How To Hack Basic Before You Ship Out •

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Run ◦ At least two miles/day. Regardless of how long it takes you. ◦ Sing while running. ◦ Every other day: Sprint 15 seconds, Jog 1 minute. Repeat. Pushups ◦ As many as you can in two minutes. Resting is okay, but keep three points of contact on the ground at all times. Never touch knees. ◦ Do them throughout the day. Not just once a day. Sit-ups ◦ As many as you can in two minutes. ◦ Use something to hold feet down. ◦ Throughout the day. Additional exercises: ◦ Flutter kicks ◦ Mountain climbers ◦ Overhead arm claps ◦ Overhead arm raises ◦ Jumping jacks ◦ Iron cross (Hold arms out 90 degrees for as long as possible) ◦ Up-Downs Memorize: ◦ Army Song ◦ Soldier's Creed ◦ Three General Orders ◦ Warrior Ethos ◦ Seven Army Values ◦ Rank Structure ◦ Military Time ◦ Phonetic Alphabet Practice Carrying A Weapon ◦ Wooden dowel or stick 100cm long ◦ Attach weight to 9lbs ◦ Never let it out of arm's reach ◦ Hold over your head for long periods with a heavy backpack on Practice Road Marches ◦ Long walks (minimum 3 miles) with heavy backpack on carrying practice weapon Eating ◦ Three meals a day ◦ As fast as you can ◦ CUT ALL CEFFEINE FROM YOUR DIET NOW ◦ Feet shoulder width apart directly in front of you ◦ One hand on the table at a time ◦ NO SNACKS. You don't get to eat anything other than your three meals during basic. ◦ Drink one glass water and one glass of gatorade with meals.

Sleep Schedule ◦ In bed by 2100 ◦ Wake up for one hour during sleep (to simulate fireguard) ▪ Read a book sitting up or pace a hallway, do NOTHING else. ◦ Wake up by at 0400 ◦ Get a cheap digital watch with alarm function. Practice waking to it's alarm. ◦ Practice getting dressed in the dark as fast as you can Shave ◦ Your head: Not longer than a #3 clipper guard ◦ Your face: Every day, no sideburns

Common Terminology • •

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FNG – Fucking new guy High-Speed – Can be good or bad ◦ Good: We're going to be doing some high-speed shit today! ◦ Bad: If they address you as high-speed (It means you're a know-it-all or trying too hard) Down Range – After in-processing, where you're actual basic begins Front Leaning Rest Position – Pushup position Blue Falcon – BF aka Buddy Fucker. Do not be this. CQ – Charge of Quarters. Basically, just guard duty/secretary. Recycled – Start basic all over TMC – Troop medical center Company – Large group of platoons Platoon – 40-60 people, your main group in basic Roster Number – Number assigned to you in your platoon. Hook and Loop – Velcro Hundred Mile An Hour Tape – Duct tape Getting smoked – Forced PT until you can't move anymore

The Day You Ship Out •

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Bring the following in a small backpack. Don't bring anything else because they'll take it from you. You'll have the ability to buy what you're missing during in-processing. ◦ Change of clothes ◦ Pens, Small pad of paper, Envelopes, Stamps, Addresses, Phone Numbers (You'd be amazed at what you forget) ◦ Phone + Charger (They will take it from you, but you'll want it after) ◦ Deodorant ◦ Toothbrush ◦ Small expanding file folder (For important forms and shit) ◦ Direct deposit form from your bank (They will lose this, bring your own copy) Gets LOTS of sleep the night before ◦ You won't get to sleep again for 40-42 hours The Day will go as follows: ◦ 0400 - Wake Up ◦ 0500 - MEPS ◦ Afternoon – Fly to basic city ◦ Night – Bus to in-processing HQ on post

In-Processing When you first get off the bus from your trip to basic, they will immediately teach you how to address drill sergeants and the people that will be directing you what to do. Then you will walk into a large room and sit on benches while they give you a talk about amnesty. The rest of the time you will be getting haircuts, uniforms, shots, necessities, presentations, physicals, ID card, and doing any final paperwork (finance, life insurance, etc) You will not sleep until you've been there overnight. Some tips: • Don't ask questions specific to you until after presentations • Let go of control. A lot of what you're doing won't make any sense, just go with it • If you have any, point out moles on your head to the barbers before they cut your hair. If you don't, they will go over them very hard with clippers and cut them open and you will bleed everywhere. • Don't talk to anyone. Most of the people there with you won't be going with you down range. • If you get tired, (and you will) don't fall asleep. In fact, if you know you're going to fall asleep, stand up quietly. If during a presentation, stand up and quietly walk to the back of the room and stand to keep yourself awake. Don't make a scene. • Take notes on your chain of command • Pay attention to detail • Read EVERYTHING finance is making you sign. Make sure shit is right to avoid any payment issues • You will be issued two soldier's handbooks. Read them anytime you're not doing something. • At all times, carry: ◦ Pens ◦ Paper ◦ Soldier's handbook ◦ ID card ◦ Dog tags (If you get them)

