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URVEYOR GRADE -2 GROUND WATER DEPARTMENT HYDROGEOLOGY BRANCH) xam date-2010511 5 CE KARUNAGAPPALLY 7034199928, 9037199928 1. Limit of areas at which the surveys treating as plane is ) 100km2 (D)200km2 J () 150km2 (1) 250km2 The difference in length tetween the arc and the ubtended chord on the surface of the earth is 18.2km in (a 10cm b 20cm c 30cm d 50cm Chain surveying in included in


Land surveying Marine survey Astronometrical survey Ci None of these Method of surveying considering shape of earth is qalled Astronomical survey Geodetic survey b Aerial survey d All of the above


1. Method of surveying the

lanet Venus will be known as Celestial survey Cactographic survey Astronomical survey All of these

E. Which of the following is not

method of survey Astronomic Reconnaissance bTelescopy d Plain table The earth may be pproximated as a sphere of radius i a 9658 kms b 7613 kms 6371 kms Idl 5902 kms .

The most accurate d common method for etermining distance Chaining Tacheometry Triangulation None of these .

Length of Gunters chain is lOG ft 33 ft 66 ft None of these

(c) 185° 20 12. Invar tapes are made of an alloy of a Nickel and steel b Copper and steel c Tin and steel d Aluminium and steel

(d) 354° 40

the sensitivity of a bubble tube a Increases b Decreases c Remains constant d None of the above

21. Departure of a line is obtained by multiplying its length by 32. The ring contours having a Sine of its reduced bearing higher values inwards 13. In a well conditioned b Cosine of its reduced re resents a Hill triangle, no angle should be bearing less than Tangent of its reduced lb Flat bearing c Lake Radian of its reduced d Valley (a) 30° bearing 33. The method of levelling (b) 400 22. To observe an included used to carryout the c) 50° angle with better accuracy the reconnaissance of area is method preferred will be a Check levelling a Reiteration b Fly lvelling (d) 60° b Repetition c Profiele levell ng 14. Perpendecular of an offset cDouble observation d Simple levelling may, be judged by eye, if the IdJ None of the above length of the offset is 34. Equally spaced contours a Sm 23. The traversing by the depict b lOm method of deflection angles is a Inclined plane c 15m chiefly used in b Horizontal plane a Canals c Vertical plane d 20 m b Highways d All of the above 15. In whole circle system the c Railways bearings are measured 35.Reading of the metric ld All of the above levelling staff can be taken Clockwise from the north point of the reference meridian 24. The error eliminated by face accurately upto towards the line of sight round left and face right obsevations a 0.1 m the circle is of b 0.Olm Anticlockwise from the north aIndex type c 0.001m point b Eccentricity type id~ 0.005m With the notations of c Both of the above cardinal points N,E,S& W d None of the above 36.The angle of intersection of None of the above a contour and a ridge line is 25. The latitude co-ordinate 16. A negative declination relates to 30° shows the magnetic meridian aNorth and south to the b North and east 45° Eastern side of the true c North and west meridian d North-north east 60° Western side of the true meridian 26. The line normal to the 90° Southern side of the true plumb line is known as meridian a Horizontal line 37. The Bench mark which are None of these b Level line established when there is a c Datum line break in work is 17. If the needle of the compass ld Vertical line a Temporary benchmark is sluggish, the type of error will b Permanent benchmark be 27. A series of closely spaced c Arbitrary benchmark a Instrumental error contour lines represents a d None of these b Personal error asteep slope c Natural error b Uniform slope 38. Overturning of vehicles on a c Horizontal surface curve can be avoided by using: Id None of the above a Transition curve Id Gentle slope 18. Magnetic declination b Vertical curve (a) Remains same at different 28.The tacheometric method c Compound curve places is more suitable method for d Reverse curve b) Varies from place to place preparing the contour map of a C) does not vary with (a)Valley 39. Al° curve will have a radius temperature b Hill of: (d) None of the above c Ridge a 573ft d Plane surface b 1718.9m 19. The maximum value of c 573m measurement in quadrantal 29. G.T.S. Benchmarks are ld 859.45 m bearing is those established by the Survey Department of Govt. of India at 40. The curve used for ideal (a) 0° intervals of about transition curve is a a 100km a Cubic parabola (b) 360° b150 km b Clothoid spiral c 50km c Cubic spiral (c) 90 Id 200 km Idl Lemni scate


