers” have many resources and tend to plan out everything they do. They work hard and prioritize their families. They are concerned with what their peers think and because of this they place a high value on impressing others (Strategic Business Insights, 2017).

Media Consumption: This target audience has a very large media consumption. They get the majority of their information online, through various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter,

15 1

Instagram, etc. The target has grown up in the Internet era, and has grown up surrounded by media. The group is moving away from traditional television and streams most of their media. This group is also always connected, whether it be via smartphone, tablet, or laptop (Strategic Business Insights, 2017).

Technology Consumption: This target has grown up in the world of technology. They have had smartphones since they were teens, and continue to use them constantly. They also own laptops rather than desktops in most cases. This group is constantly purchasing the newest smartphone model in order to stay on trend and best connected. (Strategic Business Insights, 2017). The group may also own tablets, while not as common. They are also connected via their smartphones. They have multiple televisions in their houses, but are moving more towards streaming online rather than subscribing to cable (Nielsen, 2017).

Nickname: The Garys Demographics: The target audience for this group includes both men and women. The age of this target ranges between young and middle-age adults between the ages of 25 and 40. This is a major target audience group for the Harrisonburg community because the median resident age 28.5 years old. In terms of careers, most men and women in this age group who live in the Harrisonburg area work in the Educational Services sector, 24% of women and 14% of men, and the Accommodation and Food Services sector, 19% of women and 17% of men (City Data, 2017). In this target audience, there is a wide range of consumers, with members who have just started out in the workforce, and those who have been in the workforce for 20+ years. This demographic includes men and women from all ethnic backgrounds, and the average income for this consumer is around $45,000 (Nielsen, 2017).

16 2

Geographics: The geographic area of this target audience is primarily in and around the Harrisonburg community, as it is the nearest metropolitan area to CrossKeys. Some of the smaller areas that surround Harrisonburg include Lynwood, Grottoes, Cross Keys, Mount Crawford, Bridgewater, Pleasant Valley, Dayton, Massanetta Springs, and Massanutten. This audience primarily consists of people who permanently reside in this geographic location, but it can also include people who are visiting the Harrisonburg community for a weekend or short period of time. Most of the residents in this area live in low price range to middle price range housing (Nielsen, 2017).

Behavioristics: The “Strivers” in this demographic have much lower financial stability and job security, so their brand loyalty is not as strong. This group is more likely to purchase products when they are discounted so that they can afford them. In contrast the “Innovators” in this demographic are far more financially secure, with over triple the median income of the first group. Because of this, these consumers have a much higher brand loyalty, and are willing to buy products regularly and regardless of whether or not they are full price or discounted (Nielsen, 2017).

Psychographics: As far as VALS™ characteristics go, the two areas that this target market fall into are “Innovators” and “Strivers”. The median age for “Innovators” is around 40 years old and the median household income for this group is $118,000. “Innovators” are self-directed consumers, have the widest variety of interests and activities, have international exposure, and are confident enough to experiment. They are future oriented, lifestyle changers, always information ready, and are the most receptive to new ideas and technologies. “Strivers”, on the other hand, have a median age of around 30 years old and a median household income of around $33,000. “Strivers” are fun loving, up to date on trends, wear their wealth, have

17 1

revolving employment, and tend to get overwhelmed. They also desire to better their lives, financially and professionally, but struggle to do so (Strategic Business Insights, 2017).

Media Consumption: This target audience gets the majority of their information from social media and their smartphones. While not on their smartphones, this demographic often checks the news online whether on a tablet, laptop, netbook, etc. Most of these consumers regularly use social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram. In terms of entertainment, this group primarily streams their media whether it be podcasts, music, television, or movies, to their devices for viewing. This group is also the least likely to be responsive to get their news or entertainment from print sources such as newspapers, magazines, or books (Business Insider, 2017).

Technology Consumption: This group has a very wide array of technology and use it quite frequently. Most consumers in this demographic have a laptop and smartphone that they use on a daily basis for their personal and professional lives. They also typically have multiple televisions in their homes, and other household members with computers and cellular devices as well. In addition, many of these consumers own and use tablets and iPads.

