Taking Action On Images of Computer Science: Perceptions Among Students, Parents and Educators in the U.S.



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Taking Action On Services

Images of Computer Science: Perceptions Among Students, Parents and Educators in the U.S.. Taking Action On. Create learning opportunities for students and educators that emphasize key CS skills. #4. - Find computational thinking learning materials: g.co/exploringCT. - Take a computational thinking course: g.co/ ...

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Taking Action On - Services
Advocate for CS in schools: code.org/help, csta.acm.org/Advocacy_Outreach/sub/Advocacy_Toolkit_Final_.pdf. > Work with your PTA and other parent groups: pta.org. > Educate on the value and future of CS: acm.org/public-policy/Case_For_Computing_final.

Taking Action On Services
csta.acm.org/Advocacy_Outreach/sub/Advocacy_Toolkit_Final_.pdf ... Access free learning materials, no experience needed: cs-first.com, pencilcode. ... Share role models in CS and get started with simple CS exercises: madewithcode.com.

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