TIP Platform Committee Meeting

March 16th, 2011

Attendance - Helene Hedberg - Tine Schwarz - Jan Schubert - Kyle Verboomen - Louise Dane - Elissa Berrill

Protocol Introductions -

Kyle Verboomen provided a general introduction of the party and the motivation behind creating it. Much was said about SUS’ structure and the voting turnout from last year

Platform -

A round table discussion of the platform allowed for all committee members to present their ideas of what the party should stand for. On the next page is our platform goals as a whole

Platform goals: DRAFT Internationalization We will strive towards a more accessible campus where it is easier as an English speaking student to thrive an attend comfortably. Stockholm University and SUS should embrace its cosmopolitan culture and bridge the gap between all students regardless of ethnicity, income level, language skills, gender, age, academic discipline, and interests. All students should have equal access to all forms of quality information -

better information of local accommodation and the job market better structured mentor system that begins at an earlier date Greater help with migrationsverket and skatteverket

University Services Our university needs to upgrade on its services for students in order to be competitive and more accessible to students. Making our facilities easier to find, easier to use, and easier to live on.

Next year, for the first time in Sweden, non-European students will be paying tuition fees for their studies. During the 2011-2012 academic year, a student population will exist of many devides and many labels: Swedish students, Erasmus students, Nordplus, EU freemovers, Non-EU non-paying freemovers, and Non-EU paying freemovers. These labels and conditions create an atmosphere based on inequality. All students deserve the same services and the same quality of education regardless of your student “identity”. Students that are paying should not receive a different quality education to those that are not paying, and vice versa. We must ensure that no special treatment is provided to students.All students should have the opportunity to advance themselves academically and professionally. -

Monthly library tours in both languages (English/Swedish) Develop a university wide library map Cheap lunch cafeteria English tutoring programme for all students Create a committee that oversees education quality during the 2011-2012 academic year Develop a card system that includes several services rather than one. Found Stockholm University Student Papers (SSP)

Accommodation Accommodation is everyones necessity, as it is everyones right. Students deserve to have a better system in place to find housing through SSSB and alternative means. Housing exists outside of SSSB, and we need to create a system that allows for that pool of housing to be tapped. We will have a positive influence on the housing situation. It will always be hard, but we will strive to make steps forward. -

Create a better housing office/ website/system for accommodation listings that runs itself Accommodation needs to be more highlighted as a priority, and cooperation with jagvillhabostad.nu to push the issue to the media and politically

Social and Communications Our mission for inclusion continues. All students should study in an inviting environment that allows each to explore extra-curricular activities and social events. We will strive for SUS to be more visible and engaged with students -

Bring back student parties and highlight those that exist Develop and clubs and association committee to improve communication and marketing Student consulting services to other student entrepreneurs A shared newsletter A more visible and engaged SUS

Financial The students should flex their might collectively to improve accessibility for all students to study at Stockholm University. In this campaign, we wish to allow all students to afford printed material from our campus bookstore and public transportation throughout the entire year by initiating a subsidy programme. All actors will work together to work towards the following: -

Subsidize books and materials, and provide a more accessible used book sale Subsidize public transportation for greater accessibility Summer transport at student rates

Environment We will strive to help our university become more sustainable and work towards a cleaner and more environmentally friendly campus. There are currently initiatives that are ongoing that require support and to be further recognized by the student body. New initiatives require implementation in order for our competitive school to rise the ranks to sustainability. The following initiatives will work towards just that: -

Promote the planned install recycling bins More information of campus environmental initiatives on the website accessible in both languages, and presented during orientation days Stop animal testing at Stockholm University Make Stockholm University Carbon Neutral/signing an international university pledge

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