Federation National of IndianRailwaymen


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Affiliated to : IndianNationalTradeUnionCongress(INTUC) InternationalTrarrsportWorkers' Federation(lTF)




The GeneralSecretaries of Affiliated Unionsof NFIR Dear Sir, Sub: NJCA - Charterof demands-reg. * * * * * :f :l. rl.,Frl. * :1.

The Charterof demandson which NFIR has decidedto go on Indefinite Strike in the eventof Government'sfailure to reachnegotiatedsettlementhas alreadybeencirculatedto the affiliatedUnions. In the wake of retrograderecommendations of the 7thCentralPay Commissionthere is all-round anger among Central GovernmentEmployees.The NJCA (NC/JCM) met on 8th Decembgr2015 and taken stock of the situationon the perverserecommendations of the 7s Central Pay Commission and decided to communicate to the Government to conduct negotiationson the enclosedCharter of demandsfor amicable settlementfailing which the CentralGovernmentemployeeswill be compelledto go on IndefiniteStrikefrom the I't Weekof March 2016. The Charterof demandssincesentto the CabinetSecretaryis enclosed.The affiliatesare awarethat there are also many Railway issueswhich continuedto remain unresolved.Taking togetherthe Charter of demandsas well as Railway issues,the NFIR affiliates will have to conductStrikeBallot for seekingopinion of workersduring 5th- 9thFebruary,2016. Accordingly Federationdirects the affiliates to conduct Strike Ballot and convey the resultsof the ballot immediatelyto the Federation.If the overwhelmingmajority votes in favour of IndefiniteStrike,the affiliatesshouldget readyto servestrike notice to launchIndefinite Strikefrom 1'tweekof March,2016. Intensified campaign through mass meetings,posters,pamphletsetc., on Charter of demandsshouldbe organizedfor preparingthe employeesfor total strike. Yours fraternally, DA/As above



crl I

(Dr. M. Raghav GeneralSecr

Phone: 011-23343305,65027299, Fax: 011-23744013,R|y.22382, Rly.030-22283,22626, : RAILMAZDOR Telegram E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected], Website :



Re-computethe minimum wage on the basis of the actual cornmoclitypricesas on 3,7.?015and factorthe Dr. AykroydformulaFtipulatedpercentages for housingend sccial obligations, childreneducation etc.Revise the fitmentformula and paylevelson the basis of the so determihedminimumwage; We are not in agreement with the methodology adoptedby the 7tr'CpCin computing the minimumwacE. we givehereunder brieflythe reasons thereof. 1' The retail pricesof tlre cornmodities quoted by the Labourbureauis irrational, intaginaryandevenabsurdinrespe c tr ot af [ n a r t i c l e s a t c e r t a i n p l aTcheess. t a f f S i d e ce had objectedto the'adoptlonof those,ratesin its rneetingwith the Cr:mmissjon on 9th J u n e2, 0 1 5 . 2' The adoption of 12 monthtyaverageof the retail pricesis contraryto Dr. Aykroyd formula' Sameis the casewith the.reductioneffectedby the Comnrission on ho,using and socialobligation factors, Thehouserentallowance is not a full compensation of the expenditure incurredby an employeefor obtaining an accommodaiiorr. Therefore, no r e d u c t i oo n n t h a t c o u n ti n a r r i v i n a g t t h e m i n i m u mw a g ei s p e r m i s s i b l eW. e m a yc i t e the minimurnwagecomputation madeby the 3tdcpc in this regard,The employees . were in receiptof HRAevenat that time. But stillthe 3.rd CpC,and rightlyso,adopted the 7'5%as the factorfor housing.In respectof the additionto be madefor children educationand socialobtigationas per the supremecourt judgement;(25%) the Commissionhas reducedthe percentageto t5% on the speciousplea that the employees are separately given children education allowance. The Children eciucation . a l l o w a n c ies n o t a f u l l r e i m b u r s e m eonft t h e e x p e n s eosn e h a st o i n c u r . A f t e rt n e liberalization of the Education sectorwhere privatepartieswere allowedto set up universities and colleges, the expensesfor educationhad increasedheavily. No concession or allowance is grantedto the employees for educating the childrenbeyond the highersecondary levels.TheearlierPayCommission hasonlytriedto cor.r.rpensate a ilttlein the increasing costof education andthat too at the primarylevel,sinceeven the Governmental institutions hadstartedcharging abnormaltuitionandotherfees. 3' The website maintalnedfor the AgricultureMinistrydepicts the retail pr:icesof commodities whichgo intothe basketof minimumwagecomputation. Eventhoughthe rates quoted by them vary from the real retail pricesin the market,it providesa differentpicture. lf one is to take the ratesquotedby them for differentcitiesand nrakean all Indiaaverage of the pricesas on L.7.20L5, it will work out to will resultin the computation of the minimumwage of Rs.19880. Adding2s% tar arrivingat the MTsscale,it will riseto Rs.24g50.To convertthe sameason 1.1.2016.