Down Range Timeline and Tips •

Day one ◦ This is not normal. They have to take it easier on you for the first day. ◦ SHAKEDOWN ▪ They will make you dump everything you have on the floor and they will go through all of it. ▪ Then they will make you put it all back the way they want you to. ▪ Don't try to hide anything. They will know and the whole platoon will be fucked. ◦ You will get to know people around you. ◦ You will do an inventory what you got at in-processing. ◦ You will get more gear. ◦ You will learn about new gear. ◦ Organize gear. ◦ Setup wall locker. ◦ Learn how to make bed. ◦ Learn how to fall in ranks and march.

Normal Days ◦ Wake up ◦ Shave & brush teeth ◦ Get dressed for PT ◦ Clean barracks ◦ PT Formation ◦ PT ◦ Shower ◦ Get dressed in ACU's and get gear for day ◦ Clean barracks ◦ Chow formation ◦ Breakfast ◦ Training ◦ Lunch ◦ Training ◦ Dinner ◦ Training ◦ Final formation ◦ Personal Time ◦ Sleep Classroom Training ◦ This happens throughout basic. You will learn everything from who is your chain of command to how to disassemble your rifle. ◦ Do NOT fall asleep. If you're getting tired, stand up and go to the back of the room. ◦ If you need to utilize the latrine, stand up quietly and go to the latrine. ◦ Take notes and pay attention. You will be quizzed on classroom stuff. PT ◦ Every morning you'll have PT first thing. ◦ Always push yourself as hard as you can. They will know if you don't. Personal Time ◦ Laundry ◦ Shower (Without being rushed) ◦ Prepare gear for tomorrow ◦ Study ◦ Write letters ◦ Clean Fireguard ◦ Usually two people on guard at a time for one hour shifts during the night ◦ Do NOT sleep ◦ Read your soldier's handbook ◦ Write letters Obstacle Course ◦ Remember that it's been done for ages. If everyone else before you has done it, you can too. ◦ Push yourself as hard as you can. ◦ It's safe, even though it doesn't look/feel like it. Team-building Course ◦ Do not argue or fight with anyone. ◦ Remember that you MUST work together to figure the obstacles out.

Weapon Training ◦ You will train on the following weapons. Take this VERY serious. ▪ M249 – Squad Automatic Weapon (5.56mm machine gun), Cleaning afterwards is a bitch. Try not to let hot brass fall all over you when spotting. ▪ M203 – Grenade launcher attachment for M16, easy. ▪ Grenades – Easy ▪ AT4 – Rocket launcher. You'll be firing 9mm tracer rounds out of a training AT4. Only one or two people get to fire an actual one, easy. ▪ Automatic Grenade Launcher – FUCKING BAD ASS, Easy ▪ 50 Cal – Pretty cool, long training day, easy ▪ Claymore Mine – Easy ▪ M16 – The whole time. Very extensive. Clean your rifle EVERY DAY, no exceptions. Pay attention to specification details, you will be quizzed. Live Fire Training ◦ This shit sucks. You have to belly crawl through mud and dirt while bullets are being fired over your head and things are exploding next to you. Typically done at night. ◦ Just keep going. It will eventually end. Gas Chamber ◦ Pay very close attention to how your mask works and how to put it on the right way. ◦ When you're out of the chamber, control your breathing. ◦ The pain is temporary, it will stop. Combat Life Saving Techniques ◦ Don't fuck around during this. ◦ Take notes and pay close attention. You will be quizzed. Land Navigation ◦ No one ever gets to all the waypoints, just try your hardest. ◦ Pay attention, you will be quizzed. Communications ◦ You will be quizzed. ◦ Long, boring day. Usually paired with land navigation. ◦ If someone tells you to "hold this wire"... Don't do it, they're about to shock the piss out of you. Combatives/Pugel Sticks ◦ Don't try to be the best. ◦ This is done outside, in the open, in the sand. Wear sunscreen on your head or you will burn. Road Marches ◦ Usually go in circles, don't pay attention to where you are or try to figure out how far you've gone and how far you have left to go. ◦ Make sure your ruck sack is correctly adjusted to avoid blisters and weight in the wrong place. ◦ Powder feet before. (They give you foot powder) ◦ If they allow you to buy those Lycra undershorts for PT, DO IT to prevent chafing. Wear these under your uniform for road marches. That or pantyhose or continuous foot powder. Field Exercises/Battle Drills ◦ You dig foxholes hasty fighting positions and sleep outside. ◦ DO NOT SLEEP ON WATCH! ◦ If you have free time, improve your fighting position. ◦ Train yourself to do all of your necessary personal hygiene with nothing more than a canteen cup full of water. MOUT Training ◦ Essentially, urban ops training. ◦ Pay attention to this and have a little fun.

