Jax ReCycle and ZenCog Bicycle Company Organize Volunteers to Build Bikes for Workers in Need Fall Work Day to Take Place on Sunday, September 7 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jax ReCycle and ZenCog Bicycle Company will host a Bike Building Work Day on Sunday, Sept. 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Join the volunteer bike builders at ZenCog’s Riverside shop, 883 Stockton St., Jacksonville, Fla., 32204. Volunteers of all skill levels are invited to contribute to cleaning, assembling, and repairing donated bicycles and bicycle components. Jax ReCycle partners with the Sulzbacher Center and Community Connections to provide individuals in need with refurbished bicycles for work transportation. Since 2008, Jax ReCycle has refurbished over 400 adult bicycles and hundreds of children’s bikes, thanks entirely to volunteer elbow grease, donated bicycles, and community support. Jax ReCycle estimates that in addition to donated labor, bikes, and components, each bike requires approximately $20 worth of parts to get it running safely and reliably. Those unable to volunteer during a work event may contribute by dropping off used bicycles, frames, or parts; donating new helmets or bike lights or new or used bike locks and chains; by transporting the refurbished bicycles to donation sites; or by contributing to the Jax ReCycle funds at ZenCog Bicycle Company or at the Sulzbacher Center. About Jax ReCycle Jax ReCycle refurbishes discarded or donated bicycles for placement with individuals who need them to get to work. While the bicycles are furnished to recipients in need free of charge, a primary objective of the program is to provide not just a possession of practical value to the new owner, but a mode of transportation empowering the recipient with self-sufficiency. The owner of a ReCycled bike may be able to get to work more quickly, easily, and promptly. Ultimately, burdens of commute expenses are alleviated, as bicycles are inexpensive to maintain relative to motor vehicles, and at times more reliable and time-efficient than public transportation. About ZenCog Bicycle Company ZenCog believes every ride is an adventure, whether you’re headed six blocks to the store, six miles to the office, or six months across the continent. Located in the Marybuilt Building in Jacksonville’s historic Riverside — just minutes from Downtown, Five Points, Avondale, and Ortega — we’re avid supporters of the people and businesses that make our weird little neighborhood tick. We’re dedicated to the idea that every man, woman, and child deserves the chance to experience the freedom that fresh air and two wheels bring.

Contact: April Patterson Founder, Jax ReCycle [email protected] Garfield Cooper Owner, ZenCog Bicycle Co. 904-619-0496

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