Contract Management Administration Centre Telkom SA LTD Region:


Tel No: Fax No: Date:

012 3111080 2/9/2016

Service Provider Fax no:

Reference No:



Pretoria Gardens

Dear Service Provider, The following Flat Rate has been awarded to you: Description:


Serial No:


Network No:


W-B-S Element:


Requisition No:


Purchase Order:


Contract Value:

R 40,491.22

The commencement and completion dates are respectively: START DATE: COMPLETION DATE:

18-Feb-16 27-Feb-16

On receipt and acknowledgement of the purchase order please contact one of the following Telkom representatives to arrange an announcement meeting. Manager


081 354 0972



081 354 8255

Regards. MALIGO MAPONYA ON BEHALF OF GAWIE DU TOIT (GS) Manager: Regional Contractor Management Administration Center

I, _____________________________ acknowledge receipt of reference

on behalf of


PW/7/D4/TRI/61/15/FLR ______________ Service Provider 2016/


Telkom SA SOC Limited: Reg no 1991/005476/30 Directors: JA Mabuza (Chairman), SN Maseko (Group Chief Executive Officer), DJ Fredericks (Chief Financial Officer), S Botha, Dr CA Fynn, N Kapila*, I Kgaboesele, K Kweyama, K Mzondeki, F Petersen, LL Von Zeuner. Company Secretary: Mpongoshe Makasi

Reference No: PW/7/D4/TRI/61/15/FLR PW/7/D4/TRI ... -

SUKUMANI TELECOMMUNICATIONS (PTY). 386 Schurmanns Ave,. Pretoria Gardens. Dear Service Provider,. The following Flat Rate has been awarded to ...

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