Sundays ◦ Go to a religious service. It's a nice break from cleaning and training. I went to the Buddhist one. If they don't have that, just pick a random one and use the time to read and relax. ◦ Clean a ton. ◦ Study. ◦ Get your shit squared away.

Below are some general tips for making your life easier: • • • • • • • • • •

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Do not stand out. Good or bad. Wear sunscreen Never do nothing. If you have any waiting around or downtime, read your soldier's handbook. Sleep in transport. You will be transported on cattle trucks (or buses if you're lucky). Every time you get on one to go to a training site, sleep. Even if the ride is only 10 minutes, you will be thankful that you did. Fill up canteens in the morning. The water is always colder. Later in the day, it gets really warm. Always do the right thing, even if it's unpopular. Only use three uniforms. You will get four. Leave one for being clean. Do laundry twice a week minimum. You do NOT want to smell. Always shave. No matter what. Get two of all of your necessities. ◦ They will force you to organize most of your stuff exactly how they want it. If you get two of everything, you can leave the organized stuff alone and use the other stuff. This will save you time and make sure you're perfect for inspections. Never say gun or clip when referring to your rifle or magazines. Never make an excuse or apologize. If you screw up and they ask why, say “No excuses Drill Sergeant. It won't happen again Drill Sergeant.” They don't want to hear bullshit. They want you to acknowledge you were wrong and fix it. If they call your roster number or name, sound off with “Moving Drill Sergeant!” so they know you heard them. Never exit a formation in front of your line. Take a step back, turn towards the shortest distance to the end of the formation and run that way. Move with a sense of purpose when moving anywhere. (Powerwalk or jog) Never dilly dally. If you carry your wallet with you with your ID card in it, put it in a zip-lock bag to keep it dry. Shit happens, a lot. You will not get your rifle until after at least week one. Do not lean against walls, ever. Label all of your shit. People will steal it. Stay motivated. Eat as much as you can at every given opportunity. You're gonna burn that shit QUICK. Prepare your uniform the night before (Make sure you have all your pens and books and ID card in all the right pockets) so you don't have to remember in the stress of the morning. Also, make sure your uniform is squared away each night for the next day (Clean, no strings hanging off, Velcro tags on the right spots, not wrinkled) Even if you don't like the food you got, eat it. Sucks more to be hungry. Drill Sergeants from other platoons will fuck with you. Unless it's completely inappropriate, just take it. Don't eat or drink dairy before the gas chamber. Mental tricks: ◦ They will smoke you for everything and nothing. Sometimes if you have spare time, they'll smoke you just because. Don't worry about why or for how long, just keep focused on what they're telling you to do. ◦ They use negative motivation and embarrassment a lot. Don't take it personally. ◦ Write letters. You don't want to be the only one not getting them. Keeps you sane. ◦ A lot of what you're going to be forced to do won't make a lot of sense while you're doing it. Just go with it and don't worry about figuring it out. ◦ Don't add your two cents. Keep your comments to yourself unless specifically asked.

