The role of social networks in health 6th UK Social Networks Conference 12 – 16 April 2010 University of Manchester Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Aim of work The aim of this work is to investigate how the social networks, influences health and what is their role. Social networks have health effects, creating social support, access to health resources and social participation on welfare issues. Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Social Networks Social networks can be considered as the set of contacts interpersonal effect of which the individual maintains its social identity, receive emotional support, practical help, services, information and the ability to develop meaningful relationships.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Studies of social networks: The studies of social networks focuses on the relationship between individuals, since it is assumed that the actors and actions are interdependent and that social ties influence and facilitate the flow of information.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Networks are strong or weak: (Granovetter, 1974)

 Strong: facilitate cohesion of the network and can therefore lead to the closure  Weak: are indispensable to reveal the opportunities of individuals and their integration with the community

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Macro – System: (Caplan, 1974)

 Formal: institutional structures and the professionals who work in contexts of care and prevention  Informal: primary groups, i.e. spontaneous aggregation of various kinds.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Types of Social Networks: (Milardo, 1992)

 The networks consist of people significant to

the subject, as family and friends, so there is emotional involvement;  Networks of exchanges include people who provide material and emotional support;  Networks interactive are the people who meet in everyday interaction;  Global networks involving people between whom there is mutual recognition. Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Effect dyad  Positive: support from the spouse; protective factor;

 Negative: too closer

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Social Networks and Health Social networks have health effects through various mechanisms:  provision of social support;  social influence;  social engagement;  access to resources.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Social Networks and Health (2) Networks play a crucial role in mobilizing support for health and encouraging positive behavioral change with an obvious effect on the health. Informal social networks have beneficial effects on mortality and morbidity and adherence to treatment.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Factors Factors such as stress, loss of self-esteem, hopelessness, and stigma may be associated with adverse health outcomes. Characteristics relevant to health are age, income, social class, environment.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Family The family is a primary source of support to its sick member. The lack of family support has negative effects on recovery and adaptation to the disease.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Conclusion Social networks and the degree to which individuals are absorbed in social relationships depend on many factors and give different results, not easily pigeonholed. There are different types of networks, made of weak ties or dense, homogeneous or heterogeneous, and all contribute to quality of life.

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

Thanks' for the attention

Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona Olivadoti

The role of social networks in health

The role of social networks in health. 6th UK Social Networks Conference. 12 – 16 April 2010. University of Manchester. Mara Tognetti Bordogna, Simona ...

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