Kindergarten News February 12, 2008

Mrs. Guerrero

REMINDERS: Fridays Early Release-12:50 Tuesday 02-19 “Qq” Sharing Item

Dear Parents, We had a great 100th Day Celebration! Thanks for making this day a memorable one for our KinderKids, they had fun with all the activities and the 100 Day Snack was a BIG hit! We will be having cupcakes on Valentines day, and snacks from all he goodies we had left from our 100th Day celebration- if you’d like to donate juice boxes they’ll be appreciated. Check our website for very CUTE pictures of our 100th Day Celebration I Would LOVE to have Volunteers: Fridays anytime To Help Prepare Materials-copy, cut, fold, staple… Email me if you can come in to help (one Friday, every Friday, every other Friday…). Or you may come help during centers 8:30 to 9:30 or 10:00-10:45. Thanks for Your Continued Support, Mrs. Guerrero ☺ [email protected]

Language Arts

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Letter for the Week: Qq Alphafriend: Queenie Queen Mrs. Brinker- Thanks Mrs. Brinker for all your help STAR Word Review:”is” “here” during our 100th Day Celebration ☺

Students are…     


Learning that pictures and print give you information about a story. Learning to track print when reading Learning to identify words that rhyme Learning to identify words that begin with the same sound Learning to write the upper case and lower case letters using correct Penmanship Learning about Cool Capitals, Purple Punctuation, and Nan the Red Noun Learning to read, build and write CVC words- like cat, fit, fin, map…


Parents- thanks for the goodies sent in to make the 100 Days Smarter Snack ☺

Images for our Website If you have pictures, of the first day of school please e-mail them to me ☺ Coming-Up Valentine’s Day- Students may bring Valentine Cards to share with all their friends, please have your child write To: My Friend instead of each child’s name. Decorate a box at home and bring it to school to hold your Valentine cards. Feb 15th- Barne’s & Noble Book Fair

Ch. 7 Numbers 11-30

Students are…    

Learning to write numbers using correct penmanship Learning to identify and make groups with up to 30 objects Learning to identify “Ten Frames” Using ten frames to show quantities

Wish List PAPER BAGS (lunch size), stamps, washable (scented) stamp pads, Paper Plates (big,small), stickers, prizes, loose beads, doilies, small awards/incentives, Ziploc bags-sandwich or gallon size, cotton balls, foam sheets, felt


Kindergarten News Kindergarten News

to share with all their friends, please have your child write To: My Friend instead of each child's name. Decorate a box at home and bring it to school to hold your Valentine cards. Feb 15th- Barne's & Noble Book Fair. Wish List. PAPER BAGS (lunch size), stamps, washable. (scented) stamp pads, Paper Plates (big,small),.

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