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Do what you are told. Seriously. They will tell you everything you need to know and how to do it. No, there is NOTHING you can do to truly prepare yourself. No amount of watching Full Metal Jacket, Jarhead, or Ears Open Eyeballs Click, will prepare you. Don't try. Its on purpose. This guide can only help you know what to expect. It cannot prepare you to live day-to-day stress. DON'T LIE! Seriously. No body cares what you did or who you were before. There will always be the recruit who says either, "His sister is the lead singer for Paramour (or any famous singer)," "He was a former SWAT team member for _____ department," We all know you're full of shit. Don't be that guy. Don't be, "that," guy. You know the guy. Everyone does. If you don't know what I mean, than you are, "that guy." You need to stop that. If you are a military legacy or have a father who is a senior enlisted or Officer, than you might want to keep that to yourself. Subsequently, if it's your birthday, I'd shut the hell up about that one too. The less anyone knows, the better. Don't be a dick to your fellow recruits. You are not competing with them for a job. They will be the ones to bail your ass out of trouble, or throw you under the bus. It's up to you. So don't be a blue falcon (Buddy Fucker). Yes, they will haze the shit out of you. They have to. They will make up bullshit reasons to do so. Suck it up, scream for them. Do your circuit PT (which is all it really is) and go on about your day. If you are fireteam or squad leader or platoon guide. Expect it A LOT. Remember, the painful punishment you are enduring cannot go on forever. They still have a training schedule to maintain. Same goes for the yelling. In one ear and out the other. Live life, chow to chow, day to day, Sunday to Sunday. If you tell yourself, "I still have [x] more weeks of this bullshit!" You will get depressed. Instead tell yourself, "Dinner is in a few hours, and then I'm pretty much scot free for the night!" Trust me. It makes a difference. Don't count days. Just... don't Yes, you will be a Motard/FNG when you get out. You will piss motivation when you graduate. Don't worry, a year in or your first deployment will cure that right up. Sound off LOUD, the Drill Sgts want to hear you, if they have to ask twice you're not going to like it. NEVER look at or watch other people being punished/smoked. This will lead to the Drill Sgt saying "Oh, you want to join" - this is not a question... You are supposed to be in bed by lights out - this means no one is allowed in the showers after lights out, if you want to shower at night do it during your personal time, all the other things listed there can be done by flashlight after lights out (the Drill Sgts will not bother you about this stuff, but showering after lights out will get you punished) Teamwork/team building is important, don't do things like insult your platoon/squadmates, or "tattle" on them for trivial things (for the important stuff, do the right thing, I'm talking the trivial "Private Joe doesn't have his shoes tied correctly" type petty stuff) There will be random shakedowns, they will find the things you think you hid, they have a lot of practice and they've seen all the "tricks" don't try to hide contraband, just do the right thing, it will be better for you in the long run Realize that you will not do things correctly, and if you did them correctly you didn't do them fast enough. The Drill Sgts will push you farther than you've ever been pushed before to perform tasks as best you can and while under a ton of pressure/sleep deprivation/exhaustion. Though it may not seem like it, the Drill Sgts are people too (they really do seem inhuman though). If you have a real problem or concern, go to them, they do care about you finishing the course and they want to make you the best soldier they can (most of them at least) and they will take real problems/concerns seriously (don't just whine though - their Drill Sgt school is just like Basic Training, only instead of all the basic stuff you learn, they spend that time doing more PT and learning new and exciting ways to smoke people, their Drill Sgt school is MUCH harder than basic is, so they don't want to hear you while about how hard you have it) There will be people who don't grasp the basic concept that the Drill Sgts are there to tell you what to do. I had a friend just come home from Benning beginning of this year and he had the same experience, even towards the end, there were people in his company who had the attitude "They can't tell me what to do"... umm actually, champ, they can, they will and it's their job, that's what you signed up for. Ignore these people as best you can and don't be associated with them, they will only drag you down and bring you negative attention.

Shit To Remember The Army Song First to fight for the right, And to build the Nation’s might, And the Army goes rolling along. Proud of all we have done, Fighting till the battle’s won, And the Army goes rolling along. Then it’s hi! hi! Hey! The Army’s on its way. Count off the cadence loud and strong; (Two, three) For where’er we go, You will always know That the Army goes rolling along. The Army goes rolling along. The Soldier's Creed I am an American Soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values. I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade. I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy, the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. I am an American Soldier. The Warrior's Ethos I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade. General Orders 1. I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved. 2. I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner. 3. I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief.

Shit To Remember (cont.) Seven Army Values Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity Personal Courage Enlisted Rank Structure

Shit To Remember (cont.) Officer Rank Structure

How To Hack Basic

Feet shoulder width apart directly in front of you. ◦ One hand on the ... You will be issued two soldier's handbooks. Read them anytime ... It will eventually end.

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