Nickname: The Pams Demographics: The target audience for this group includes both men and women. The age of this group ranges between ages 50 to 70. The percentage of 50+ adults within the Harrisonburg community is a little over 25%. Within this mix, there are some that are at the peak of their career making the most money they have throughout their employment, some that are thinking about retiring within the next few years, newly retired, and those that have been

2 18

retired for sometime now. The average income for this group is around $50,000-$100,000. If the target audience member is retired, they made about this amount in their peak. Married, single, dating, or divorced men and women are all apart of the target audience. All races are also included and targeted in this demographic, though the vast majority of Harrisonburg’s population is White (Nielsen, 2017).

Geographics: The geographic area of this target audience varies from locals to tourists. To be classified as a local in this target audience, the person must reside within 20 miles of CrossKeys. If the target audience member is a local, they typically live in a town or suburban setting. To be classified as a tourist the person can be from another county, state, or country that is visiting the Harrisonburg area. Whether local or tourist, this target audience lives in middle price range to high price range housing (Nielsen, 2017).

Behavioristics: Tradition and stability is something that has high value to this particular age range, so brand loyalty is strong. With this particular audience having financial stability, an item or brand is not simply bought because it is cheapest. This segment has the finances to have brand preference and to buy the products they have always bought, whether it is on sale or full price. This audience is purposefully and consistent with their brand purchases.

Psychographics: When looking at the VALS™ Types, the two groups that this target market fall into are “Thinkers” and “Believers”. The type “Thinkers” are the type of people that like to plan, analyze, and research before doing anything. They find value in things from the past, such as history, and are not swept up with the latest trends. Tradition is very important to this group of people. “Thinkers” are established within their profession, and are comfortable financially.

19 1

As for the “Believers”, this group values healthy and friendly communities. Stability and consistency are other high priority values for “Believers”. To escape and find distraction, “Believers” look to different hobbies and activities (Strategic Business Insights, 2017).

Media Consumption: This target audience gets the majority of their information from broadcast news or printed news, such as magazines and newspapers. If this group has a social media account, it is most likely a Facebook and possibly a LinkedIn account. For media entertainment, this group either watches Netflix or whatever movie or show is being broadcast on television. This group are big readers and still read physical books, as well as books downloaded to their Kindle or iPad (Nielsen, 2017).

Technology Consumption: This group has a fair amount of technology that they use frequently. They either have a laptop or desktop computer for work or personal use. Multiple email accounts are had for this target audiences, such as professional and personal email usage. There are multiple televisions in their homes, as well as a DVD player. The majority have smartphones that are either Androids or iPhones, which they use to call, text, surf the web, take pictures, and to upload content onto Facebook. E-readers, tablets, and iPads are also popular among this target audience. Some may also use health trackers, such as FitBits, to help keep them on a health conscious regimen (Nielsen, 2017).

2 20

COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES These communication objectives is what the organization wants to achieve and leave the audience with. It is necessary to hold a firm position and create awareness of this particular issue so that our stance aligns with those in the community.

Infinitive: Due to customers’ involvement of drinking alcohol on the vineyard, CrossKeys seeks to inform the public of a bigger issue which includes drunk driving. The company wants to bring about awareness and encourage drunk driving prevention within the community. Responsible drinking is the focal point of the objective and goes hand in hand with the business’s practice. In addition, CrossKeys wants to convey that it holds a firm stance against drunk driving and does not condone it.

Can Be Validated: Every day in America, 27 people die as a result of drinking and driving crashes. (NHTSA, 2016). Changing attitudes towards drunk driving is key to reversing the trend of this problem. Communicating factual and statistical evidence of how much more a person is prone to be involved in an accident under the influence of alcohol shifts outlook on the scale of the issue.

Specific: There should be an emphasis on precautions that individuals should take to avoid being in those kinds of situations. Because wineries are seeing many visitors in their 20s and 30s it’s important to communicate safe drinking practices. (Bhattarai, A., 2016). The Drunk Driving Awareness campaign aims to inform these people of the serious consequences of drunk driving. Respectively, each person should be able to make a well-versed decision that could

21 1

avoid repercussions in the future.