Number of arrows acco wino with each chain is 12 (d) 180° 30.An imaginary line lying 10 throughout the surface of 8 20.When the 'magnetic ground having a constant None of these declination in 50 20 east, the inclination to the horizontal is The error in measured magnetic bearing of the sun at known as a Contour line 114ngth due to sag of chain or noon will be bContour gradient tape is known as 95° 20 c Contour interval Positive error ld Horizontal equivalent Negative error 174° 40 Compensating error 31. If temperature increases, Instrumental error

a Otol5cm b lSto3Ocm c 3Oto45cm ~ d~ 45 to 60cm

Specific gravity Lusture Both (A)&(B)

44. The refraction correction for a distance of 1 km is a0.0112 m b 0.0673m c 1.12m ldJ 6.73m

3 N/mm2

55. A bulinose brick is not used 43. The diaphragm of a stadia in Walls theodolite is fitted with two Arches additional Pillars a Horizontal hairs b Vertical hairs Rounding off sharp corners ~c Horizontal and two vertical hairs 56. The crushin9 strength of a first class bricks is (d) None of these

5 N/mm2 7.5 N/mm2

10.5 N/mm2 45.A slope of 1 in 40 is designed 57. The percentage of the as residue left after seiving good a 0.5% grade portland cement in 90 micron b 0.8% grade c 1% grade sieve should not exceed 5% ld 2.5% grade 10% 46.Depth of ocean can be C.20% determined by D.30% a Tacheometer b Soundings 58.The specific surface c Fathometer (in sq.cm/gm) of a good portland cement should not be Jd none of these less than 47.Measurement of depth A. 500 below water surface called B.1 100 2250 a Tacheometer b Soundings 3200 c Fathometer d none of these 59.As per IS specification full strength of concrete is 487he time interval that achieved after elapses between the moons l4days transits and the occurrence of 28days the next hi9her water is called 7days aAge of tide None of these b Mean establishment c Vulgar establishment 60.Placing of concrete should be done at a temperature d Lunitidal interval 49. For plane areas one rain auge is provided for an area of 1150km2 b250km2 c500km2 Jadl000km2 50.Unit of work is aJoule b Kelvin c watt d none of these

0° C 10° C

20° C 27±2° C 61. French polish is Oil paint Destemper C.Spirit varnish D. None of these

51. The instrument used to find 62. The thickness of each ply in the area of the drawing is Clinograph plywood is about French curve A. 0 to 1 mm Planimeter B.lto2mm C.2to3mm Pentagraph D. 3to5mm 52. Chemically marble is known as 63.Thin sheets of timber is called Metamorphic rocks Argillaceous rocks Veneers Calcareous rocks Log Silicious rocks C Trunk

41. The horizontal distance is D.Crown measured in undulated areas 53.Koaline chemically classified 64Time required for kiln as by; a Chain Metamorphic rocks seasoning is Argillaceous rocks b Substense bar 7 to 15 days Calcareous rocks c Both of the above 15 to 20 days Silicious rocks C.25 to 30 days Idl Sextant D. 90 to 120 days 42. The value of additive 54. The crushing strength of a 65. Which is the following constant for the tacheometer stone depends upon its A. Texture varies from are suitable soil exploration



method for hard rock and soft rocks A. Probing B. Test pit C.Borina D.Both and C 66.The piece of a brick cut with its one corner equivalent to half of the lenath and half of the width of a full'brick is known as A. Queen closer B. Bevelled closer C. King closer D. None of these 67. Half width full length brick is A. Queen closer B. Bevelled closer C. Half bat D. None of these 68.Queen closer generally placed A. n header course B. In stretcher course C. In stretcher course after first brick D. In header course after first brick 69. One of an arch whose centre situated below the spring ing line A. Semi circular arch B.Segmental arch Horse-shoe arch None of these 70.A type of arch whose thrust transfered to the abutment in inclined direction A. Flat arch B.Segmental arch C. Elliptical arch D.Pointed arch 71. An ordinary rectangular ste is called tringer Spandril


