Pegasus Summer Two Newsletter 2017 Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome back to what is possibly the busiest half term of the year! Key Dates Y6 Mini-Olympics at PHGS Wednesday 21st June Y5 PHGS Taster Day 3rd July Y6 PHGS Transition days 5th,6th and 7th July Sports Day Thursday 13th July Y6 Leavers’ Play 6:30 p.m. Tuesday July 18th / 1:30 p.m. Wednesday July 19th Y6 Leavers’ Assembly 9:15 a.m. Tuesday July 25th The Curriculum In English this half term, we will be reading the story of “The Ice Bear” by Jackie Morris. From this text, we will write a variety of letters – informal and formal. We’ll also practise our drama techniques such as hotseating, freeze framing and conscience alley. In topic, we will be looking at The World of Work. During this unit we will be exploring different types of jobs, the reasons why people work and discussing gender and stereotypes - are jobs for girls and jobs for boys? We shall then look at how people get jobs, including writing our own CV and practising our interview skills through drama and role play. In addition to this, we hope to welcome visitors to school to discuss their jobs, adding real life context to this topic. In Art, we will be exploring different types of printing techniques and famous artists who have used printing in their work. We shall then be designing our own print, taking inspiration either from the artists we have studied or patterns in nature. In P.E. we are focusing on athletics. We will practise running, jumping, throwing and relays. Our main question in R.E is continuing with ‘what do Christians believe about a good life?’ We will learn about more stories in the bible and how they influence the way some people live their lives. There will be lots of opportunities to reflect on the way we live our own lives, our personal beliefs and things that are important to us individually. In science we are learning about light and shadow. We shall learn how light travels in straight lines from natural and unnatural sources and how it is possible for us to see objects as a result of light reflecting on

them. As well as this, we will explore how our eyes can adapt to changes in light and understand why shadows are the same shape as the object that forms them. We will be working scientifically - making predictions and experimenting with mirrors. Minotaur maths group will be learning about Roman numerals, reflection, translation and statistics. We will also convert between units of measure and recap all of the four operations. We continue with weekly arithmetic tests on a Friday and ‘Numeracy Ninja’ tests which are sent home. Homework Thursday– Maths – to be returned by Wednesday Thursday – Key skills – to be returned by Wednesday Spellings are sent home to be learned for a test the following week. Before the end of this term there will be a full word wall test. Maths homework This will be a mixture of work covered in class as well as problem solving and investigations. The children are encouraged to do their work independently. If they are stuck or need advice, by all means your input is more than welcome, however please can put an asterisk by the work that you have helped them with. This is so I can assess how much the children understand. Key skills This homework will be a mixture of grammatical and creative work. Reading Encourage your child to read for at least fifteen minutes at least four times a week and to regularly complete their Book Bingo. PE Our PE day is on a Friday and this half term we will be doing athletics. Equipment P.E. kits should be in school every day and taken home on a Friday. As the weather gets warmer, all the children need to remember to have a water bottle in school – these can be purchased from school if necessary. If your child doesn’t already have an art apron in school, please can they bring one in – this can be an old shirt or t-shirt. Contact Please contact me via the learning platform or by leaving a message via the school office. Yours Sincerely, Mrs Laws

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