IPM CC Sales Team Application

International President Meeting CC Sales Team 全国招募正式启动 This is a very unique national opportunity open for all LC members, TLs and EBs in AIESEC MoC who is interested in sales & marketing to apply. I believe it’s the most challenging but rewarding experience you will ever have in your AIESEC way. Let’s make it happen together!

DDL: 10 PM 15th June [MC 1314]


7th June 2013

IPM = International President Meeting (Global Leaders Summit) It’s a conference held by AIESEC international every year for current and newly selected MCP from all AIESEC entities. AIESEC Mainland of China is honored to host the next IPM in February 2014. There will be around 250 delegates from 113 AIESEC entities gathering in China to join this highest level leadership summit in AIESEC network. It’s also the first time in AIESEC history that AIESEC Mainland of China host such high level international conference. • Time: 22nd Feb. – 6th Mar. 2014 • Location: Guangzhou (planed) • Delegates: around 250 (AI, MCPs, GST, GC etc.)

• Work with MC VP BD / IPM CC VP Sales to drive IPM Sales - IPM Partnership raising - IPM Sponsorship raising - IPM external relationship management MC Summer Intern for IPM Sales - Work full time during July – August in MC office to support IPM sales - Travel to Shanghai, Guangzhou to visit companies & attend events sometimes • KPI - Amount of revenue generated for IPM - NO. of partner raised for IPM •

General condition: • Training Delivered by MC VP BD & Partners • Cross city travel cost covered by IPM CC Budget according to TCS • Reasonable inner city travel cost can be reimbursed by IPM CC budget • ¥100 Communication subsidy per month Event arrangement: • 3-day Sales Training Camp in Beijing 1 week after announcement & Accommodation covered • NatCo in Shanghai – Team review & planning & LC Coaching Delegate fee covered & Travel cost covered Other Benefits: • AIESEC MC Internship certification • Endorsement from MC for GEP Application (if needed) • Endorsement from MC for job opportunities from national partners • Endorsement from MC for MC/ international MC opportunity • 5% of the revenue generated will be rewarded to the sales member as Personal Development Found • Sales member can also benefit a lot from the high level corporate network

Heading to Beijing Training Camp (Last week of June)

Announcemen (22nd June)

Interviewed by MC VP BD (before 2oth June)

Fill the online appication form (15th June)

Please fill your online application here to start the unexpected Journey! http://app.askform.cn/df070436-2ad9-4ff6-9754-01ee7c3f3867.aspx Feel free to contact: Echo Wu 吴玲玲 MC VP Business Development 1314 / IPM CC VP Sales Tel: 138 1138 9384 Email: [email protected] Alex Wei 魏威 IPM CCP / MC VP Finance 1213 Tel: 186 0044 1661 Email: [email protected]

IPM CC Sales Team Application -

Jun 7, 2013 - International President Meeting CC Sales Team. 全国招募正式 ... Endorsement from MC for GEP Application (if needed) ... Feel free to contact:.

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IPM CC Sales Team Application -
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