22 2

THEME & STRATEGIES This Corporate Social Responsibility campaign hones in on the problems surrounding drinking and driving, and ultimately stressing to find a safe ride home after a night out. By focusing on the JMU student demographic, the campaign seeks to achieve awareness regarding the issue, seeing as though “about 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including motor-vehicle crashes (NIH, 2015).” To do this, Crosskeys is partnering up with JMU organization, SafeRides, to put on a “Put Down Your Keys, Please” gala, an event set to raise awareness and money for drunk driving prevention, with proceeds going towards Saferides’ program. In addition to the gala, a print, billboard, Instagram, and radio ad are also serving to promote the cause, all of which project a more somber tone. The colors used in these ads are predominately grey-scale to evoke emotion. Black and white photographs immediately instill a sense of melancholy and seriousness, which is what a topic such as drinking and driving needs. The font family is “Gotham”, a clean sans serif font. Gotham was chosen because of it’s professional aesthetic and readability. It’s used throughout the entirety of the campaign for consistency. Overall, this campaign is meant to inform and evoke emotion in it’s audience.

See Appendix B for Theme & Strategies

23 1

MESSAGE STRATEGY & EXECUTION In order to achieve the communication objectives, the campaign must successfully reach the target audience. Crosskeys’ main message of the campaign is to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of Crosskeys’ popularity as a vineyard in the surrounding areas, many people may be tempted to drive home after a wine tasting at the venue. In this way, a campaign focusing on finding another ride home rather than driving under the influence of alcohol will fit well in to Crosskeys’ corporate social responsibility. What must be communicated is the harsh reality that thousands of car accidents that occur each year could have easily been prevented if that person had chosen not to drive under the influence of alcohol, and that Crosskeys strongly stands behind the message of finding a safe ride home (CDC, 2017). With a strong central message, Crosskeys will focus on a few specific ways in which to spread this message. A press release will be sent out regarding an upcoming gala, where the focus will be raising money and awareness for drunk driving and JMU Saferides. This will appeal to the older, more established members of Crosskeys’ target audience, as they will have the money to donate. A print ad will be shown across various platforms in order to raise more awareness and instill a sense of responsibility in the viewers. The social media advertisements will reach the younger segment of the target audience, while the radio and billboard advertisements will reach the majority of the entire target audience. Because radio advertisements are heard primarily while driving, and the billboard advertisement will be seen while driving, it is a quick way for Crosskeys to connect their message with the action of driving. For example, someone driving under the influence may here the radio advertisement or see the billboard and choose to pull over and find a safer ride home, rather than continuing the risky behavior that Crosskeys seeks to eliminate. With all of these creative pieces, Crosskeys will succeed in reaching its target audience and instilling the idea that it is never okay to drive under the influence of alcohol.

24 2

Press Release:


The press release will be issued on the company website so that all shareholders are able to access it when viewing the website. It will also be released in the Harrisonburg local newspaper, the Daily News-Record, to reach the older members of the target audience specifically (DNR, 2017). To reach the younger audience, the press release will be released on the company’s Facebook because it is an inexpensive and quick way to spread the word about the event, and allows for a longer post to display all the relevant event information.

Print Advertisement: The print advertisement will run in The Breeze in order to reach the younger target audience, as Crosskeys attracts a lot of college students. The print advertisement will also be displayed in bars and popular restaurants in the surrounding areas, to reach people not only when they are visiting Crosskeys, but visiting any establishment in which driving under the influence of alcohol is more likely.

Social Media Advertisement: The social media advertisement will be shown on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Because social media is primarily a free medium for advertisements, it is necessary for Crosskeys to take advantage of as many social media outlets as possible, being that Crosskeys is a local, family-owned vineyard with a smaller budget.

Billboard Advertisement: The billboard advertisement will be placed alongside Interstate 81, coming from either direction to the Mount Crawford, VA exit, where Crosskeys Vineyard is located. This is done strategically so that visitors of Crosskeys will see the message on the way to the winery, to

25 1

remind them to have a safe ride home lined up. The placement will also allow the visitors to see the billboards on their return back from the vineyard as well, hopefully to keep them from continuing risky behavior if they had begun to drive home under the influence.

Radio Advertisement: The radio advertisement will be played on local stations in the Harrisonburg and Charlottesville areas. This campaign must stay relatively local due to budget constraints. Stations that are sought after by the campaign are 97.5, a classic rock station that reaches from Harrisonburg to Charlottesville; 93.7, a ‘top hits of today’ station that would reach the younger target audience; and 99.7, a popular country station that reaches from Harrisonburg to Staunton (RadioLineup, 2017). These three stations are the ideal radio stations to advertise on because together they reach a vast majority of music preferences, while also remaining very popular stations.

