New Health Plan


SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS • Maximum Number of days for HCB increased to 720 days • Maximum Number of days for ICU increased to 360 days • No of Surgeries in MSB increased to 140 MSB available for Minors also • Addition of 140 Day Care Procedures (DCPB) • All other Surgeries covered under Other Surgical Benefit (OSB) • Age at entry for PI and Spouse increased to 65 Years • Age at entry for Parents and Parents-in-law is 75 Years • Maximum Health cover for elders - up to 80 Yrs • Premiums are guaranteed for 3 Yrs • Optional Term Rider and Accident Benefit USP of LICs Comprehensive Family Health plan: Covering entire family consisting of • Husband • Wife • Dependent Children • Dependent Parents of Husband and/or Wife ENTRY AGE LIMITS • Entry Age up to 65 yrs for Husband and wife. • Entry Age up to 75 yrs for parents/in-laws • Entry Age from 91 days to 17 years for children • Risk cover Self, Spouse, Parents, in-laws : 80 Yrs Children : 25 Yrs OTHER BENEFITS: • Premium waiver benefit • Ambulance expenses • Quick cash Advance Payment • No claim bonus • Auto increase in HCB& MSB to take care of inflation with no increase in premium RISK COVER • Risk cover up to 4 lacs per insured Subject to overall limit of 10 lacs (All our Health Policies put togethor) • Guaranteed renewal after every three yrs HCB options for each Life • Rs.1000/- per Day • Rs.2000/- per Day • Rs.3000/- per Day • Rs.4000/- per Day

HCB limits for each Insured As per his/her choice • P.I • Spouse < or = P.I • Children < or = Spouse / < or = P.I if no spouse • Parents < or = Insured Spouse HCB - Benefits at a glance HCB increases by 5% every year Up to1.5 times. Eg. Rs 1000/- after 1 Yr becomes Rs.1050 and in the 11th Year becomes Rs.1500/-(Max) • Hospitalization eligibility condition: Fraction of 4 Hours treated as a day First 28 hrs eligible for 1 day benefit First 24 hours No benefit Exception: When hospital stay exceeds continuous period of 6 days and 4 hours, HCB for 7 days (including First day also) will be allowed Annual limit for each insured 1st policy year 30 days of hospitalization of which 15 days of ICU is allowed. subsequent years Each year- 90 days of hospitalization of which 45 days of ICU is allowed. Maximum limit for each insured during entire policy term 720 days of which 360 days of ICU allowed HOSPITAL CASH BENEFIT( HCB) • Fixed per day benefit to cover expenses on the event of hospitalization of insured members for sickness/accidental body injury. • Benefit payout is fixed irrespective of actual expenses incurred.

MAJOR SURGICAL BENEFIT (MSB) • MSB = (HCB X 100) • MSB risk cover limits do not include MSB of Plan 901 & 902 • A percentage of sum assured is paid in the event of insured members undergoing specified surgeries. • Benefit is fixed irrespective of actual expenses incurred. Advantageous to the insured members • MSB is available to all the insured including children for all ages • MSB allowed for 140 surgical procedures Annual Limit • 100 times of HCB in a policy year (Min 1 Lac) Life time Limit • 800 times of HCB during entire policy term (Min 8 Lacs) PREMIUM WAIVER BENEFIT In the event of any insured undergoing major surgery under category I or 2 premium payable for one year from the next premium due date coinciding or following the date of surgery is waived DAY CARE PROCEDURE BENEFIT(DCPB) DCPB = 5 X HCB • 140 Listed day care procedures • 3 Day care Procedures per year • 24 Day care Procedures in Policy Life time Other surgical benefit(OSB) OSB = 2 x HCB • Any surgery other than MSB, DCPB surgeries • At least 24 hours stay in Hospital is required • Annual limit : 15 days in First policy year 45 days in each subsequent years • Life time limit : 360 days per insured TERM ASSURANCE BENEFIT RIDER Min. Term Assurance SA : Rs. 1,00,000 Max. Term Assurance SA : Equal to initial MSB-SA (i.e.,100 X HCB ) Term Assurance SA : in multiples of Rs.25000/Minimum Entry Age Maximum Entry Age Maximum age for cover Maximum Term

18 Yrs completed 50 Yrs (NBD) 60 Yrs (NBD) 35 Years

Minimum Entry Age Maximum Entry Age Maximum age for cover Maximum Term

18 Yrs completed 50 Yrs completed 60 Yrs completed 35 Years

QUICK CASH FACILITY • Advance amount to PI • Cat I or Cat II Surgeries • Hospitalized in a 'Net work' Hospital • PI/relative informs LIC/TPA • TPA processes request/advices LIC on payment • LIC credits eligible amount to PI Bank account AMBULANCE CHARGES • Rs. 1000/- reimbursed per insured towards Ambulance charges • Ambulance charges incurred for transportation of the insured to undergo Major Surgeries under category 1 or 2 NO CLAIM BENEFIT • During the period between two automatic renewal dates or From DOC to next Automatic renewal date, if there are no claims in respect of any insured, No claim Benefit is payable • No claim benefit would be equal to 5% of initial Daily Benefit • Effective from the immediately following automatic renewal date USP OF LICS JEEVAN AROGYA • Premium rate may be reviewed for every 3 years • If revised, the new rate corresponding to the age at entry of each insured will be the new premium Example PI takes a Policy in 2011 Age of PI in 2011 = 36 If premium revised in 2014 The new premium rate of PI will be the revised premium corresponding to age 36 in the new table. THE WAITING PERIOD FOR AVAILING THE BENEFITS • 0 days for accident claims • 90 days from the Date of Commencement for HCB & MSB • 45 days after revival, if revived within 90 days from FUP of the policy. for Hospital Cash Benefit and Major Surgical Benefit • 90 days if revived after 90 days from FUP

ACCIDENT BENEFIT RIDER This benefit is available only if Term Assurance Benefit rider is opted Minimum Benefit : Rs. 25,000 Maximum Benefit : Equal to initial MSB-SA ( i.e.,100 X HCB) AB Sum Assured shall be in multiples of Rs. 5000/-

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Risk cover up to 4 lacs per insured Subject to overall limit of. 10 lacs (All our Health ... premium due date coinciding or following the date of surgery is waived.

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