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MondayiNovember 2nd Tuesday, December l" TuesdaY, February ?no Tuesday, March 1"

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P/ease keep sending in UPC /abe/s with your children or bringthem to the main office. Keep checkint the Labels for Education website to see what new products are offered, download coupons, get {reat recipes, and find out where our school ranks compared to other schoo/s in the community, state, and across the country.



You can earn Campbett'si]nets for Education points for us e/ectronically when you shop at Price

Chopperl! Check out the link below for details!!

SAN'I'A I-,.ANI) I}()\VT-,IN(i s( tI I()()I., ('I.,llAN Lll) Ill< I ()I I'l' Sl'}()'l' 'I'lRlrllt (i t;lts'l. SI)HAIilll l< S A T;'II TOIR VI SI'I'S ll

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S( TI IOOI-.. Sf

l)r\ http:/ zwww.el a be lsfored ucati o n.co m/Sites/ Campbel ls eLabels/Page /HomePage

Y (' I-,lt SA



Wednesday, September. I 6th TuesdaY, October 6tn

Tuesday, April 5th Tuesday, May 3'o Tuesday, June 7'n

Meetings are on Tuesdays (with exceptions noted above) at 6:00 p.m. in the conference room by the school library. Please check the school website for any changes.


;I'I'I,,.I II]S

ltlN'I.'' NI ItN'f () l{I N (}

We always need volunteers! Even


you can't make our monthly meetin{, p/ease consider helpinS out with one of our many worthwhile activities. :)

Cheek us out on Faoebook!

Northville central


Mission Statement:

The Northville Central School District Parent Teacher Organization strives to enhance the learning and educational experiences of our students through collaboration with our parents, teachers and community. "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. /t's as simp/e as that."

Executive Board Members Louise


lsi [email protected]


.. President



........Vice President $rhool

iakey@school houseco.net







kf itzgerald@gma il.com



bensonshepa rds@f rontier.com

l)arertt/ l eacher Orsaniz.ation

-Earl Nightingale-

Send in your BOX TOPS and LABELS FOR EDUGATION with your children...or drop them off at Tops in the new collection box...or the box at the Main Office


at school. [btfe.coml Register your TOPS card and Price Ghopper card for


Northville GSD !

"VoIunteerinEi for our children's fLtture!"

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