3% will be addedassuggested by the 7tr'CPc.Thefinalcomputation will be Rs.25,596, whenrouncled off shallbe Rs.26000. TheAndhraPradesh StatePayCommission in its reporthastakenthe comnrodity prices at Rs.9830.-as on 1.7.29t3whichworksout to a minimumwageof Rs.j.g080,The wage of MTS will then be Rs.22G00as on 1.7.20L3,the corresponding figurefor 1.1.2016 shallbe Rs.26758,roundedoffto Rs.27000. Thestaffsidehadconrputecl the minimumwageason 1..L.20r4 at Rs.26,000, tal
Tlre5thCPCac1opted the rateof growhin the economyi as reflectedin the increase in the per capitanet nationalproduceat factorcost)overa periodof ten yearsto arriveat t h e i n c r e ' a s e r e q u i r e d t 0 b e m a d e t o a r r i v e a t t h e m i n i m uTm h ewpaegrec.a p i t a N N p a t f a c t o r c o s t r e g i s t e r e d a n i n c r e a s e o f 6 5 , 2 S % o v e r a p e r - i o c l o f t e n y e al frw s ien 2 0 j . 3 - 1 4 applythe samepsrcentage (Pay+DA)as on 7.L.2AL6 to the emoluments (assLtming that DA r,villbe !25% as on tlrat date),the nrinimum'vvage as on 1.1.201G for an l,,4TS will haveto be Rs.26030, roundedoffto Rs.2700A. ln para4.2,9of the report,theCommission hasgiven,atabledepictingthe percentage 'increase providedby the successive PayCommissions, according to whichthe 2ndCpC had madea paltryincreaseof r4,z%,The 3'dcpc gavea riseof 20,6,4th27.6,sth 31.0 and 5JhCPCs4%.Whilethe per centageincrease hadbeenin ascending orderall along, the 7'nCPChassoughtto reverse that trendostensibly for is was the meagerincreaseof 14%providedfor by the 2ndCPCthat triggeredthe volatile situatiott in the civilservice andledto all lndiastril

Aftertlre implementation of the PayCommissions.Report the Ap StateEnrployees have beengivena wagestructurebasedon a minimumwagefar abovetlre leve,l of Central Government employees, ln theircasealsowagerevision doestakeplaceonceirr5 years.

It couldbe seenfrom the abovethat the computation of rninimumwageby the 7 CpCis primafaciewrongand conrputed on untenable premises and incorrectciata,Theminimunr wage thereforerequ'iresre-computation and revision.Once tlre rninimumwage gets

llidfti,i:t'l.ii:irililfiii',iai5 :t,:: l:;r..Li:' ,:,i, i,i-i

; .. r+ r,!'4+l.:.l ;rt.'r-tlrr' l: .: I 1j.",.1::. , :);., "-r . 1rr,:i:

revlsed,the fitment formula,the multiplleatio.n f,a€tgrappliedfor:determiningihe pay levejs pay the and matrix itselfwillrhavelo eonsbqriently fevised:

It k se€h'thttt'hetth GPChasappliedvarl4ingrrrulti'ptorruif.€ctol'sifur di.ff€rent,p€leve " gln 6ie e:pchas t4n the emolumentsin the privateseetorto hike the salaryof officer:s'by applyingdiffurentyardstickto computethe pay bandsdisturbingthe vertical.r:elatiuitv while the 7s CPChasfurther accentuatedthe gap,of Offferences in wagesbetweenofficersand ihis beingunacceptable employees. *. urguupunidoptionof uniformmultiplication ftctor pay for deierminTng levels.