(N ~ daony

2015 GE100

C. Winders D. Flier 72.The projection of tread beyond the riser is called Stringer Nosing Pitch Baluster 73. In flat roof of RCC the recommended angle of slope is

23 (t(1$)

ADam B.Canal C.Weir D.Tube well 79.First watering to the crop is called A.Paleo B.Kor C.Floodina D.None o(these 80. Force is a A.Scalar quantity B.Vector quantity C. Linear quantity D.None of these

A. 0° B. Afew degrees C. 100 D. 120° 74.ln trussed roof, the member used to support common rafter is A.Cleat B. Purlin C. Batten D. None of these 75.Lower edae of inclined roof surface is called A. Pitch B. Eaves C. Cleat D. None of these 76. The stone levelled by A. Drag B.Gad C.Jumber D. Feather



77. The type of arch which is used to construct the bricks of accurately wedge shaped A. Rough arch B.Gauaed arch C. Bot'h A and B D. Axed arch 78. Example of lift irrigation

81 The first major struggle of the Social Reform Movements of Keala ? (a)NivarthanaAQitation (b)Guruvayoor atyagraha (c)Vaikkom Satyagraha (d)Shanar Agitation 82.Who is Popularly called Vaikkom Hero ? a) C.Rajagopalachari S.Srinivas E.V.Ramaswami Naiker Id )Mannath Padmanabhan 83.Which event was called by Gandhiji as Great Wonder of Modern times'? a) Savarna Jatha l b) Vaikom Satyagraha c)Breast -Cloth Agitation d)Temple Entry Proclamation 84.Thatwa Prakashika Ashram was established by? a)Brahmananda ivayogi b)Ayya Vaikundar c)Sivananda Paramahamsan Id )Swami Vagbhatananda 85.The Man Who Known as Bharata Kesari (a)K.Ramakrishna Pillai (b5 C.Sankaran Nair


(c) Mannath Padmanabhan d)C.Kesavan 86.Which of the following social reformer of Kerala is known as the Great Guru of Gurus? (a)Sri Narayaria Guru (b)Thycaud Ayya (c)Brahmananda Sivayogi (d) None of these 87.The parents of Sree Naryana Guru? (a)Madan Asan and Kuttiyamma (b)Ponnumadan and Veyilal (c)Ayyan and Mala (d )None of these. 88.Gandhiji presided the Congress Session only once Which was the session? ~a~Ahmeclabacl bGaya (c)Lucknow d Belgaum


89.The introduction of Dyarchy in Provinces was due to which act? The Council Act of 1892 (b) The Minto -Morley Reforms (c )The Montagu -helmsford Reforms (d)The Govt. of India Act of 1935 90.Who is Currently Governor Of Kerala a)Jutice P.Sathasivam b)Nikhil Kumar c)H.R.Bhardwaj Id )Sheila Dikshit 91 .World AIDS celebrated on December 10 December 1 February 4 (d) June 4


Jayaraman la~ Flute b Sarod c) Violin d) Sitar

rivers flows through Punjab (a' Narmada (b Brahmaputra (c) Sutlej (d) Champa

93.The disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B (a)Night Iindness (b) Rickets (c) Beriberi (d) Scurvy

100. The transfer of Indian Administration from the East India Company to the British Crown was the result of (a) Quit India movement (b) The extremist activities (c) The Revolt of 1857 (d) The first World War

94.The term associated with Accusation and Prosecution of the head of the state or high public official on serious charges (a) Impeachment (b) Holocaust (c) Guillotine (d)Gerrymandering 95.Statistical study of Elections and Voting is called (a) Psephology b) Ethnology (c) Etymology (d)Pomology 96.BuIIs eye associated with (a)Boxing (b) Gymnastics Ic) Wrestling (d) Shooting






92.Which Musical instrument is associated with Lalgudi G.

