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New Delhi,Dated:l{-12.2014.

No.F(E)lllnOaALE-1t1 The GMsIFA&GAOs, All Zonal RailwaYs/Pus, (As per Mailing List).

subiect: [:'"il"T:':ilHHfiii:"'-::i#i 3fr,:I"'?'ffi['"T"f Emp|oyeeswhohavefai|edtoavai|leaveencashmentdurifig the previousblocks.

Rairwav havebeenreceiv*,.;- ";icetoarowd;9*.=i;ft.to Representations availing despite avail the benefitduringthe previout

employeeswho have failed to lPC*: of block periodwas new colcep! the ground that the on block a during PasslPTOand leave the 2ndblock periodresultingin some for the Railwayemployeeslnd it was introducedduring fai|ingto app|yfor the samedueto var..i..o.3$ns. of the employees

to icallyconsiaered'+yBoard and it has been agreed iled to avail the same during the allow leave encashmentto the employeeswho=ha the conditionof availingof previousblock period (first three block'peAdqesnite f1lffing that leave pass/pTOand leave duringthe block,i+oil6'tite exemption,with the condition at tle time of availingof leave'subject encashmentwill be r"Ou i tft" rate oiPaV a4Pliceble *ailway Board's letter of even Nos' dated to fulfillment of the conditions as laicl;+toi; of n the day of leave availed,with the apprbval 29.10.2008and lt.oaiOOg, "rrppfid'ap .,: leavesanctioningauthoritY' and the employeeshave to apply The above relaxationis maoe as one time measure 3. and passduringthe blockperiodwithinfour for the samealong*ittl trl|" proofof grantof leave monthsfrom the date df i$sueof this letter' '': ""'i' in future includingthe currentblockno tt is reiteraGdthat it is a one-timerelaxationand 4. leave encashment date shall be entertained. All the claims for ln,, ir"r'l'Tti@"ctive blocksvstemof , 1 , ,

as perthe authority of the competent ftn"-*itir priorapproval


Leavbencashment. 5.

This issueswith the approvalof Board(MS & FC).


n'ttrweYvnN fi'I,*EiP.,Lr

^m^N w


3' chclmsfor' Roarl' New Delhi

No.!!/l tt

Afliliated Copy forwarded to the General Secretaries of imformation and commentsif any' ^---' r^ CentreAiFIR. Media -i'*.runrp to n'^ri^ Copy


5 Duterl: 10'01'201

tlnions of g1.l-

XIR'i:' '\-4'

0>"'u' nogffiolon)

Joshi) Estt.)lll, RailwaYBoard.

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