Revi!,€the,pdrrrriatrixbasiiig,trpo'fi,thdrtevised rniriirnurh ageatd rfsu;ldi:ng offtfic.sta:ges -to tq,.lip nrext,h,undne'dl Acceptthe suggeitib,n Staff it*,rnernorandum by the Sid-e :matle l.n, *eFGltuFddilp$e.r,irutg$buryhl"lh;eFiiy,ls',r€l$ psr,@.iffift&t"--6,ffiF 1e00,240oand46bo :

' . ' r ' '

: 1 ,



L r '

Iq siurrnernora,nd-urn for d,e-laye.ring bya,bolition tOiih Cpethe staffijde trad,reqtresteo ' of €rade Paiiof Rs'1900, 2400& 4600,ihe paylevelspeftainingto GP1900,2400and 46bOmaybeaboltshed leyels, andmerged withthenext,higher '




3 , ne$sq;i.nente qf iipgrerylen.t .tr69feedercadl:e,,,fe.1els,as to 5 % and€.ranttwo increments,ix prornQtlon b"enefit, The rate of incrern:enihals'beenpe,gggd 7h CPe.At this rbte,.an down io 3Zol,by.'the er-hplo,y.e,e wj1lnot be ableto doubfehispn ,eve,n Thedennand of:the,staff a'ftcr30 y'ea,rs. sideto increase the rateof increment to 57o ' to beaccepted. : q€, Promotionfr0rn,onecad-:re ,tng'ovef.Rment loirifirilheris a r€rephenomegon e:$,peallyin ,lowergr.ades,, lf oneto b,eawanfedonjyaininetem.ent arnounting:Ig $t/oaf ln facr act as a"de-motivating ir$6Ughr:af,bn Atrfuir F:frdiW,ill FaV,it'nil$hr,itot'he,C6rfii$ faclol',fFiis.apart,in mostof the Gqv.t,h,partment$,,pr,orrrotion is follswedrb posting toi"Af e.lffiiocation. slrfr:o-rn Metrocities' Thosewhoareposted'touRclassified,cities p-rsmotion" financialllrsuffer.dueto:$tl,ofTna:ndatory Thjsis to tq.wn9.wifl, transferon . b,e,catrse*:0f the'fAc't,,that from onestation,to th€ rate HRA,Transpot't Allowanceetc"vary another.Thefinancialbenefiton promotlo,n at leas tw,ninsre,nxehts rnust,be,'tfierefone, i.e,t0% of the pay. 4i" Fii'l.up p.,,osts specialr:getr,ritnt3nt o{l'Vac,an! dr:ive, by,,,holding


t .1 t


-"-, -


- 11

"... ..g.;.f -

''l.r,;'la:.'lJ':;.r '


MACPto be-,.treated ts financial.up-gradation, without any gradingstipulario1l; to be pr-ovided on tlle basisof the promotlonalcadre hierarchyof the concerneddepartment; increasethenumber.ofMACPto fiVeon completionof 8, 15,21.,26and 30thyearsof service. Rejeetthe Efficiency personnel tsarstipulation madeby 7thcec. promotedon the basisof Exami:nation:should be treatedasfreshentrants l to the caclre,


Upgradethe LDCsin all departments as UDCsfor it is statedby the Conrmission that the Government hasstoppedrecruiting personnel to thiscadre. The cadreof LDC,after the introduction of MTShas presentlyoverlapping functions. Most of the specific f-unctionshave also become obsolete on introductionof computerized diarizingand maintenance register.Thereis no specificneedfor this cadre in any of the offices.While future recruitmentcan be stopped,which the g6vernmenthasconveyedto the Commission, what hbsto be.doneto the existingcadre is not mentioned'lt isthereforenecessary that the existingincumbents be promotedas UDCsby upgrading posts all of LDCasUDCs.