Sticker: The sticker will be handed out for free to JMU students on heavily-populated areas of campus- the Quad, the libraries, and dining halls. Representatives from the campaign will hand the stickers out and briefly explain what the sticker represents. Links to the campaign on Crosskeys’ website will be printed on the back of the sticker.

See Appendix C & D for Press Release and Rationale. See Appendix G & H for Print Ad and Print Ad Rationale. See Appendix I for Social Media Ad & Rationale. See Appendix J & K for Billboard Ad and Billboard Ad Rationale. See Appendix L & M for Sticker and Sticker Rationale.

26 2

PLAN FOR EVALUATION Since this campaign is not focused around increasing sales, but rather improving the wellbeing of the local community, the evaluation plan will not revolve around return on investment or sales numbers. Instead, a main focus to measure the effectiveness of the campaign will be consumer response. Following the implementation of the campaign, surveys and polls will be distributed to segments of the target audience through social media and in-person at Crosskeys. Because of Crosskeys’ restricted budget, the use of social media is very important to this campaign. The in-person surveys would help reach the older members of the target audience who may not utilize social media. The questions that the surveys would ask would center around whether or not the campaign made that person choose not to drive under the influence, but instead to find a safe and sober ride home.

A more long term evaluation would be to compare the car accident rates in the area from right before the campaign is implemented to the car accident rate in the area at the end of the campaign to see if the overall message of the campaign makes a measurable difference in the community. While the qualitative responses of the survey are helpful in determining the effectiveness of the campaign, the long term evaluation of the campaign will provide quantitative proof to further assure the campaign’s success.

27 1

BUDGET Media Type

Media Outlet


Cost Estimate


Total Cost Estimate

Press Release

Daily News Record

A. Press release will be released to media B. PR posted on company Facebook page

A. $0

A. 1 newspaper issue


B. $0

B. Permanent fixture

C. PR uploaded to company’s press page

C. $0

C. Permanent fixture

A. Color ad inserted inside Breeze publications

A. $75 per 1000 color inserts (6000)

A. 1000 per issue, inserted once a month

Crosskeys’ Facebook page Crosskeys’ company website Print Ad

The Breeze Bulletin Boards

Social Media


A. $450

B. Color ads posted on B. $0.90 per color B. Temporary B. $180 bulletin boards around page (200 bulletin until taken down local Harrisonburg ads) businesses, restaurants and bars A. Promoted Facebook post B. Promoted Instagram post C. Promoted Twitter post

A. $4 = cost per 1,000 views B. $6.70 = cost per 1,000 views C. $9 = cost per 1,000 views

Run until promoted post money caps out

Billboard I-81 Ad

Billboard Ad

$300 per junior poster billboard (11’ x 5’)

Both boards posted for 6 months


Radio Ad

97.5 FM

A. 60 second radio ad

A. $250 per ad


93.7 FM

B. 60 second radio ad

B. $250 per ad

Run at 8:30 AM (3 times per station leading up to event)

99.7 FM

C. 60 second radio ad

C. $250 per ad

Pass out the stickers over one week




Instagram Twitter

Promo Sticker

Handed out A sticker to be on campus placed on laptops, books, etc.

$300 for 300 stickers

A. $40 B. $67 C. $90

28 2

STATEMENT OF BENEFITS Background: Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect for any organization and its constituents, often referred to as CSR. CSR can easily build a positive relationship between Crosskeys and its consumers and while also being able to make direct and indirect benefits for the organization itself. Corporate social responsibility comes with long term strategies that can have powerful effects on business’ reputations, that can be applied to any business, anywhere, for a minimal cost (Benefits of CSR, 2016). The main areas that benefit from Crosskeys’ chosen corporate social responsibility in this campaign are their target audience, the community of Harrisonburg (and surrounding greater Shenandoah area), Crosskeys, and Crosskeys’ employees.

