(Computer Numeric Control). The servo motor and 2 stepper motors are being controlled








image/drawing/writing is opened in inkscape software and converted into Gcode, where gcode is the special execution software executed through microcontroller. The movement of Servo motors and stepper motors are based on the microcontroller. This model can be used as an alternate for printers and cost of ink cartridge for printing is saved. CNC printers are quite expensive and large in size although they are very precise. In contrast, the proposed project uses a small CNC model with low cost. It can be manufactured from old DVD players and it can draw & write any given input command with high accuracy. It is user friendly, the coding and programs are quite simple, drawing image or writing can be easily converted into CNC programming. Benefit & use of Model Many CNC Printers are expensive in market but this mini CNC Printers is low cost and small in size and it is easy to manufacture. It is made from old or used DVD players and can be easily handle by any person. This machine can draw any complex drawings and it is used alternative for printers which can save ink cartridges. Energy consumption is very low. Syed Moosa, III year /EEE

REAL TIME DYNAMIC ROVER Abstract This project presents the build and interface of a real time wheeled mobile robot installed above it an arm and a camera. Software system can be build in three various programming languages and controlled via the internet using webpage protected with a username and password to make sure it cannot be hacked. The webpage is designed to control the mobile robot remotely through the internet by any web browser. Camera is mounted on the animated base in two axes in order to have better visibility. The designed mobile robot can be remotely operated from everywhere around the world without being near the robot. It can be controlled by using any device, whether a laptop, a mobile or a tablet. It can move forward, reverse, turn right and a left for a specific distance according to the controller specifications. The mobile robot system is used to transfer foreign objects and access to areas that are unable to be accessed by humans. It is also used for purpose of monitoring to fit a camera. The development of this robot is based on Raspberry pi and motor shield control which will be interfaced with the microcomputer that is placed on the robot running as a server. Finally this prototype of the robot is expected to solve many problems such as placing or picking objects that are far away from the user, picking and placing hazardous objects is the fastest and easiest way. 1. S.J.Aasiq Syed Abdul Kadhar, IV/EEE 2. S.Mohammed Bilal, IV/EEE 3. H. Syed Mohamed Mustafa, IV/EEE

Real Time Dynamic Rover


ABSTRACT Traditional restaurant service is typically passive: waiters must interact with customers directly before processing their order. However, a high-quality service system should be customer centered; it should immediately recognize customer identities, favorite menus, and expenditure records to provide customer-centric services. To achieve this goal, this study integrates camera based virtual reality, wireless local area network, database technologies, and a menu recommender to develop an intelligent e-restaurant for customer-centric service. 1. K.Subramani, IV/EEE 2.K.Pirai Soodan, IV/EEE 3.M.Bavitharan, IV/EEE


ABSTRACT MPPT algorithms are necessary because PV arrays have a non linear voltage current characteristic with a unique point where the power produced is maximum. This point depends on the temperature of the panels and on the irradiance conditions. Both conditions change during the day and are also different depending on the season of the year. Furthermore, irradiation can change rapidly due to changing atmospheric conditions such as clouds. It is very important to track the MPP accurately under all possible conditions so that the maximum available power is always obtained. This project presents the hardware design and implementation of a system that ensures a perpendicular profile of the solar panel with the sun to extract the maximum energy falling on it. Renewable energy is rapidly gaining importance as an energy resource as a fossil fuel prices fluctuate. The unique feature of the proposed system is that instead of taking as a earth as reference, it takes the sun as a guiding source. Its active sensors constantly monitor the sunlight and rotate the panel towards the direction where the intensity of the sunlight is maximum. Temperature sensor used to measure the temperature value and is displayed in the LCD. The information can be viewed in PC. Due to the limited fossil energy and green house effect, more and more countries are devoting to development and promotion of renewable energy sources.. Hence installation of photovoltaic PV) energy harvesting system keep a rather high growing rate in recent years. However, the output voltage/ current of the solar cells changes rapidly with the irradiance. 1. P.Dhivya, IV/EEE 2. H.Shaheen Salma, IV/EEE 3. S.Nabeen, IV/EEE


ABSTRACT The main purpose of this project is to eliminate the quality defects and breakdown of the differential case components during boring process. This quality defects arises due to improper positioning of the fixture and butting pad. To sense the positioning of the fixture on the butting pad, limit switches were used but it was not appropriate and leads to tool breakage and break down of spindle. This will make the whole component unfit for further process. In the present competitive business scenario a small defect in the component will also make a huge production loss. Hence to avoid some serious problem and to improve the cost effectiveness in this system we implemented a technology called Low Pressure Air Catch Sensor Technology. The speciality of this sensor is that it can detect 0.01 to0.5 mm of variation in the work piece. On implementing the air catch sensor in the system, the 0.01 to 0.5 mm variation in the fixture and butting pad can be detected and now the system is in safer side. No more breakdown losses and tool breakage is witnessed. Thus we have implemented this technology in machine shop of TAFE Ltd., Chennai with the help of our industry guide Mr. Indrajithu(TPM) and the team. In fabrication process we faced many problems and it took weeks to solve all the problems and now finally the system is installed in the industry and running successfully without any interruption and it is highly cost effective. The given task was completed before date as per the company records. 1. K.Mohammed Sameer, IV/EEE 2. S.Janani, IV/EEE 3. L.Ghouse Mohideen, IV/EEE

Significance Student Projects.pdf

AUTOMATIC MINIATURIZED CNC PRINTER. ABSTRACT. The Microcontroller (Arduino) is the brain of CNC printer. (Computer Numeric Control). The servo ...

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