East Peoria Community H igh School - School Counseling N ewsletter - M arch 2018

School Counseling Im por t an t New s f r om t h e Sch ool Cou n selor s

Class of 2019 - SAT Test Pr act ice & CollegeBoar d Accou n t All juniors will be taking the SAT on Tuesday, April 10th at EPCH S. Information about the SAT test was given to all juniors during their 18- 19 course request meetings in 101C. Read below for more detailed information. Juniors are strongly encouraged to create their CollegeBoard account now so that they can quickly & easily access their scores online when they become available. Instructions for how to create a free CollegeBoard account can be found by clicking here. Students should also utilize the FREE SAT test practice tool found in Khan Academy. Instructions for how to link your CollegeBoard and Khan Academy accounts can be found by clicking here. Another way to practice for the SAT is using the free Daily Practice SAT app found in the Apple & Google App stores. Click here to download the app to your device and start practicing for free today!

SAT Test Day In f or m at ion The SAT is an entrance exam used by colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. It will be administered to ALL juniors in the state of Illinois on Tuesday, April 10th. Juniors are required to take the SAT to fulfill high school graduation requirements and to earn their diploma. Test results will be added to students? official high school transcripts. Colleges view students? transcripts and test results, therefore, this test should be taken very seriously. M ake sure to get a good night's sleep before the exam and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. M ake sure to bring no.2 pencils and a calculator and leave everything else in your locker. -

Test locations: Study H all and A gym Testing is 8am until approx 1pm Free breakfast at 7: 20am N o lunch (snacks and water provided) Juniors dismissed after test

Testing Schedule -

Reading: 30 minutes Break: 10 minutes Writing and Language: 35 minutes M ath (no calculator): 25 minutes Break: 5 minutes M ath (with calculator): 55 minutes Break: 2 minutes Essay: 50 minutes Total testing time: approximately 4.5 hours


East Peoria Community H igh School - School Counseling N ewsletter - M arch 2018

School Counseling Class of 2018! - College Accept an ce & Sch olar sh ip Let t er s Seniors, have you received any college acceptance or scholarship letters for Fall 2018? We want to share your good news! Bring your letters to the Student Services Office so we can add you to the Class of 2018 College Bulletin Board. Still looking to apply for scholarships? Check out the list of scholarships available by clicking here.

BigFu t u r e - College & Car eer Explor at ion Tool f or all! BigFuture is a free tool developed by The CollegeBoard to help students (and parents!) plan and explore options for their future. Students can log into their CollegeBoard account (BigFuture can still be used without having a CollegeBoard account) to save colleges to their customized college list, explore careers & college majors, discover ways to pay for college, hear advice from experts in the video gallery and much more. It is never too soon to start making plans for your future!

View in g & Sen din g Tr an scr ipt s All EPCH S students were sent an email to their EP student Gmail account from "[email protected]" prompting them to finish registering their free Parchment account. If you don't believe you received the email make sure to check your SPAM folder. Stop by the Student Services Office if you are still unable to retrieve the email. Parchment is a tool used to send transcripts to colleges securely, quickly & efficiently. Click here for more information about how to use Parchment. N EW IN SKYWARD! Students (and parents) now have the ability to view and download transcripts from their Skyward account by clicking on the "Portfolio" tab. See the image to the left for where to access the portfolio tab in Skyward.

Pr om In f or m at ion & EPCHS Sch ool New s Prom: Attention juniors & seniors, prom is April 21st at Par- A- Dice H otel. Tickets go on sale after Spring Break & will be available to purchase until April 13th. N o tickets will be sold after that date. Tickets are $50 per person. Click here for a flyer with more information. School news: M ake sure to check the daily announcements & Inside The Tribe for all other EPCH S news & information. Click here & navigate to "Student Announcements" on the left side of the page. 2

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East Peoria Community High School - School Counseling Newsletter - M arch 2018 ... gallery and much more. It is never ... Click here & navigate to "Student Announcements" on the left side of the page. Page 2 of 2. March 2018 Newsletter.pdf.

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opportunities! * Celebrating Student Voices: Facing History's 2018 Student. Essay Contest. Facing History and Ourselves teaches us to think about the world in.

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