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unit test

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Que :-Give the answer of following question (1) What is the celebrated on 28th February? (a) world maths day (b) world science day (c) world geography day (d) world history day (2) Who visited the science exhibition? (a) Mayur (b) Ram (c) Jay (d) Karrtik (3) How many parts in science exhibition? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (4) Kartik was interested in ….. (a) Agriculture (b) environment (c) health (d) science (5) Which section kartik and his mummy visit second? (a) Agriculture (b) environment (c) health (d) science (6) We do not have enough space to grow plants because of……. (a) urbanization (b) ruralisation (c ) buildings (d) gardens (7) ……………..method is used to grow vegetables and fruits. (a) hydrophobia (b) hydrogen (c) hydroponics (d) hydro power



(8) How tall is a bamboo plant? (a) eighty feet or more (b) eighty feet or more (c) three feet or more (d) thirty feet or more (9) What is the title of vasant project? (a) bamboo is the best (b) banana is the best (c) bamboo and banana are best (d) bamboo and banana are the better (10) sometimes a bamboo shoots up ……. In a single day. (a) three meters (b) three feet (c) three centimeters (d) thirty feet (11) The bamboo has…. All the way up the stem. (a) jjoints (b) leaves (c) flowers (d) fruits (12) the bamboo stem is …….. between the joints. (a) broken (b) soft (c) hollow (d) hard (13) We can make saris from banana. (a) leaves (b) fibers (c) roots (d) trunk (14)Rugmark helps to abolish….. (a) child marriage (b) child education (c) child labour (d) child care (15) What is the important in our body? (a) gold (b) silver (c) hearbs and spices (d) hearbs and gold (16) Anjana’s project about ……. (a) health is wealth (b) health is happiness (c) happiness is wealth (d) wealth is health (17) which is the meaning of the word “TASTE” (a) floure (b) herbs (c) spices (d) dish



(18) ………..,….. add flavor to a dish. (a) trees and flowers (b) trees and leaves (c) herbs and plants (d) herbs and spices (19) Which day we celebrate world science day? (a) 31st jan (b) 2nd October (c) 28th February (d) 5th june (20) (5) Which section kartik and his mummy visit first ? (a) Agriculture (b) environment (c) health (d) science



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(a) bamboo is the best (b) banana is the best. (c) bamboo and banana are best (d) bamboo and banana are the better. (10) sometimes a bamboo shoots up .

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