Last year’s holiday season was a record-breaker 6%

$14 billion in advertising spend



Online sales are expected to increase from 6% to 8% this holiday season


of total 2014 ad spend


was during the holiday season



of annual sales come during the holiday season


Here’s how you could earn more from your ads Change your ad sizes


Use wider ad sizes for more success

Combine your ads Increase competition by

showing text and display ads

Supersize your revenue Increase coverage with up to 3 ad units per page

And to make sure your content shines this holiday season Use Google Trends to explore what’s popular


Optimize your content for all screens

Data Point 1 Data Point 2 Data Point 3 Data Point 4

www.iab.com - Quarterly revenue growth trends Q1 1996 - Q1 2015 www.iab.com - Internet Advertising Revenue Report June 2015 www.marketingland.com - October 2015 www.marketingland.com - September 2015

Understand your traffic by linking Analytics to AdSense

holiday season Services

Trends to explore what's popular. Here's how you could earn more from your ads. Change your ad sizes. Use wider ad sizes for more success. WIDE. GO. Combine your ads. Increase competition by showing text and display ads. Supersize your revenue. Increase coverage with up to. 3 ad units per page. Last year's holiday ...

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