Target Audience Crosskeys’ target audience, which includes a large amount of JMU students and JMU alumni will benefit greatly from the awareness Gala from the beginning of the event and beyond. The Gala will give the target audience a chance to interact with the organization on a personal level and in new ways they have ever experienced. Building valuable relationships with each consumer is a key factor in more satisfied and trusting consumers. Crosskeys wants each and every consumer to be confident that they are putting their business in ethical organizations.

Community The Harrisonburg and Shenandoah community will benefit from first and foremost a safer environment to live and drive in. With this cause related campaign, Crosskeys’ hopes to educate and inspire its consumers about drinking more responsibly, which overall leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle in general. Crosskeys’ hopes that this event will lead to less drunk

29 1

driving car accidents (short and long term). With less drunk driving accidents, Crosskeys’ also hopes to build relationships with local authorities and law enforcement.

Organization While corporate social responsibility is important for awareness and building bonds with the community, it is important that Crosskeys’ benefits enough to be able to put on events and keep their efforts long-term. The direct benefits Crosskeys’ intends to receive are an improved reputation, while generating publicity and positive public relations efforts. Indirect benefits include enhancing relationships with their clients, greater business opportunities through investors, and but not limited to improved financial performance and higher sales.

Employees Corporate responsibility is valuable to employees just as much as it is for consumers, the community, and the organization. Crosskeys’ hopes to give employees a more positive workplace environment, and promote employee engagement with causes that align with Crosskeys’ values. Crosskeys’ hopes that by incorporating their CSR into their everyday practices, it will be easier to recruit and retain outstanding employees, and motivate employees in and outside of work. Indirect benefits include increased employee creativity, individual philanthropy, and professional and personal development.

30 2

APPENDIX A: PRIMARY RESEARCH CHARTS Are you 21? (173 responses)

Gender (173 responses)

Year at JMU (173 responses)

31 1

Do you know someone that has been in an accident due to drunk driving? (173 responses) Have you ever knowingly gotten into a car with someone who had been drinking? (173 responses)

Have you ever driven drunk? (173 responses)

What precautions do you take to avoid drinking and driving? (173 responses)

32 2


Accent Colors: Wine and Gold Base: 4E0023

Accent Colors: Wine and Gold Base: 4E0023


33 1


Bodoni Avenir

APPENDIX C: PRESS RELEASE CrossKeys Vineyards Babak Bakhtiar Director of Marketing 6011 E Timber Ridge Rd, Mt Crawford, VA 22841 E-mail: [email protected] Day and Night Office Phone: (540) 234-0505 April 3, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CROSSKEYS VINEYARDS ANNOUNCES GALA TO BRING AWARENESS TO DRUNK DRIVING (HARRISONBURG) April 3, 2017 – CrossKeys Vineyards announces their upcoming “Put Down Your Keys, Please” gala, an event set to raise awareness and money for drunk driving prevention. The event will be held at CrossKeys Vineyards’ outdoor patio on Saturday April 29, 2017 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Proceeds from this event will go towards the James Madison University chapter of Saferides. Saferides is a student run non-profit, designed to help promote safety in the Harrisonburg community through alcohol education and providing free rides home to students on weekends.

Tickets for the event are $45 and can be purchased online at CrossKeys Vineyard’s

website. The ticket price includes access to a buffet featuring some of Crosskeys’ signature dishes, live music and tastings of some of CrossKeys’ wines. In addition to local bands performing, there will also be a wide variety of speakers, including family members of those lost in drunk driving accidents and members of JMU’s Saferides. --more--

34 2

Crosskeys Vineyard Gala – Page 2

There will also be a silent auction to raise more funds for the cause. For more

information about donating items to be actioned, call Crosskeys Vineyards.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to host this gala here at Crosskeys,” said Bob

Bakhtiar, Founder and Owner of Crosskeys Vineyards. “The Harrisonburg and Shenandoah Valley community means everything to our family and we want to contribute to keeping this community safe.”

Profits from ticket purchases and silent auction biddings will go directly towards

SafeRides to help the nonprofit purchase new vehicles. The more vehicles that are available, the more rides that Saferides is able to provide to students while ensuring a quick response time.

“To have an event that not only raises awareness for alcohol safely but also donates

money to our nonprofit is fantastic,” said Caitlin Miller, President of JMU’s Saferides. “We’re so excited to partner with Crosskeys to make a positive impact on our beloved community.”

