February 11th, 2016

Annual Membership Meeting and Elections We would like to congratulate our new board elected last January 31th

CHESMA, A.C. President-- Carole Stone VP-- Helder Ayón Flores Treasurer-- Eric Kaplan Secretary-- Jessica Moyal AND

KSSMA President-- Daniel Lessner VP-- Carole Stone Treasurer-- Marcos Raúl Díaz Domínguez

Secretary-- Alan Garfinkle and a big Thank you!! to all our members who took a few minutes to vote electronically or came to JC3 to vote in person

Visiting the sick

Gary Corn is being home-bound after his latest fall, please make an effort to visit him and cheer him up. Please contact our office at 185 9191 or [email protected] for his home address and / or his phone number

Thank you!!

Friday, February 12th

Monthly Meditative Friday Night Service & potluck supper @ 6:00 pm Our monthly Meditative Friday night service and pot luck supper will follow a new format and will be lead by Gurusimran Khalsa aka Arnold Lerner.


Saturday, February 13th Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende's

Conservative Shabbat Shacharit Service @ 9 am

Parashat Teruma Exodus 25:1-27:19 The last third of the Book of Exodus, with the notable exception of the Golden Calf incident, concerns itself almost entirely with the construction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), a portable shrine to house the Ark and Tablets of the Pact. Chapter after chapter we read the incredibly detailed instructions of how the materials were collected, the minutia of its building plans, and then actual construction of a place for God “to dwell among them”/ v’shachanti b’tocham. In fact, the next 5 weeks are devoted to recounting something that ceased to exist with the building of the First Temple, about 3000 years ago! Why was this so important to our ancestors, and to us?!


Sunday, February 14th @11 am

Board meeting

All members are welcome to attend our monthly board meetings, if they so desire. Please contact us if you have anything you would like placed on the agenda.

Sunday, February 14th Literary Event @ 4 pm with

Marcia Fine

HIDDEN ONES: A Veil of Memories


Monday, February 15th Béa Aaronson Presents @ 4 pm CHAGALL AND KABBALAH by Béa Aaronson, Ph.D

Everybody strives for an understanding of the beginnings of life, the secrets of the universe, the meanings and mysteries of our existence, our relationship to Nature, Time, Space, Good and Evil, our Body and what we call our Soul, TO BE, TO BECOME, OR TO HAVE? Every culture has developed its own path of understanding. The Mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism, the Seven Chakras of Tantric Hinduism, the Sufist tradition of Islam. For the Jewish people, it is Kabbalah.


Tuesday, February 16th JC3 Film Series @4pm

(click here on in the poster for more info)

Zelary (2003) R | 2 hr 30 min | Romance, Drama (Czech with English subtitles)

A nurse and her surgeon-lover are part of a resistance movement in 1940s Czechoslovakia. When they are discovered, her lover flees and she must find a place to hide. A patient whose life she saved, a man from a remote mountain village where time stopped 150 years ago, agrees to hide her as his wife. Free for members; 50 peso donation from non-members requested.

Share your movies!

If you have Jewish-themed movies that you would like us to show in our JC3 Film Series, please contact us at 185-9191 or email us at [email protected]

Wednesday, February 17th @3:30 - 5:30 pm

Cultivating Optimal Health with Gurusimran Khalsa aka Arnold Lerner

In this 1.5 hour workshop you will learn how to use the wisdom of Ayurveda(the ancient Indian science of how to live long and be healthy) in your everyday life.


Wednesday, February 17th Conversational Spanish classes @ 4pm

It's never too late to learn a new language, and if you live in SMA or visit frequently and can't speak Spanish, well, it's about time, no?


Thursday, February 18th Jewish Learning Series 1-3 pm

Larry Stone, facilitator

Notes from the Learning Front Open-ended learning sessions will take place every Thursday in the library of the JC3 (2nd floor) between 1 and 3 pm. Come with a study partner, or just come with any questions or subject of interest to you. These classes are free of charge. All are welcome, and no topic is out of bounds. What do you want to learn this week?

