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Making the Innovation Union work The Universities of Applied Sciences network (UASnet) aims to strengthen the contribution of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) sector to the research and innovation strategy of Europe. By doing this they want to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the EU. The network is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the close links of its members to industry and the public sector across the whole of the EU. Lines of approach:

• Promoting thematic research collaboration and knowledge development between UAS throughout Europe in line with the EU’s challenges.

• Connecting UAS to SMEs and companies from the public sector across the European regions along the line of strategic specializations.

• Providing guidance to European policy makers concerning the key role played by professional higher education and applied research in developing a know ledge society. This will result in more coherent participation by UAS, SMEs and public sector companies in the European research and innovation programmes.

Networking for Innovation

Connecting Universities of Applied Sciences and the world of work The UASnet provides access to complete research and development innovations (RDI) for SMEs and public organizations, offering them connection to innovation and highly skilled employees through the European network of UAS.

• Connecting UAS to the world of work (SMEs and public companies).

• Uniting European regions through coordinated international programmes.

• Matching UAS with European research and innovation programmes, in order to increase the participation of UAS, SMEs and public sector companies.

Universities of Applied Sciences in Europe conduct applied research with concrete innovation results that benefit society and the world of work, and educate highly skilled professionals who bring an RDI mindset to the labour market. UASnet unites these universities on an EU scale to harness their individual strengths. It is from this integrated approach of applied research and higher education that UAS deliver social and economic development across the full spectrum of disciplines that are key to Europe’s growth. This includes Science, Economics, Healthcare, Engineering, Teaching, Social Care, Fine and Performing Arts and Agriculture. In the network the UAS are represented by their national rectors’ conferences.

UASnet Postal address: HBO-raad Prinsessegracht 21 P.O. Box 123 2501 CC Den Haag The Netherlands I M T

www.uasnet.eu [email protected] +31 (0)70 312 21 21

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The UASnet provides access to complete research and. development innovations (RDI) for SMEs and public organi- zations, offering them connection to ...

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