Crosskeys Vineyards encourages attendees to plan in advance for a safe ride home. For

more information about the “Put Down Your Keys, Please” gala, contact Babak Bakhtiar at ###

About CrossKeys Vineyards: Crosskeys Vineyards was started in 2001 by Bob and Nikoo Bakhtiar, and is a family run winery. The two gold crossed keys are an old symbol of hospitality, excellence, and a place of prestige. The keys embody our goal of producing exquisite wines, delicious food, fabulous events, but most of all they are a daily reminder that we are here to provide an excellent experience for every guest that walks through our doors. About SafeRides: SafeRides is a student run, non-profit organization designed to create a safer community for the city of Harrisonburg. Its members work to prevent drunk driving by educating the JMU community, fundraising to support our mission, and providing free rides home for students on Friday and Saturday nights. It neither promotes nor discourages the consumption of alcohol, but instead works to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

35 1

APPENDIX D: PRESS RELEASE RATIONALE A press release was used as a form of creative content for this campaign because of its ability to be issued to traditional media sources that would reach an older audience. An event is used to gain interest of the public, and involve them in the discussion about drunk driving. The tickets for the gala are outside of the typical price range for students, but for middle to late aged adults that are working it is very reasonable. Those who would purchase tickets are most likely going to follow traditional media, such as local news channels and local newspapers, which is where the press release will be published to. The tone of the press release is informational, filled with details about the event.

36 2

APPENDIX E: RADIO AD Client: Crosskeys Title: The Key to a Good Night… Produced Time: 60” Date: April 10th, 2017 SFX:



HEY, listen up! Did you know that over 50% of JMU


Are you serious? Crosskeys would never allow that at the




Even worse, every 90 seconds someone in the US is




Wanna know more? The key to having a good night is

students recently said that they’ve willingly got into a car with someone they know who has been drinking?


injured in an alcohol related car crash.

not to use them. Here at Crosskeys, we value great wines, great times, and lives that DON’T drink and drive. Come join us at our first annual Gala on Saturday, April 29th for delectable tastes, hand-picked wines, and a pledge to never get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

37 1

APPENDIX F: RADIO AD RATIONALE This radio spot uses a short dialogue between two people, while also utilizing sound devices heavily throughout to make the point of the advertisement clear. The point of the advertisement is to communicate a main idea while incorporating the company’s corporate social responsibility, somewhat to be heard like a Public Service Announcement. The name of the organization, Crosskeys, is repeated throughout the ad to remind listeners of the brand. Crosskeys will be airing the 60-second advertisement on 97.5, a classic rock station that reaches from Harrisonburg to Charlottesville; 93.7, a ‘top hits of today’ station that would reach the younger target audience; and 99.7, a popular country station that reaches from Harrisonburg to Staunton (RadioLineup, 2017). These three stations are the most popular stations that correspond with Crosskeys’ target audience. They will be relatively cheap (see budget) when compared to television advertisements and of local relevance to the JMU/ Harrisonburg community. The advertisement will be played during the morning and evening commutes throughout the month of April, 2017.

38 2


39 1

APPENDIX H: PRINT AD RATIONALE This ad immediately creates a more somber feel by utilizing a black and white photo, a body outline on the gear shift, and a powerful headline that reads “the key to a good night, is not to use them.” This suggests to not use your keys when out drinking, and both the SafeRides and Crosskeys logos are displayed on the bottom right. The body copy hits the reader with a hard hitting drunk driving statistic, which gets them to read the rest of the copy. Both organizations’ contact information is listed as a call to action.

The intention for this campaign is to target predominantly college aged students, which is why this ad would run in The Breeze, JMU’s student run newspaper. It also would be printed and hung in downtown Harrisonburg bars, such as Billy Jacks, Jack Browns, Clementine, Artful Dodger, and Wolfe Street Brewery. By doing so, the ad would be interacting with those likely already under the influence of alcohol, or at least in the presence of it, so it would have more of an impact.

40 2


This Instagram post is intended to reach the segment of our target audience that uses social media often (see Target Audience). By posting this on Instagram, Crosskeys can reach a number of people. Their current following on Instagram is 1,090 people (Crosskeys, n.d.). Therefore, they are reaching that many people at little cost to them since posting to Instagram is free. By using a similar or the same graphic as the other social media and print advertisements, the campaign becomes cohesive and repetitive. This promotes recall of the campaign and of the brand’s relation to it.