97. Chairperson of NlTl MYOG? President of India Vice-President of India Prime Minister of India Union Cabinet Minister for Finance 98.Delhi situated on the bank of (a) Indus Ib) Yamuna (c) Ganga (d) Brahmaputra 99.One among the following

Answer 1(d) 2(a) 4(b) 5(c) 7(c) 8(a) 10 b) 11(a) 13 a) 14(c) 16 b) 17(a) 19 c) 20d) 22 b) 23 (d) 25 a) 26(b) 28 b) 29(a) 31 b) 32(a) 34 a) 35(d) 37 a) 38(a) 40 b) 41(b) 43 a) 44(a) 46 c) 47(b) 49 c) 50(a) 52 c) 53(b) 55 b) 56(d 58 c) 59(b) 61 c) 62(b) 64 b) 65(c\ 67 a) 68(d) 70 b) 71(d) 73 b) 74(b) 76 a) 77(b) 79a) 80(b) 82 c)83(b) 85 c) 86(b) 88 d) 89(c) 91 b) 92(c) 94 a) 95(a) 97 c) 98(b) 10 (c)

3(a) 6(c) 9(c) 12 a) 15 a 18 b 21 a) 24 b) 27 al 30 b) 33 b) 36 d) 39 b) 42 c) 45 d) 48 d) 51 c) 54 d) 57 b) 60 d) 63 a 66 c) 69 b) 72 b) 75 b) 78 d) 81(c) 84(d) 87(a) 90(a) 93(c) 96(d) 99(c)

0 O~CoNffl (

a@abnloa), ôJofl (00081A ambaft(malab iD6TT5Q)

OJ01A31 (DSOI)(U)°28-04-2015 • 1. The depth of foundation is greater than its width is known as: a Deep foundation b Shallow foundation c Footing d Grillege foundation 2.Which is the process of taking out stones from natural bed of rock? a Cutting b Quaring c) Blending d) Swaing 3. The roads connecting village with towns or cities are classified as: a Other district road b State highway c Village road d Minor district road



known as: a Coffer dam b Earthen dam cTimber dam d None of these 6. A passometer: a Arc measuring b Number of paces covered c) Length of line d) Countering 7. As per 1 RC maximum width of a vehicle should be: a 3.8 meter b 4 meter c 2.44 meter d 8 meter 8. Cost of building by plinth area method is plinth area x: a Cube rate b Rate c) Plinth area rate d) N ne of these

4. A canal is 9enerally lined:o a When it is in cutting b When it is on embankment c When it is partly in cutting and partly in embankment d)When bed and banks of the canal consist of highly imprevious soil.

9. Curing period of Damp proof course is: a 3 days b 15 days c 10 days d 7 days

5. The dam is made of earth is

10. When the cost of the

ô3ftD°- (rJ estimate exceeds 10% or more ========= estimate is prepared. a revised b detailed c) cube rate d) plinth area 11. The limit of water level in a still lake represents: a Horizontal surface b Counter line c) Level surface d) Contour gradient 12. The portion of traffic way that is used by pedestrians is only called: aSide walk b Foot way c Foot path d Crown 13. The initial setting time of cement should not be less than: a10 hours b 5 minutes c 30 minutes di All of these 14. Seasoning of timber is the process of: a Removal of sap b Drying of timber

c) Removal of moisture d All of these 15. Under surface of an arch is called: a Crown b Intrados c Soffit d) Skew back 16. The size of title block for all size of drawing sheet is 185 MM x ----------MM. a 65 b 100 c 50 di All of these 17. Grillege foundation is classified as a ----------foundation. a Deep foundation bStepped foundation c Footing d Shallow foundation 18. A track is considered as high speed track when the seed of running train: a 120 km/hr or more b 50km/hr or more c 70 km/hr or more d 90 km/or more

19. When the canal run above the drain: a Canal siphon b Aqueduct c Super passage d None of these 20. The initial setting of cement is extended using: a Sand b Earth c Gypsum d None of these 21. Arrangement of brick in Iayerwhichdoesriotcontinuous vertical joint as known as: a Stone masonry b Bond c Brick masonry d None of these 22. Unit of bearing capacity of soil: a Kg/cm2 b mm c kg d sqm 23. Which test is conducted to check the proper grinding of cement? a Chemical b Setting time

c) Soundness d) Fineness 24. Which substance is used as termite proofing material? a DPV b PVC c) BHC d) None of these 25. Which substance prepared from resins? a Varnish b Paint c Destember d None of these


26. Isometric drawing are at degree from place. a 15,b c 45 d 30 27. The wall constructed on both sides of the abutments are called: a Wing wall b approach c Wheel guards c All of these 28. Main reinforcement for

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