7' a) Parityto'be ensuredfor all stenographers, Assistants, tr/inisterial Staff in subor.dinate officesand in all the organized Accounts cadreswith Centralsectt,By u p g r a d i n gt h e i r p a y scales{ andhot by,downgrading the payscalesof the CSS), b) Driver.s in all Governmentofficesto be grantedpay scaleon par with the driversof the LokSabha Thequestionof Parity,., is frasbeenrightlymentionedhy 7thCpC,is a is the Department of Personnelwhichthe cadrecontrollihg Department for CSScadrethat unsettlesthe parityeverytirne,The recommendation to downgradethe CSSis however not acceptable. What is requiredis to granthigherpaylevelsat parwith CSSministerial and stenographer cadresand other similarlyplacedcadresin the field/subordinate officesand IA&AD& Organized Accountscadres. To removeexisting anomaly, the annualincrement datemaybe l.'nJanuary for those recruitedpriorto 30thJuneand l"'tJulyin respect priorto 3L'tDecember. of thoserecru'ited "9. Wageof CentralGovernmentEmployees be,revised in every5 years L0' Treatthe GDSasCivilServantandgrantthemall pay,allowances andbenefits grantedto regularemployees on pro -ratabasis 1L. Contract/casualand dailyratedworkersto be regularized against the hugevacancies existingin variousGovernmentoffices, L2. IntroducePLBin'alldepartments. All existing bilateralagreement on pLBmustcontinue to be in operation 1.3 Revise the pensionandotherretirementbenefits as under:. (a) Paritybetweentlre pastandpresentpensioners to:bebroughtabouton the basisof the 7thCPCrecommendations with the modification that basisof comp'utation to be th.epay levelof the post/ grade/scaleof pay fronrwhichpne retired;whicheveris beneficia l. I'

(b)Pensiontobe607oofthe1astpaydr'awninthecaseofa||eligib.|epersonswhoh completed the requisite numberof yearsof service. (c) Thefamilypensionto be 50%of the lastpaydrawn. (d)'Enhance fhe pensionanclfanrilypensionlty 5% aftereveryfiveyearsanclL0% on attainingthe ageof gSand20%an attaining the ageof 90, (e),Commutedvalueof pensionto be restoredafter L0 yearsor attainingthe ageof 70, " whiclrever is earlier.Gratuitycalculation to be on the basisof 25 daysin the nronth asagainst30 daysasperthe Gratuity Act, (f) Fixecl meclical allowance for thosepensioners not coveredby CGHS and REHS to be increased to Rs,2000p.m. (g) Provideone incrementon tlre lastday in serviceif the concernedemployeehas completed sixmonthsor morefromthe clateof grantof lastincrement, L4 Exclude the'central Govcrnment employees fromthe ambitof the Nationalpension scheme (NPS) andextendthe definedbenefitpension schenre to allthoserecruited after1.1.2004 1-5 In the bbsenceof anyrecomnrendation madeby 7 CPC, the Government mustwithdravu the stipulated ceilingon compassionate appointments 16 Revise the followingallowances/advances as underin placeof the recommencJations made by the 7thCpC:


The 7thCPChas recommended to abolishlargenumberof allowances and interestfree advanceswithout going into the exact r"lu-urn.uin certaindepartmentswhere the allowances are providedfor, The allowances whichare statedto be subsumed and which are clubbedwith other s al.sorequireconsideration. lf theseallowances are withdrawn,it might affectadversely the very functioning of the Department itselfin certainemergent situation'of the allowances mentionedin the reportfor abolition,we have mentioned h e r e u n d et hr o s ep e r t a i n i ntgo c i v i l i aenm p l o y e ewsh i c hr e q u i r e t o b er e t a l n e d . In respectof advances the Commission appears to havetakena shylock viewof the matter. Most of the unclermentionedadvances are requiredto meet out contingencies whichthe employees cannotmanageto organize, Theseadvances arertherefore, to be retained. (i) Allowances (a) Retainthe rate of houserent allowance in placeof the recornmendation of the Commission to reduceit. (b) Restructure the transportallowance into two slabsat Rs.7500and 3750with DA thereof removingallthe stipulated conditions. ailowance: {c)' Fixedconveyance Thisallowanc€had no DA com,ponent at anystage.. Thisallowance must be enhanced to 2,25timeswith zS%DAthereon as and whenthe DAcrosses50% {di Restorethe islarrdSpecialduty allowance and the TripuraSpecialcompensarorv remotelocalityallowance. (e) Thespecialdutyallowance in NERegion shouldbe unlformfor all at 30%