Mark your calendar! Sunday, February 21th From 12 pm to 4 pm

We have been organizing our storage room and have discovered loads of interesting books, beatiful art and some collectible articles, so we are hosting a sale to benefit the JC3. Please come and check out or interesting books and great art items If you have books, art or articles that you would like to donate to be sell in this sale, please contact Edith at 415 185 9191 or come to the JC3 Monday - Thursday from 9 to 5 and Friday from 9 to 3

Sunday, February 28th @4pm a talk with Richard W. Soudriette

"The Importance of Promoting Democracy Worldwide: Lessons Learned."

Time to renew your JC3 membership

If you have not already done so, it's time to re-join for the year 5776 (201516). Membership fees are due one calendar year from when you paid last

year--so if you joined in December '14, for example, you need to renew in December '15. Uh, now.

Membership dues are a bargain at $180 USD individual or $250 USD/family: we purposely keep the dues modest (approx. USD$3.50/$4.80 per week, 49/68 cents per day) to encourage everyone to join. Because of these obvious expenses involved in paying our obligations on our new building, all members are also asked to please consider giving an additional donation to the Building Fund. For more info about how to pay your membership and/or make donations, please click here.

Thank you-- your generosity is much appreciated!

One year ago, the Traditional/Egalitarian Minyan Group under the umbrella of CHESMA, AC was accepted for affiliation with the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism, and is now a new legal unincorporated religious entity known as "Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende", giving us international recognition and paving the way for greater

acceptance by the mainstream Jewish communities in Mexico. All Jewish members of CHESMA, AC who would also like to enroll in the USCJ are asked to please add another $18 USD/about 300 pesos-single or family unit. Even if you don't necessarily consider yourself a Conservative Jew, please help us in this effort by enrolling in the USCJ when you renew your yearly membership to CHESMA, AC. NB: CHESMA AC and the JC3 remain completely inter-/non-denominational; only the Kehilla Shalom San Miguel de Allende group has affiliated. Enrolling in the USCJ is totally optional, but the more members who do join in, the more clout we have. Thank you.

Mi Shebeirach

Included among our many prayers for a speedy and complete healing, we would like to mention those for members Larry Stone; Bebe

Kramer; Gary Corn; Joanne CharmYakerson; Nejamá Flores Mercado; Devorah Gadit

bat Sarah; Ziporah bat Khisha; Jaia bat Miriam; Avroom Zissa bat Beti; and Orlie bat Sarah. Yonatan David ben Miriam,

and also for Maida Barron's brother,

and Leslie Cohen.

May the Source of Life bring strength and healing to all who are ill. Amen.

If anyone would like to have the names of their loved ones included here in the newsletter, please write us at [email protected]

Baruch Dayan Ha-Emet We have received news of the passing this past week of Lucille Kligerman, at a facility in Washington. She was a prominent member of the SMA commumity, and many of our present membership recall her fondly. Her daughter Willa and son-in-law Steve Moe live here in SMA. May her memory be for a blessing.

We also remember with love: 

Elizabeth Lieberman, the mother of David Lieberman  Cheryl Paul, the daughter of Shimon Growick Sheldon Blair, Shlomo Lemma ben Avraham Benzion, the brother-in-law of Linda Soberman  María de Lourdes Vázquez Torres, the mother of Josué Garcia Vázquez  Abner ben Aaron, the father of Henri Moyal  Edith Bramson  Rochelle Cashdan  Jorge Friedman Kupferman

If anyone would like to have the names of their loved ones included here in the newsletter, please write us at [email protected] Tribute Cards are available in the office to honor/commemorate your loved ones, or for any occasion. Please contact the office for more information: (415) 185-9191

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Monthly Meditative Friday Night. Service & potluck supper. @ 6:00 pm. Our monthly Meditative Friday night service and pot luck supper will. follow a new format ...

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