Personalized Learning Environment Pathways Community School, personalization strategies are integrated into the basic structures of the school and are designed to complement one another. Advisor/Advisory Every student will have an advisor, a trusted teacher who will be responsible for the educational experience of a group of students over the course of their four years at Pathways. Each advisor will teach an advisory class that will meet at the beginning of each school day for 40 minutes to start the day and provide personal, academic, college and career preparation guidance. The advisory curriculum facilitates healthy practices, engages students in college, and career exploration, and facilitates opportunities for advisors to identify and support struggling students. Individualized Learning Plan The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is an important tool that students, teachers and support staff will use in collaboration with the students’ family member(s) to guide instruction and support the learning of each student at Pathways Community School. Different from traditional graduation plans or special education IEPs, the ILP is a portfolio notebook that will be created on the student’s first day at the school and will stay with the student until graduation. The ILP will be maintained as part of the advisory class and supervised by the student’s advisor. The ILP will also be part of every parent/family conference, and parent/family member(s) will be part of the student’s goal setting (conference) and completion (celebration). Learning Lab (revised after 2014-2015 school year) The Learning Lab is a highly structured individualized learning environment that takes place at the end of every school day and is facilitated by the Pathways teachers with the assistance of volunteer tutors from the community and local colleges. The labs are structured by student Lexile (reading) level with additional learning labs for students in special education and English Learners. The Learning Lab schedule varies slightly depending on what time of the semester it is and how much work students need to complete, but it is generally as follows: 1:50pm – 2:20pm Silent Reading - High-interest young adult libraries will be provided by reading level for each Learning Lab, and students may select books from the Pathways library in the Welcome Center. 3:20pm – 2:25pm Students complete a reading log and then review the Assignment Lab Google doc (that teachers have updated for assignments that are due), or pull out their Learning Lab folder to determine what they will work on during Learning Lab that day. Learning Lab facilitators then have students commit to a specific goal for the Learning Lab time (e.g. “I will write outline sections 1 – 3 for the Catching Fire essay”, or “I will complete Learning Lab Assignment 8A for Mr. Velasquez”). Students may also commit to attending tutoring during Learning Lab. 2:25pm – 3:00pm Students work on their assignment or attend tutoring 3:00pm – 3:05pm Learning Lab facilitator checks in with each student & enters whether the student met their goal for the day or not. During 9th grade, students will attend Learning Lab at the end of every school day for a total of 7 hours per week of enrichment or intervention opportunities under the direction of their content teachers. As the school adds grades, students will have the opportunity to choose Learning Lab or take an elective. In 11th and 12th grade students will also be able to use the Learning Lab period to take online college, AP, and SAT/ACT prep courses, make up classes through the Apex program, or use the time for internships or work-experience opportunities.

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