" r, "ii.

mustu*uise up:onth,aactuf;t..b gair,sf whenevepsancUon altowance {f} Otrertime employee theeniitled li 't'hat]everylrans:aetjon rh€ as$,sn.lPliqn" a,llowance(g) Cash handling1Tr:easFry eoveqomef eepartmentsare throughthe bankiS not cdfrect. Thereare offi€ialS ,nana[ng albwanceto be retained' tl.reCaEfr cashand.therefore]


r . - , ; r rt t

f t '

: li,.


talrrilYihor,rng sllowance$; . ' {l}Srr1-all Bankallowance U)Savings (k) [email protected]

specialallowarrce, Accountants RM$" !,)l_? ,nallowance

)m),Risk (n) greak.Oovfn allowance. : (o) tttightpatrollingallowance. hill areaallowance. lp) SpecialCornpensatory Staff' (q) SpeciaI aIlowance'for NgvodayaVidl4alaya (i) oressAllowanceceilingto briiaisedto Rs.r2y'00/"P.a (s) NursingAllowanceto be raisedto 2.25timesof Rs48ao/ must be rdise$to 2,25timesaSper the principleenunciatedby (t) All fixed ailowances l the Commission : i (u) The erroneousstatementin Parab,2.5to be corrected.Vide0M No. 13018/1/2CIO9'Estt peripdrer Childadoptionhas been for Lnrrl the leavepenpo DOP,F&w, F&W, tne 2009,DoP, (L) dated22.07.2009, to 180days increased :allowances (v),Restore abolishedfor the reasonthat lt is either not reportedor the the Commission mentionedin the Reportiby

!,v Advanees: '



and ievisethe sameto 3 times' Restorethe followingadvances


'i i


(a),Naturalcalar,nitY'advaneE; : j (bi. Festival Advance O. LTCand TA advances i (d).Medicaladvance ; (e).Education advance,' advance i (f)r:Vehieleadvaneei inelld,ingc-Vcle.



I t, n




y'€arof secoh.d 18 The sttpulationmade by the 7thCPCtogranthitlvb0%of:Siila;qyforthe

t{ II






may'beretained the existingprovisions be r:bjected'and ot.€io.UrpF and C r,e"spect paid by the t5ove.rnmen,tl'n SOX ofthe CGEISpr.emiumto be employees.

benefitsand the and CCS(MA) 2Q Healthinsuranceto be introducedin additionto CGHS/REHS


equally' andthe emplorTee premiumto be paidby the Government PR|S concerning iflejecttlie rdcom:mendations i


k;, . # €{ l#,.,' Hi'



.1*' aa eurpfyfutg"urt*olrer L 6epruydiddor theenfireperio$etw4U '1

23 Thecohditionsstipulatedin clause(4)& (5)underPara9.2.37be removed 24 Rejeathe recommeldationrnadeby the.7thCPCin Para8J6.9 to 8,16.14concerningdress fHctories under OFEvfifJ itlowrn.e to PBORas othelwise the five OrdifrariceEQutprirerrt$



: rnitteetq c.on'siderthe a:ne@lieslaeludingthedistufu nee' eom 'horizontat

2s sel+ipia i ver:ticqt ot- the oJ* il. e.xisting .*'rilie " nJiontar,,and r'"Ltiuiti"uat relativities ,,rno ver:ticql :
















the National level and pr:ovision referring iiisputed issues.tsthe Eoar,d''s,f D€irbrtrnental/Ministry for the level with

Arbitration undertheJCMscheme ,andro.thl*$lure,nu,issnt| 2,6 To lncreasettJeiprqrlxofiOnal ,fo.rTecFinieai staff. aven,ue

,i' ::



$: !l



NJCA - Charter of demands.PDF

Indian NationalTrade Union Congress (INTUC). International Trarrsport ... 1' The retail prices of tlre cornmodities quoted by the Labour bureau is irrational, ... ln the case of Bank, Insurance and many other Public Sector Undertal(ings wage revisiorr ... NJCA - Charter of demands.PDF. NJCA - Charter of demands.PDF. Open.

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