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May 1, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam, This letter of recommendation is for Sylvester Teszeri, who I had the pleasure of working with from March – May 2017. During this time he went through the following steps for our sponsored Wallwork program through OCAD University:      

Site visit – gathered measurements, asked questions and analyzed the proposed space Proposal – 3D model and digital mock-up of proposed Wallwork Selected top 5 from 17 proposals Presentation to 100 Mercedes-Benz Financial Services staff Selected from top 5 as Wallwork winner Created the Wallwork over 2.5 days in our office

Syl won the hearts of our employees when he found the connection of his artwork to our office. His proposal “Ambassadors” depicted the Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit. He did his research to find out that this bridge is the connecting link from our office to our U.S. headquarters near Detroit who we work with on a daily basis. This was significant in the selection and his presentation was very well organized, genuine and thought-through. During his 2.5 days in his office, he worked independently and ensured the space around his work was left as he found it. The artwork came out incredibly and our entire office is excited about it. I would strongly recommend Syl for his talent, his responsible, genuine and hardworking personality. Please contact me if you have any questions. Elisa Sohns Community Relations, Corporate Communications and Events Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada

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