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OCTOBER Monday Oct. 3rd-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Tuesday Oct. 4th-Yoga 3:35-4:35 Student Council 3:35-4:35 Wednesday Oct. 5th-3D Class Fun 3:35-4:35, Kindness Club-3:35-4:35 PTO Meeting-4:00-5:00 Thursday Oct. 6th-Intro to Lego Robotics-7:30am-8:25am Fun with Readers Theater-3:35-4:35 Monday Oct. 10th-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Tuesday Oct. 11th-Yoga 3:35-4:35 Wednesday Oct. 12th-3D Class Fun 3:35-4:35, Kindness Club-3:35-4:35 Thursday Oct. 13th-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Early Release Day—1:35pm Monday Oct. 17th-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Tuesday Oct. 18th-Yoga 3:35-4:35 Wednesday Oct. 19th-Kindness Club-3:35-4:35 3D Class Fun 3:35-4:35 Thursday Oct. 20th-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Picture Retake Day –9am-2pm Fun with Readers Theater-3:35-4:35 Yoga 3:35-4:35

Monday Oct. 24th-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Tuesday Oct. 25th-Yoga 3:35-4:35 Wednesday Oct. 26th-3D Class Fun 3:35-4:35 Kindness Club-3:35-4:35 Thursday Oct. 27th-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Fun with Readers Theater-3:35-4:35 Friday Oct. 28th-NO SCHOOL Monday Oct. 31st-Intro to Lego Robotics 7:30 am-8:25am Special Person Lunch, Book Fair * Cross County—Monday , Wednesday, Thursday, 3:35 -4:35

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Volume 2

Message from the Principal October is one of my favorite months as an educator. Teachers and students have settled into routines and relationships have been established. Beginning of the year assessments are completed. Teachers use these assessments to set goals for the school year. Please, ask your child what their goals are for the 2016-2017 year. What reading goals have they set for themselves? Did they set a math goal such as trying to achieve a certain level of Rocket Math? Character goals are just as important as academic goals. Challenge your child to try something that is hard for them or make a new friend.

News From Badger Community Education

October new offerings in Community Education will include: Cleaning With Essential Oils - Oct. 5 Business Planning Basics - Oct. 6 Secrets of Ageless Skin - Oct. 11 Adult & Child Painting Class - Black Cat - Oct. 15 Why You Can't Change and What You Can Do About It - Oct. 17 at Badger High School Enhancing Mood and Emotions with Essential Oils - Oct. 19 Zumba - Fall II - Oct. 24 Choosing a Medicare Drug Plan/Medicare Advantage Plan 2017 - Oct. 27

ALL classes require pre-registration. To register, download the registration forms from the Badger Community Education website at:

News from PTO Please clip box top coupons . The box top coordinator will be collecting them on Friday, October 27th.

The first PTO meeting will be held on October 5th, at 4:00 p.m. in the 1 library.

The New Eastview Website! Find these things on our new and improved website: 

Badger Community Ed Offerings

District lunch menu (Students also bring home a hard copy)

Eastview’s Flag Etiquette Regional News Article #IMWAYR (It’s Monday What Are You Reading)

Mrs. Turk wins a grant!

Spirit Week

Staff Directory

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The Orchestra Schedule •Monday: 4th Violins/Violas •Tuesday: all 5th grade orchestra •Wednesday: 4th Cellos/Basses •Thursday: all 4th grade orchestra students •Friday: all 5th grade orchestra

The Band Schedule •Monday: Brass and Mallets •Tuesday: All 5th grade (kids in both band and orchestra will go to orchestra) •Wednesday: Woodwinds •Thursday: All 5th grade •Friday: Percussion (drums)

Early Release Dates Thursday, October 13

Thursday, November 10 Thursday, December 8 Thursday, January 12 Thursday, February 9 Thursday, March 9 Thursday, April 13 Thursday, May 11 * Eastview Dismisses at 1:35 p.m.

Important Times at Eastview 8:15 am—Buses arrive and Walking Club begins 8:25 am—Bell rings 8:30 - School begins * Please do not send your student before 8:15 am as we do not have supervision.   

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2016-2017 Student Council Representatives

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to continue this dialogue with their organisations, communities and universities. Key messages included: ... Uta Dietrich. Research Fellow, United Nations University - International Institute for Global Health,. Malaysia ...... The UN MGCY demands th

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Summit & Expo for education. Find out more about BETT Asia. Summit here. BETT Asia 2016 Press Briefing. “The session was very. informative &. interactive”.

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and a letter home to the parents about the pro- gram. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR November 3rd and 4th. between 11:30 and 1:45. Please call the PCNC at.

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... to transfer $1000 from the TZ PTO Savings account to TZ PTO. Checking, to cover expenses. The bank actually pulled $1000 from Jana's personal savings on.

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There are 600 plus leaders in the H & C Region and 4000 odd in NSW. Ask any one ... Allan George Group Leader from 1st. Paterson/Bolwarra Scout Group on.

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Oct 20, 2016 - to update their child's health information, family. phone numbers, emergency contact numbers and. email accounts online. Simply click on the ...

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our Early Childhood Special Education Support, and Ms. Zillmer has taken on the role as 3K/4K Lead Teacher. We have also welcomed Mrs. Hummel for music, ...

13th October 2016 -
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Administrator's Message Halloween Parade. Shout Out. Thank you to all the volunteers. who came out to help make. Picture Day a success! We. couldn't do it ...

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Weirick, Betsy Clapp, Severo Lara and Randy Haney. Also present were: City Manager. Steve McClary, City Attorney Matthew Summers and Amber Young, ...

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fund-raise to support special events and projects at Brendel. ... often and it helps ... and phone calls ... Please call the ... for free or reduced price meals for this school year, there is no further action needed. If ... Displaying October 7th 20

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Page 1 of 2. Northwood Middle School. Weekly Planner. Jennifer Steadman. For Week Ending: October 21, 2016 Email: [email protected] ...

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Walt Prouty, Also present were Councilmen John Hubbard, Joe Borst, and Erik Holmberg, Town. Clerk James Vangalio, Deputy Town Clerk Michele Vangalio, Highway Superintendent Jack. Wickham, Town Attorney Steven Getman, members of the press and other in

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... brothers and sisters,. and children. Next, you may want to talk to grandparents, uncles and aunts,. nieces and nephews, and half-brothers and half-sisters.

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Burj Khalifa. Q8. India has partnered with which country for the proposal to double the range of the. BrahMos world's first supersonic cruise missile? Russia. Q9.