Chapter Graphic Organizer Name: Introduction to Engineering Periods: 1 - 3 Week: 1 4th Qtr What is mecanical dimensioning and how is it applied to Driving Chapter Intended Purpose of Question: Lesson: my plans in AutoCAD Essential Questions

Topic / Chapter

1. What are the types of dimensions used in AutoCAD? 2. What are the purposes of Qleaders?

Chapter 6 - HOA Mechanical Dimensioning

3. What do the various symbols in a represent & when are they used? Chapter Outline 15 pts A. Introduction to Dimensioning 1. Types of dimensions 2. Steps to dimension a drawing 3. Anatomy of a dimension 4. Dimensioning Rules 5. Units Command 6. Dimension Styles 7. Aligned vs. Unidirectional Dimensions B. Linear Parts and Feature Locations 1. Linear Dimensions 2. Aligned Dimensions 3. Ordinate Dimensions 4. Tabular Dimensions 5. Baseline Dimensions

6. Continued Dimensions 7. Chamfers 8. Angular Dimensions 9. Tapers C. Holes & Round Features 1. Holes 2. Fillets & Rounds 3. Radius Dimensions 4. Center Marks 5. Witness Lines D. Notes & Leaders 1. The MTEXT Command 2. Leaders 3. Finish Marks & Surface Texture E. Editing Dimensions 1. Special Dimensions 2. Dimension Edit 3. Updating Dimensions 4. Repositioning Dimension Text

Date: ______________ Understand the process of applying dimensions to a drawing in AutoCAD and how you use the various commands to do so

Vocabulary/Commands 5 pts

Objectives 1. Describe the types of dimensions 2. Follow the rules for dimensioning 3. Detail a mechanical drawing using AutoCAD's commands 4. Manipulate dimension placement 5. dimension an isometric drawing 6. Create appropriate drawing notes 7. Edit dimension text properties

Aligned Dimensions Bolt Circle Datum Detailing Dimension Line Dimension Styles Duual Dimensioning Extension Lines Fillet Tole Table Leader Linear Dimensions Ordinate Dimensions Polar Dimensioning Reference Dimensions Round Tubular Dimensions Taper


Unidirectional Dimensions

Witness Lines

Write a 10 Word Chapter Summary

5 pts.

WRITE A SUMMARY In Class Assignments

Assignment Order

Homework Assignments

1. Class Discussion over Notes

1. Essential Questions

1. Complete the Civil CAD Project & Dimension the design

2. Create a GMETRIX Account

2. Graphic Organizer

2. Complete the Drawings & dimension properly

3. Accept the Canvas Information - Powerpoint Training

3. 15 Question Sq3r

3. Copy the Dimensioning Rules

4. Knowledge Check 1 & 2 over Class Lessons

4. Assignments

4. Complete the hole placement exercise from class

5. Try-It Commands

5. Current Event

5. Create a properly set of dimensioned drawings


5 pts.

GO Chapter 6 - Mechanical Dimensioning.xlsx

AutoCAD's commands. Manipulate dimension placement dimension an isometric drawing. Create appropriate drawing notes. Describe the types of dimensions. Follow the rules for dimensioning. Detail a mechanical drawing using. What do the various symbols in a represent & when are they used? Chapter Outline. 15 pts.

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