4 Bedrooms/4 Full Bathrooms—1,410 Sq. Ft.

Just 3 Blocks from UF by Sorority Row









N !




S -


1,400 ,



Large bedrooms, living areas + private balconies

Call Eric Leightman (352.219.2879) or Matt Price (352.281.3551) at University Realty Or Visit Oxford on the web at

Pictures of Oxford Terrace

Additional Oxford Terrace Information Amenities  Elevator Access From Covered Parking to Every Floor  Cable & Internet Included in Association Dues  Every Condo is an End Unit  Covered Balcony with Every Unit  Washer and Dryer + Appliances  Walk to Campus  Pre-Wired for Security  On-Site Covered Parking  Ceiling Fans with Light Fixtures  Horizontal Window Coverings  Tiled Baths  Bus Routes direct to UF

Website View the most up to date information on availability, floor plans, measurements, and interactive maps of Oxford Terrace II on the web. Oxford has its very own dedicated webpage at

Rental Income and Estimated Expenses With Each Unit Monthly Income for Oxford Terrace*** Rent Income Potential at Oxford Terrace II: $2,340/month. *** Monthly Estimated Expenses*** Association Fees: $296.50 Insurance: $40/month estimated Utilities: $120/month Cable/Internet: Free (Included with association dues) Taxes: $377/Month (estimate without any homestead exemption for 2017) Estimated Expenses of the above = $833.50 Total Potential Estimated Net Proceeds per Month: $1,506.5* Total Potential Estimated Net Proceeds per Year: $18,078*

***Income and Expense Figures Are All Estimated Based on the Current Rent on Unit from August 2017-July 2018’s rental *

rates. (Above figures do not include estimates for mortgage (optional and each mortgage varies), management fees (10.75% on average), or repairs (variable).

Oxford Architectural Drawings

Oxford Terrace Informational Package - Sales.pdf

WALK TO UF AND SORORITY ROW. 4 Bedrooms/4 Full Bathrooms—1,410 Sq. Ft. Just 3 Blocks from UF by Sorority Row Large bedrooms, living areas + private balconies. Eൺർඁ අඎඑඎඋඒ ർඈඇൽඈ ංඌ ඈඏൾඋ 1,400. ඌඊඎൺඋൾ ൿൾൾඍ, ඁൺඌ ඁඎ඀ൾ ൻൾൽඋඈඈආඌ, ൺඇൽ ൺ. ඉඋංඏൺඍൾ ൻൺඍඁඋඈඈආ ൿඈඋ ൾൺർඁ ൻൾൽඋඈඈආ. Cඈඇඏൾඇංൾඇඍඅඒ අඈർൺඍൾൽ ...

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