41 1


42 2

APPENDIX K: BILLBOARD AD RATIONALE This ad creates a somber feel in correlation with the print ad and in its use of the same black and white image. The ad is based off of the print ad but has a new headline to match the ideal word count for a billboard ad format. The billboard is intended to be placed right alongside Interstate 81, coming from either direction to the Mount Crawford, VA exit, where Crosskeys Vineyard is located. The Crosskeys Vineyard has been made to be very small, with the ad copy made much larger so that the message of the advertisement really stands out and grabs the attention of a car driver or passenger.

43 1


44 2

APPENDIX M: STICKER RATIONALE Stickers were chosen for the campaign as it has become increasingly popular for college students to decorate their laptops with stickers, and they are highly visible as most student travel all around campus with their laptops. A sticker on the laptop could be seen at the library, during class, at a dining hall, dorm, etc. The intent is since the design is unique that students might ask questions to other students who have the sticker about where they got it from and what it means. 300 stickers will be bought and will be handed out on campus within the course of a week. If the campaign takes off, there will be a second order of stickers made to be placed on coffee cups at the Starbucks at Rose Library and Carrier Library free of cost.

45 1


46 2

47 1

48 2

49 1

50 2

51 1

52 2

53 1

54 2

55 1

56 2

57 1

APPENDIX O: WORKS CITED Bhattarai, A. (2016, September 23). As Wine Sales Hit Record Highs Virginia Wineries Race to Keep Up. The Washington Post. Retrieved from virginia-wineries-race-to-keep-up/2016/09/23/acbaadb6-750e-11e6-be4f-3f42f2e5a49e_story. html?utm_term=.512b4a686b34 Billboards in My City. (n.d.) Billboards in Harrisonburg. Retrieved from Breeze. (n.d.) Advertise. Retrieved from Business Insider (2017). Media Usage Age. Retrieved from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (n.d.) Impaired Driving Get the Facts. Retrieved from City Data (2017). Harrisonburg, Virginia. Retrieved from CrossKeys Vineyards (2017). Our Story;Events;Bistro;Winery. Retrieved from Crosskeys Vineyards (n.d.). Profile [Instagram]. Retrieved from Hafner, J. (2015, February 15). Millennials Drink Nearly Half of all Wine in the U.S. USA Today. Retrieved from /millennials-drink-nearly-half-all-wine-us/80420746/ James Madison University (2016). Facts and Figures. Retrieved from Marsan, J. (2016). How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost. Retrieved from

58 2

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (August 2016). 2015 Motor Vehicle Crashes Overview. Retrieved from National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH) College Drinking Fact Sheet. Retrieved from Nielsen (2017). My Best Segments. Retrieved from bestsegments/Default.jsp?ID=20&menuOption=ziplookup&pageName=ZIP%2BCode%2B Lookup&filterstate=&sortby=segment_code&prevSegID=CLA.PZP Office of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, The. (2016). Governor McAuliffe Announces Virginia Wine Sales Reach Record High in FY 2016 [Press Release]. Retrieved from One 4 All CSR. (N.D.) Retrieved from Parsons, J. How Does Twitter Ads Compare to Facebook Ads. Retrieved from Propel Marketing. (2017) How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Facebook. Retrieved from Radio Lineup (n.d.) Radio stations in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Retrieved from Shaw, L., (2016, July 26) Top Ten Wine Brands 2016. Retrieved from Strategic Business Insights (2017). VALS™ Believers. Retrieved from Strategic Business Insights (2017). VALS™ Innovators. Retrieved from Strategic Business Insights (2017). VALS™ Strivers. Retrieved from Strategic Business Insights (2017). VALS™ Thinkers. Retrieved from Virginia Governor’s Cup 2017 - Award Winners. (n.d.). Retrieved from Virginia Wineries Association (2017). Research Reports. Retrieved from

59 1

Wineries North to South (n.d.) Retrieved from Whitley, V. (n.d.) Wolf Mountain Vineyards SWOT Analysis. Retrieved from Audio SFX:

60 2

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